Ultimate Hero Episode 14: Those Who Challenged The Sun

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The world descended into chaos. The sky turned blood red, the clouds were stained black, and the winds whipped around violently feeling akin to razors. People everywhere panicked and ran for shelter and animals of all kinds went berserk. Many attempted to escape the planet on emergency shuttles only to find that the atmosphere was as hostile as it appeared, swatting anything and everything out of the air with gusts stronger than hurricanes and wicked bolts of lightning.

The shuttles plummeted back to the ground, causing massive amounts of damage upon impact.

Credo stood silently looking out upon the havoc.

Palmer: So this was you what you wanted all along. The manipulation, the abduction, the experimentation. All of it lead to this.

Credo: That is correct captain.

Credo's voice echoed throughout the air as if it was coming from everywhere at once.

Heiwajima: And the take-over was just a distraction, to allow you to finish your work in peace.

Anderson: How clever of you...

Credo: Everything in the past was a cobblestone on the road to a new world. We have finally reached our destination.

Palmer: To own this world... just how much strength have you obtained?

Credo: How... much... strength? Answering such a question would be pointless. My power is not quantifiable on a scale that humans can comprehend. The best explanation... is that my will is absolute. That is all.

Lekhram forcefully stepped to the front.

Lekhram: And just who the hell do you think you are trying to rule the world?! HUH?!

Credo: Another aspect you have yet to grasp. My intention is not to rule this world. I want nothing to do with it.

The team looked astonished. Countless questions instantly arose in their minds.

Palmer: Then...

Credo: My intention... my goal... my right as god... is to take the whole of reality … and erase it.

All: !!!!!!

Palmer: Impossible!!!

Credo: It is quite possible. I will take all that there ever was, is, and will be and wipe it from existence. I will then start it all anew as a stable and singular reality. That is the world that I will stand over.

Harding: You're... INSANE! You can't do that!

Credo: There exists nothing that I cannot do.

Heiwajima: I'll never believe that. Everything has a weakness. The only variable is how well it's hidden.

Credo: You speak as if you plan to resist me.

Lekhram: Heh, somebodys quick on the uptake.

Harding: If you think we'd ever submit to you, your even crazier than I thought.

Credo: Submit? This has never been a matter of submission. I would never ask any of you to do something as trivial as to kneel before me or beg for your lives. I simply advise you to accept your fates and bear witness the end of creation.

Everyone fell silent for a moment. They all glanced at each other quickly and then looked back to Credo.

Anderson: For one so powerful, that last proposal was pretty dumb. With a mind like yours, I'm surprised you haven't forgotten how to breath and die by now.

Credo: ?

Heiwajima: You commit crimes against the entire population of Earth, get confronted by the greatest task force in human history, give 0% chance of a ceasefire, and ask us to quietly admire your work?

Harding: I don't know how you made it to the top of the Federation, but you clearly weren't qualified if that's your idea of a negotiation.

Credo: What is this? You all. There is no logic in your words.

Palmer slowly approached Credo, paying no mind to the battering winds. Credo stood gazing at them with bewilderment. Palmer and Credo now stood face to face. Palmer locked his eyes, devoid of doubt or hesitation, on Credo's two bright green ones.

Palmer: You ask us to accept the end of the world. We refuse.

Credo: These people. They defy without rhyme or reason. They simply defy... How? Why?

Lekhram: Sorry pal, but the jury is unanimous. The verdict is... fuck you.

Credo: … I see...

Credo's gaze dropped to the floor in contemplation.

Palmer: Team, ready all remaining weaponry and prepare to fire. Live or die, we fight!

All: Sir!

Palmer stepped back to his team. Everyone touched their belts and more guns materialized. Their sights were set on Credo.

Palmer: Ready, FIRE AT WILL!!!

A flurry of bullets flew at Credo. Sparks flew as they harmlessly bounced off of his jet black body. Credo's eyes didn't leave the floor. He stood in silent contemplation as the assault continued.

Suddenly, he looked up at them. He began to hover in the air and the wind stirred violently.

Credo: This was a surprising turn of events. Humans … challenging god. I've heard myths on such things. But never did I think I would experience something of that nature. So...

Palmer held up his hand and the fire stopped.

Credo: This ... must truly be the climax of humanity. A legend if there ever was one. … I will pay respect to this.

All: ???

Credo: I will end this world and it's people in glory, by my own hand. I believe that that is an end befitting of you all. Thank you for showing me this. I am truly grateful to you all.

With a shockwave, Credo took off into the air. He ascended through the red sky, through the atmosphere, and into orbit. He floated in the void, looking down on the world. Credo raised his hand and pointed it at the planet. A large mass of energy built in his palm. It grew brighter by the second until it resembled a star in the distance. The team looked up to the sky.

Anderson: So what now?

Palmer: What else?

Credo: Goodbye.

An enormous beam of energy shot out of Credo's hand. It plummeted toward the planet. The light from it could be seen from every part of the world. Credo watched as it pierced the clouds and made it's way toward the ground, disappearing from view. He patiently awaited the outcome when suddenly, the beam shot back in the opposite direction, narrowly missing Credo himself.

The energy flew back into space and vanished once again, reappearing only as flash in the distance. Credo looked upon the planet, searching for the cause. All was still for a moment. Then, a single light shone from the surface. It grew brighter and closer by the second. Credo looked perplexed.

Palmer: We hope...

As the light traveled, everything moved out of it's way, even clearing a large hole in the hell storm encasing the planet. The light finally made it's way to Credo and stopped.

Palmer: ...for a hero.

The light dissipated to reveal Ultiman. He wore a blue suit with more armor than the previous one. His cape was replaced with a body length red scarf with two tails running down his back, the visor had become a full helmet, and he wore his Proton Blade on his back.

Credo: So that is what happened. The Ultiman has returned.

Matt: Nope. Ultiman's gone. He died along with his friend while trying to escape the past...

Credo: Is that so? Then who is this person before me?

Matt: The one who's gonna take you down is ... Ultiman N.E.O.!!!

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@UltimateHero0406: Sorry for being late.

Damn Credo got mind fucked lol. So much for being God. The return of Matt was unexpected tbh. I was like OMG Matt! lol

Also for some reason Matts oicture looks 3D on my phone so it made it more awesome lol

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@DBZ_universe: Thanks for reading!

Lol, careful, the fights not over for anyone yet! I'm really excited to start the next part dude!

And I just recently made that Ultiman image. I had one a while ago but it got deleted lol But I think this one looks better so it worked out

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@UltimateHero0406: I bet is not! I bet the next chapter will be insanity lol

You made it? Nice job! It looks 3D on my phone too! Amazing job.

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@DBZ_universe: Definitely!

And wow, that's really cool! I think I see it too lol If only I could get all my images like that!

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@UltimateHero0406: Yus! It's like if you are seeing an image froma 3DS, that is how it looks on ma phone loly

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