Ultimate Hero Episode 10: Chaos

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Episode 9: http://www.animevice.com/forums/fan-fic/1517/ultimate-hero-episode-9-the-distance-too-great-for-voices/343196/#14

Matt was overflowing with blue energy. The ground shook and the clouds parted above him.

Firo: Damn! That bastard Credo lied to me...

Matt: What wazzat?

Firo: Nothing...

Firo slowly started walking toward his severed arm.

Firo: Don't think that you've beaten me just yet. I admit that you're tougher than I expected. But as long as I can stand, this isn't over.

Firo made it over to his arm. It was still smoking and the forearm was broken. Firo put the severed end back together with what was left of it on his body and held it still for a moment. The wretched arm twitched and then began to heal with the sound of peeling skin and cracking bones. Firo released it and moved the arm on its own. He then looked back to Matt.

Matt: As long as you can stand? Oh, man. You shouldn't have said that.

Firo readied himself to fight again. However, by the time he took his stance Matt was already in front of him. By the time Firo could comprehend what happened Matt punched him in the stomach and sped backwards for hundreds of miles. Behind Firo, for an instant a giant fist print could be seen denting a mountain range before it collapsed. After Firo was gone, the ground where Matt was standing before suddenly exploded with his footprints. Firo was still skidding across the ground like a stone on water. He had a fist sized hole through his mid section that closed up quickly. He finally managed to slow himself to a stop. But Matt was once again in front of him before he could see it. This time, Matt sped through with a clothesline. It caught Firo under his jaw and broke his face mask. Firo violently spun in place in the air and then hit the ground hard. Matt kept going for miles. Firo slowly got up off the ground. He looked down to find all the flesh missing from his jaw. His skin was smoking and blood was spurting out from his mouth. However, within seconds, it all grew back. Matt dug his heels into the ground and managed to slow down. He then turned around and tookoff again in the opposite direction. The shock wave left a destroyed region in his wake. He went towards Firo again but this time, he completely missed and ended up going past.

Matt: Crap, I'm going too fast! I can barely take a step without blasting through 100 miles.

Matt finally pulled to a complete stop.

Matt: I've got to get a grip on this. Come on!

Matt tensed up and started groaning in pain.

Matt: Come on damn it!

The energy started to stream more calmly from his body and the quaking died down. He finally loosened up and sighed with relief. Matt turned back around and saw Firo charging at him from a distance. Firo charged up energy as he approached. It quickly increased in size and then turned black.

Firo: I'm not nearly done yet. So try this! GRIM .... HOOOOWL!!!

The energy took the form of a giant fiery wolf and engulfed Matt.

The area was covered in darkness. But then, a bright blue light shined through and Matt's energy blasted through. Firo sprang from the darkness and aimed a claw at Matt's face. However, Matt disappeared like a hologram and instantly reappeared a couple inches to the left. He then tapped Firo on the forehead with his index finger and pushed him down to the ground, leaving them in a small crater.

Matt: Give up yet?

Firo lay silent for a moment. He then opened his eyes.


Firo opened his mouth wide and a black dragon shot out at Matt.

The dragon washed over Matt. It started to lift him off the ground. But Matt simply pressed a little bit harder with his finger.

Firo lay spread eagle on the ground with Matt's fingerprint burnt into his skull.

Firo: So, this is what you really are. Some kind of monster...

Matt: I'm a monster? Dude, have you seen yourself? Your like some kind of zombie. And by the way, what's this black crap you keep spewing out? It's different from your normal energy.

Firo: It's my back-up supply. Though you drained out most of my power earlier, I'm still able to use this bit I tucked away for just such an occasion.

Matt: Oh, I get it. You really are getting desperate. And I as I predicted, that Dimension Armor of yours eats up a ton of power. Power that you don't have anymore.

Firo: Desperation is for those who are afraid. I fear nothing!

Matt: Good. It'd be a shame if you wet yourself or something. AAAAGGGH!!!

Matt's energy started to flux again and blaze even more wildly then before. Firo was surprised at first, but he then smiled.

Firo: Ha! I knew it. Not even you can control that much power all by yourself.

Matt: Shut up!

Firo: I may not even have to do much else. You'll probably explode and die all by yourself! Ahaha!

Matt: Not before I help you. I'll keep going as long as it takes to get you back to normal!

Firo got an angry scowl on his face.

Firo: ...this... this is why I have to annihilate you! I will NEVER let you take what I went through so much for!!!

Firo jumped into the air and flew out of sight. He ascended through the clouds and through the atmosphere. He found the chunks of the moon left over from his last assault. His eyes glowed red for a second. The pieces began to make their way into the planets pull and fell to the surface.

A vast meteor shower came down, directed primarily at Matt. However, his expanding energy field vaporized them all long before they got near him. Firo found the largest piece and motioned with his hand. It along with all the other orbital debris made their way down.

Matt stared up at the sky. The meteor was closing in quickly.

Matt: *Sigh* Not this again...

Matt allowed it to get close to him and then kicked it. It broke and was reduced to minor stones showering the area. Firo saw and got even angrier. He then spotted the planet's second moon.

Matt looked a little surprised. He tried to move but his energy fluxed more and he stopped for a moment, holding his body in pain. The surface of the moon filled the sky and the temperature began rising exponentially. Debris from the ground started to move with the changing gravity. Matt finally gathered himself and jumped right at the moon, his energy propelling him like a rocket. He flew into it, pushing as hard as he could. The moon slowed down slightly but kept making it's way to the surface. Matt's body was giving out as the moon made it's way to the top of the tallest mountains which began crumbling away. Matt finally pushed back as hard as he could. His energy rocket became massive and was visible to even Firo. The moon went backward and back past orbit. Matt let it go and began to fall back to the surface. However, Firo made his way to it and started the process over again.

Firo: Way to go. Now let's see if you can do it again!

But almost immediately, Matt fired a blast at it.

The force of the blast shot Matt back down to the ground at incredible speed. He let himself land close to a shore on the freshly made ocean of magma. The planet was barely holding on.

He lay still, breathing heavily, and trying to pull back his power. Shortly after Firo landed close to, also trying to catch his breath. He walked over to Matt and craned over him. The two looked at each other in silence for a moment.

Firo: *pant pant pant* So...

Matt: *pant pant pant pant* ...

Firo: How does it feel *pant* to finally be the one being looked down on? Especially *pant* by the one you always thought was beneath you?

Matt: *pant* I never *pant* ...

Firo: You always thought you were superior to me! And I could never figure out why. So I constantly tried my best at everything I did, just so I could make you acknowledge me. But you never did...

Matt: Acknowledge you?

Firo: It soon became obvious to me that no matter what I did, I would forever in your eyes be that kid that needed protecting. It always made me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. But I never said anything. Because we were, "friends"... I figured now would be the best time to bring it... since your going to die soon.

Matt quickly jumped to his feet.

Matt: Wrong. You'll have to do a lot more than throwing some rocks at me to bring me down. And as I recall, your out of power.

As he said this, Firo began laughing very hard.

Firo: So I see you can't tell how badly you've been beaten yet. I guess I've played it off enough, so I can let you see for yourself.

Small patches of black fire sprung up in various places all around the area, including on Matt. It was slowly engulfing a vast area. Matt tried putting his flames out but it was no use. Before long, the fire stretched as far as could be seen. The fire then caught onto Firo and engulfed him like a cloak.

Firo: AHAHAHA!!!!!

Matt: That's not possible. What is this?!?!

Firo: That black fire wasn't just my backup plan. It was my ace in the hole. Not only work similarly to my normal attacks, but it also comes with a nasty trick to it. After the flames disburse, they leave behind microscopic particles in the air that I like to call Wisps. And then, these Wisps cling on to anything they touch and multiply by the second! And then, whenever I feel like it, I can make each one ignite back into flames. But here's the best part! Since they are made from my own energy, I can control them and do anything I please, including take them back into myself in order to restore my power supply! Yes, infinite power!

Matt: Don't get too far ahead of yourself. You still don't have anything that can really help you here.

Firo: Hmm, still not seeing the big picture? Fine, let me show you this...

As he said this, all of the flames turned violet.

The flames were still spreading and had covered an entire hemisphere.

Firo: This is the potential of my Dimension Armor. I've turned this planet into my personal domain.

Firo rewound the event that had taken place on the planet. The space debris put it self back together as it shot back out into orbit. The magma receded and turned back into stone. The evidence of their fight was gone.

Firo: Better yet...

Firo turned the barren landscape into a pleasant garden, identical to the one in Haven City back on Earth where the two grew up. He then extended his reach to the sky and changed the weather to a light drizzle.

Firo: What better place to end this is there?

Matt looked around with dismay. Firo's flames engulfed Matt and drained off all of his excess energy in moments. Matt did nothing as the flames swirled around him.

Firo: ... I... won... Aha... I won! I won, I WON!!! I finally won!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! I've beaten you. Not even you can best this power! Do you see my strength now, bastard?!?! And now, not only am I above you, but I'm now the top of the universe! NO ONE can challenge me!!!

Matt: So now that you have what you want, ... can you finally come back with me? If I apologize for underestimating you, and for treating you like you were less than me, will you please return?

Firo: I don't want your apologies or your acceptance as an equal anymore. All I want is for you to die...

Matt: Firo...

As he said this, Matt began to scream in pain again. He fell to the ground and curled up shaking. His energy started flowing out again. It kept increasing in size steadily. Firo tried to clasp him in the armor again but Matt's aura viciously fought it off.

Matt: Firo! Stop! You... have to get away from here! I'm going critical! RRAAAAAGGGHHH!!!

The energy got even more violent and vaporized Firo's garden. Firo was in shock. Another wave of energy came and hit Firo like a whip. A small bit of his mid section was taken off. Matt got to his knees, trying his hardest to contain it all.

Firo: What is this? I was winning... I had finally won... I... I... NOOOOOO!!!! I can't lose now! I AM the strongest!

As he said this, suddenly clutched his stomach and fell to his knees in pain. He started coughing and hacking and an enormous amount of blood came out of his mouth, forming a large crimson puddle on the ground. Firo finally managed to get up again but he was barely standing. He grasped for every breath and clung to consciousness desperately. Blood ran from his mouth down to his chest and his eyes were glazing over as his vision began to leave him.

Firo: *cough cough* Why? Why now? I was so close...

Matt: No... FIRO!!! You have to stop this! NOW!!!

Firo: I'm *cough* not done yet. I will be the winner... SO DON'T YOU EVER LOOK DOWN ON ME!!!

Firo covered himself in his armor completely and charged at Matt.



Firo made his way to Matt. His Dimension Armor held up for only an instant before it was torn apart, leaving Firo exposed. Matt and Firo looked each other in the eye. They both looked sad. No words were said. That one moment seemed to last for an eternity. Finally, Firo mouthed something inaudible to Matt. Matt reached out his hand to grab Firo's, but he had already disintegrated and was gone. Matt sat there motionless with a blank look on his face and tears streaming down. He then grabbed his head and started screaming extremely loudly. The energy was now exploding out of him and shaking the very planet apart. He finally let out one final burst that blasted the world apart.

Matt floated unconscious through what was left of the planet. Most of the power had been used up but there was still some pulsing through his body. Matt opened up his eyes for about a second before passing out again. There was complete silence.

???: ... what the hell kind of hero am I?

Episode 11: http://www.animevice.com/forums/fan-fic/1517/ultimate-hero-episode-11-into-dusk/344115/

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@UltimateHero0406: I enjoyed reading this on my tablet a lot!

I really like this chapter a lot. You showed amazing feats of both. Tho it was pretty sad at the end were Firo died due to his stubbornness.

So now I wonder how it will go for Matt.

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@DBZ_universe: Thanks for the read bro!

I was dreaming up this last couple chapters since I first started so I'm glad its finally up. And while I won't say exactly what's next, I can say that the real final battle is coming soon!

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@UltimateHero0406: Fosho! and sorry if I took a while to read it.

I really can't wait for that fight! So after that will you stop writing?

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@DBZ_universe: No worries lol Your a busy man

And no way! I have loads of ideas for stories. Plus I'm a film major so Im going to take classes to improve so I can work on bigger projects. Ive done a couple small videos so far but I want moar!

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@UltimateHero0406: Can't wait to see your bigger projects! they sound really great!

I really hope you succeed! You would be one hell of a famous writer. Seriously, you are a better writer than many if not most comic book writers and Mangakas.

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@DBZ_universe: Whoa, what an honor lol But I still have a looong way to go. I hope to be at that level one day! But thanks man, I really appreciate that! Your support helps a lot! And when I do start something bigger scale, you'll be one of the first to know! I also wish you much luck in every single goal you have!

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@UltimateHero0406: You will get there for sure, you will achieve your ultimate form one of these days lol

And many thanks!

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