The normals school - Chapter II ~Our hero~

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Disclaimer: Angel Beats! and all characters/settings are property of the original creator P.A. Works and Aniplex . This is a work of fan created fiction based off of these characters. All rights reserved.

*The next day at the start of the first lunch break.*

Ra-''Kratos wake up.' [She says while she's shaking Kratos.]

Kratos-''Is the lesson over?'

Ra-''I wouldn't be waking you up if it was not over.'

Kratos-''So who're you going to ask for food today?'

Ra-''The same group as yesterday. But today you are going to be nice.'

Kratos-[quickly changes from a sleeping position to a normal sitting position] ''What why would you w....'

Ra-''If you dare to say one mean thing to her. I will hit you so hard that you won't wake up for days! You understand?'


Ra-''I didn't hear a I understand.'

Kratos-''I understand.'

Ra-''Good then let's go.'

*They walk towards Yuri Kanade Otonashi and Hinata*

Ra-''Hey Kanade could you share your food again with me today?'

Kanade-''Of course I can.'

Ra-''thank you.' [She says while she takes a chair]

Yuri-''Did you have to bring that idiot with you?' [She says with a irritated voice]

Ra-''If you're going to be nice to him he will be nice to you.'

Yuri-''He wasn't nice yesterday. And we didn't even say anything back then.'

Kratos-''Yes but yesterday she did not tell me to be nice.'

Hinata-''And with that you mean?'

Otonashi-''I think he means with that that he's forced to be nice.'


Kanade-''Ra could I ask you something?'


Kanade-''Yesterday while I was in the library I saw a book called: The great war story's of Ra Nakamura. And I was wondering if you were connected to her in a way?'

Ra-''Yes I am!' [She says proudly] ''And Kratos will explain how I am connected to her!'

Kratos-[Sighs] ''Did you read the book or did you just see the cover of the book?'

Kanade-''I only saw the cover of the book.'

Kratos-''Well since you're an angel you must have heard about the great massacre that happened at your sacred tree. Where a shinigami single handedly killed a 1000 trained normals 300 angels and 5 sacred knights.'

*Yuri Otonashi and Hinata all say at the same time*

Yuri-''How can one shinigami kill so many people!?'

Otonashi-''Are you serious!?'

Hinata-''Are you kidding me!?'

Kanade-''I was told that a whole army ambushed the sacred tree.'

Ra-''Is that what they told you?'


Kratos-''And you believe that?'

Kanade-''It sounds more logical then one shinigami slaying all those guards..'

Kratos-''Your sacred tree was guarded with 3 army's. Do you think anyone is stupid enough to try and ambush something like that. In the middle of a war?'


Kratos-''And why do you think that?'

Kanade-''Because it sounds like a suicide mission..'


Otonashi-''Then how could this Ra kill all those men?'

Kratos-''She had forged a scythe made entirely of void crystals.'

Kanade-''But void crystals are extremely hard and dangerous to gather. Even the sacred knights don't last long in those dimensions!'

Kratos-''That just proves how strong she all ready was without it.'

Kanade-''Is there any prove that this weapon exists?'

Ra-''The Yutau clan posses it since her death.' [She says with a angry voice]

Kratos-''And it is the reason that you angels accepted our offer of peace.'

Yuri-''Aren't the Yutau the strongest shinigami clan.?'

Kratos-''Yes they are.'

Hinata-''Then why doesn't anyone know about them having such a powerful weapon?'

Ra-''The warlord doesn't like to attract attention.'

Otonashi-''You know that you still haven't told us how you are connected to her..?'

Kratos-''It's important to know who she is. And not only because without her we would still be at war. But also because she's our hero.'

*Ding dong the bell rings to announce the start of the next lesson*

Ra-''We'll continue this when the next break starts..'

Kanade-''That's a shame..'

Yuri-''This lesson better goes fast..'

Otonashi-''I hope so too. Can't wait for the next break..'


*Ding dong the bell announces the start of the next break Ra and Kratos immediately go to the group*

Hinata-''Finally the lesson is over.'

Kanade-''Well continue the story..'

Kratos-''Where was I...'

Yuri-''You were going to tell us how their connected.'

Kratos-''Ah yes..' ''As you all know Ra's family is poor. And they always have been, But only because your family is poor doesn't mean that one cannot be beautiful. And the son of the Yutau's warlord fell in love with one of Ra's family members.'

Otonashi-''How much did he love her?'

Kratos-''He loved her so much that one night he ran away with her. Abandoning everything that he owned.' ''After one year of searching for them the Yutau clan found them. They lived in the shed of a farm together with a baby. They wanted him to return immediately. But he refused to leave he said he didn't want to leave and that he would rather die than leave her alone with the baby.'

Yuri-''aww.. That's so sweet.'

Otonashi-''And that baby was the Ra Nakamura that's mentioned in that book? '

Kratos-''Yes she is.'

Kanade-''Let him finish the story.'

Kratos-''The Yutau clan naturally didn't want to kill the warlords son and after a few hours they came to an agreement with him. They would pay the rent and all the clothes the kid would need. But she would need to keep quiet about the baby being one of the Yutau's.'

Yuri-''Why would he agree to something like that after he said he would rather die!'

Ra-''Because he wasn't a total idiot and knew that they could easily kill her and the baby.'

Otonashi-''So he didn't have a choice...'


Kratos-''Well I think that's all there is to it..'

Ra-''It is.'

*She says at the same time the school bell rings*

Yuri-''Well see you later.'

Otonashi-''See you!'


Kanade-''See you again.'


Ra-''See you!'

*After the last school bell rings everyone starts to leave the school*

Ra-''Kratos wake up.' [She shakes him]

Kratos-''Is it finally over?'

Ra-''It is. See you tomorrow.'


Kratos-[Unlocks the front gate and walks inside where he gets greeted by their butler.]

Butler-''Good day sir Kratos how was school?'

Kratos-[Sigh] ''Just tell me where and what my dad wants from me.'

Butler-''The master is waiting in the training yard.'

Kratos-''Tch..' ''I'm not in the mood to train. Tell him to meet me in the living room'

Butler-''The master won't be happy to hear that.'

Kratos-''Well I don't really care about that.'

Butler-''As you wish.'

*A few minutes later in the living room. Kratos his dad furiously walk in with his sword drawn. He is tall and has long purple hair and green eyes.*

Dad-''What do you think you're doing !'

Kratos-''I'm watching TV..'

Dad-''You know that isn't what I meant!' [He hits Kratos with the back of his sword.]

Kratos-''Ouch!' ''What was that for!' [He says while trying to hit him.]

Dad-[Evades it] ''That was for letting me walk all the way to here, Now tell me why you don't want to train today!'

Kratos-''Tch..' ''Ra made me explain a lot so I didn't get much sleep..'

Dad-''And yesterday you couldn't sleep because you had no desk.'

Kratos-''It's not my fault that she wants to be with some normals and a angel. Who ask a lot of questions.'

Dad-''All right if you clean the training yard I won't bother you anymore about it today.'

Kratos-''What that's unfair!'

Dad-''It's either that or I'll start with training you right now!'

Kratos-''Okay I'm going to clean the training yard.'

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