The normals school - Chapter III ~Ra's evil side~

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Rating: 18A Disclaimer: Angel Beats! and all characters/settings are property of the original creator P.A. Works and Aniplex . This is a work of fan created fiction based off of these characters. All rights reserved.

*The next day at the first lunch break.*

Kratos-''Ra I got something for you.' [Grabs something in his pocket.]

Ra-''hhm.. What's so special that you woke up all by yourself?'

Kratos-''I don't want to be close to the angel' [He says while he hands her the money.]

Ra-''But I like Kanade.' [She says as she takes the money.]

Kratos-''So were going to sit by her anyway?'

Ra-''Yup.. But this time I don't have to beg for food.' [She says with a smile]


*They walk to the canteen. As soon as they stand in the line someone throws a can of drink at Ra.*

Kratos-[Kicks it so hard that is shatters to pieces, And then shouts.] ''Who threw that!'

Ra-''Kratos calm down, We can't get in trouble.' [She says while putting her hand on his shoulder]

Kratos-''Tch...' ''But he better doesn't show his face.'

*As soon as Ra and Kratos were walking back to their classroom. A tall bald person with big muscles shouted at them.*

Bald guy-''SHINIGAMI'S.' [He shouts while walking straight at them. Behind him walks a small group of 10 persons including him all with a tattoo of an skull on their hand.]

*Ra and Kratos turn around to see who shouted at them.*

Bald guy-''So you finally show your self's' [He says while he comes close to Ra's face with his face]

Ra-''What do you mean with that?'

Bald guy-''I mean that you were to scared to show yourselves after we broke all the desks.'

Kratos-''So you were the ones that broke the desks.'

Gang member 1-''Yes we did.' [He says with a confident smile.]

Ra-[Sigh] ''I bet you know what happens when we get in trouble.'

Bald guy-''We do and were going to beat you up!' [He says while lashes out at Ra]

Ra-[Evades and then says in a devilish voice.] ''Normally I wouldn't even waste a second on you. But what you did probably took some time. And I'll gladly reward you for that.' [As soon as she said that she shoots two knives out of her sleeves at his arms. Both knives are connected to her with a chain which is wrapped around her arms. The knives emit a faint black light.'

Bald guy-[Screams] ''AAAAAA....' [He gets silenced by Ra who kicks him to the ground with the sole of her shoe. While smiling devilish.]

*The rest of the gang looks scared at Ra. As do the others who are in the canteen.*

Kratos-''Tch..' [Looks away.]

Ra-[Withdraws the blades with the chains.] ''I bet you that you've beaten up lots of people haven't you?' [She says while shoot the knives again, This time she hits the legs of two gang members, As soon as They hit them they start to emit more light.] ''Is anyone going to answer me, or do I have to cripple all of you?'

Gang member 2-''W-w-w-we h-have..' [He says very scared.]

Ra-''Did you beat up any shinigami's?'

Gang member 2-''A-a-as m-m-m-much as we could..'

Ra-''Then It's time that someone beat you up.' [She says while still smiling devilish, Withdrawing the knives.]

*Some gang members try to run away.*

Ra-[She shoots the two knives hitting 2 members in the legs, At the same time she shoots multiple chains with which she entangles the rest of the gang members.] ''There's no way I'm going to let you escape.'

*Meanwhile in the classroom of 4B*

Male student-[Runs inside while shouting.] ''You have to see this, The female shinigami is beating up the skull gang!'

Yuri-''Are you serious?!'

Male student-''If you don't believe me you can go see yourself.'

*As soon as they arrive, The knives are no longer emitting black light but are completely black and the ground is stained with blood. all gang members except the bald one are hanging upside down lifted by the chains, Ra is kicking the leader in the curb. And laughs in a devilish way.*

Kanade-''Why is she doing that.' [She asks Kratos.]

Kratos-''So you're finally here.'

Yuri-''Why is Ra behaving like that!'

Kratos-''That's the way she acts towards people she hates.'

Otonashi-''Shouldn't you stop her before she kills them!'

Kratos-[Sigh.] ''That's easy for you to say, Do you have any idea what she would do to me if I would try that!?'

Hinata-''You can't mean that she would hurt you..'

Kratos-''Oh she will hurt me.'

Kanade-''Will she kill them?'

Kratos-''She won't, We just need to wait until she is done with punishing them.'

Yuri-''And when is that?'

Kratos-''It shouldn't take long, Could I ask you guys a question?'

Otonashi-''What kind of question?'

Kratos-''Who are those guys and why do they all have the same tattoo?'

Yuri-''They are the skull gang, The tattoo shows that their a member.'

Kratos-''Do they make much trouble?'

Kanade-''They do.'

Kratos-''Like what?'

Hinata-''They break things they steal things they beat up students and teachers, They even beat up the director once.'

Kratos-''In that case I think we're going to be rewarded..'

Yuri-''For almost killing 10 students?..'

Kratos-''Would you keep beating people up after someone nearly kills you because you tried to beat him/her up?'

Kanade-''Of course you wouldn't..'

Kratos-''Which means they will probably change..'

Otonashi-''And stop causing so much trouble..'

Kanade-''Is there really no way we can stop her?'

Kratos-[Sigh.]''You could try to shout her name as hard as you can and hope that she responds.'

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