Ultimate Hero Episode 1: Actions of the Bold

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Chicago, Illinois, USA

Year 2,537



Dirty apartment, dirty clothes, empty food containers and other things strewn everywhere

A slovenly, overweight, and balding man is sleeping on his couch with the TV on in the background.

The News comes on and a female news anchor begins to speak,

"The reports of an extremely large asteroid making it's way through our region of the solar system have been officially confirmed. We go to field reporter, Aubrey Summers, for the latest on the story."

The sound of the anchor's voice wakes the man up. His dim, crusted eyes open and look at the screen. A young woman shows up on the screen with the city observatory in the background.

"Thanks Rachel. It was first spotted 3 weeks ago by amateur, university star gazers. Ever since, it has been monitored by professionals. A number of very strange things have been noticed about this object such as how is seems to have gotten larger in such a short time and how it has very slightly changed course a couple of times in the past few weeks. It's exact course has not been determined as of yet but top astronomers say that with it's current trajectory, the worst could be possible..."

The man had changed the channel and began to mumble to himself in a gruff voice,

"Ain't nothin comin here. Buncha nuts."

After stopping his channel surf on a sitcom, the man began to doze off again. All of the sudden the building had started shaking as if it were in an earthquake. The man gripped the couch with a startled expression. After the shaking stopped, he hobbled over to the window and looked to the sky. A large spacecraft had flown over the building at high speed and shook the very foundation. The man leaned out of his window and looked angrily at the craft as it ascended into the sky and out of view, flipping it off and cursing loudly, followed by the words


Inside of the ship, there were five people in the control room. The young captain started to scold the pilot,

Captain Troy Palmer: How many times have I told you not to fly so low over residential areas?!

Pilot Lisa Harding: I"m so sorry captain! I Had just picked up too much speed and I couldn't control it for a second, and...

Captain: That's enough. Let me finish briefing you all before we get to our destination. The reason we were all rushed out here so quickly is because that asteroid everyone has been going on about has suddenly picked up and enormous amount of speed. And it is currently on a course to the Earth. Chances of impact are extremely high with these circumstances. With it's current rate of speed, it would collide with the Earth's projected orbital path in less than a month.

Cadet Rajeev Lekhram: So, like, how big is this thing anyway cap?

Captain: Try almost as big as the Earth cadet. And I told you, refer to me as Captain or Sir.

Cadet: "Right-o Captain Cap, sir."

Corporal Sean Anderson: "Wait, sir. The Earth? How can something like that be called an asteroid? How can something like that move in the first place?"

Captain: "We just use that term so as not to make people worry. And I'm not sure. We can find that out later."

Cadet: "True. Telling people that a teeny asteroid is comin is a lot less scary than sayin a friggin planet is gonna squash us all, hehe."

Captain: "Quiet you. So we have been assigned the duty of manually shifting it's course."

Pilot: "That sounds like a tall order for one ship."

Lt. Steven Heiwajima: "Not to worry. With this particular vessel, this mission won't be too taxing. And in the unlikely event that we fail in shifting it's course, we should have enough fire power to reduce it minor debris. Easy as pie."

Captain: "Alright, that's enough gab. Harding! You have the coordinates. Put us into warp drive."

Pilot: "Yes sir!"

There was a flash of light and the ship was gone.

Just outside of the solar system

There was a streak of light and the ship in it's entirety had appeared. The asteroid was visible in the distance.

Palmer: "Now, let's approach slowly. Lock us into place and then activate the repulsion field."

All: "Sir."

The ship approached the asteroid and it's boosters fired to hold it in place. A large purple field then began to form around the ship and then expand. It grew at great speed until it was roughly three times the size of the moon and pushed against the asteroid.

Anderson: "The field is at full power and is stable sir."

Palmer: "Good. Now this thing should begin to move any moment now..."

Heiwajima: "Captain! We seem to be getting some sort of resistance. It's, it's not moving. I think it's actually pushing us back!"

Palmer: "What the hell? How is that possible? Damn it. Then deploy the gravitation core. We'll get at it from both sides!"

A panel opened and a large round object shot out of the of the ship and speed around to the opposite end of the asteroid. It emitted a powerful gravitational pull. The asteroid was caught between the ship and the core and was being pulled and pushed in the same direction simultaneously.

Harding: "It's working! The asteroid is moving. Keeping us stable..."

The ship began to shake violently

Anderson: The asteroid!!! I-It pushed it's way out!

Palmer: How is that... Well damn it all! Looks like it's time for plan B. Cadet!

Lekhram: "Already on it cap! Armed and ready. We're gonna have us a little fire works show people."

Palmer: "Fire at will."

Lekhram: "Hell yeah! Get bent asteroid!!!"

Cadet Lekhram pushed a button and released 50% of the super charged missiles and bombs that the ship had on board. There was a gigantic explosion and the ship shook a little. There was a large cloud of dust and nothing could be seen. Lekhram got a satisfied look on his face and put his feet up on the control panel in front of him.

Lekhram: "Yeah. Only thing I hate about blowin stuff up with space weapons, you can't hear the..."

There was a loud bang and the ship shook again and the Cadet fell out of his chair. Before anyone could start laughing, the dust began to clear very fast, as if it were being blown away by wind. The asteroid could be seen again. It was moving again. However, it started to pick up much more speed than before. It slowly built up to a tremendous amount of speed and then, entered hyperspace and was gone.

Palmer: "That's not possible. It couldn't be unless..."

Anderson: "Captain?"

Palmer: "It's alive..."

Anderson: "Excuse me sir?!"

Palmer: "That thing is alive! That's how it's been moving. That's how it fought us off. And that's how it just hit the gas pedal on us."

Harding: "Well what are we gonna do? Alive or not, it just ate up half of our ammo and doesn't have a scratch on it. And at the rate it's going, it'll reach Earth in much less time."

Lekhram: "Well there is one other thing. We could do. Remember that guy you used to be pals with? I bet he could take this thing. You know how much I hate giving a target over to someone else but..."

Palmer: "That's out of the question. As soldiers, we cannot condone his actions, whatever his intentions may be."

Anderson: "Sir, I agree with Lekhram on this. I believe he is our only hope as well."

Harding: "Hmm, who would'a thunk. Lekhram is the voice of reason here."

Palmer: "... I'll do it."

The captain pulled out his pocket communicator, pushed a few buttons.

Back on Earth

A young man's cellphone begins to ring.

Man: "Hello?"

Palmer: "Matt..."

Matt: "Yo, Troy. What's goin on buddy?"

The captain went over the situation with Matt.

Palmer: "So what do you think? Sound like fun?"

A large smile broke out over Matt's face

Matt: "Bitchin."

He hung up. He went up to the roof with a large box. He then pulled out a suit that looked sort of like this and put it on:

Matt: "Looks like I'll have to bail you out again, huh Troy?"

Matt took off into the air so fast that no one below saw him and off into the sky.

On the ship

Palmer had just hung up his communicator

Heiwajima: "So how long until our backup gets here?"

Palmer: "Right about now."

Heiwajima: "?"

All of the sudden there was a flash of light and small shockwave and Matt could be seen hovering outside the ship. Everyone but the captain looked with awe. He contacted the ship over the radio.

Matt: "How's it hangin guys?"

Heiwajima: "What the... Who are you? How did you know where we were? And how did you get here so fast? And..."

Matt: "Listen, if I just sat here answering all the questions you have, we'd be here all day so let's just say I'm awesome, ok? So, captain. What are you gonna do, head back to base?"

Palmer: "I have never failed to eliminate a target and I won't do so now. You will assist us in the destruction of the asteroid. Is that clear?"

Matt: "Crystal. But I get the feeling your boss won't be so pleased that your working with me and not trying to capture me."

The captain pressed a button and the ship fired a couple of energy bullets at Matt. They bounced off of his suit.

Palmer: "Well, looks like your too strong for us. We have no choice but to let you go."

Matt chuckled lightly

Matt: "So we doin this or what?"

Palmer: "Full speed ahead."

There was a flash of light and both the ship and Matt were gone

Episode 2:


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@UltimateHero0406: This was so amazing! It gave me the "holy shit" feeling and wondering what was gonna pop up first! Amazing hero too! Can't wait for pt2

Post by UltimateHero0406 (5,055 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@DBZ_universe: Thanks bro! Glad you liked it. The next part is coming soon and is going to be epic. You can count on that.

Post by DBZ_universe (15,990 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@UltimateHero0406: For sure! I love to see pt2. Ill wait patiently. I wonder what powers Matt has.

Post by UltimateHero0406 (5,055 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@DBZ_universe: Hehehe, awesome ones bro.

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@UltimateHero0406: Funny when I first saw the picture I thought it was Karakura Raizer LOL.

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@DBZ_universe: Lol nah. It's Brave from Demon King Daimao. But Karakuraizer has a pretty cool costume too. I actually considered using that one for this.

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@UltimateHero0406: I know is not but that was the first thing when ai saw it.

And nice I could picture how awesome you gonna make him.

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@DBZ_universe: Very. And I also still have to think up a hero name for him though lol.

Post by DBZ_universe (15,990 posts) See mini bio Level 17

@UltimateHero0406: how bout "UltimateHero" ?

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@DBZ_universe: Maybe. Or something like Ultiman. I'll have it down by the time I write the next one.

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@UltimateHero0406: I'll wait patiently then.

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this turned out quite nicely i really liked it!

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Nice work!

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@UltimateHero0406: Good job where is the next part?
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......Epic. Freakin epic!!!!!!! You did fantastic bro. Keep up the good work!!!

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@SpeedForceSpider: Thanks a lot bro and the link to the next ep is at the very end.

@othus12: @Acura_Max: @ChromeDisaster: Thanks so much guys!

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Sorry for responding a few days late but I was a little busy.

Anyway, I think you did a pretty good job here. Looking forward to seeing how everything develops.

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That was really good bro keep up the good work.

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@One_Piece_God: For sure. Thanks for reading!

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