The eye of the beholder

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(Well this is my first attempt. hope someone likes it and if someone does then the next will be much longer)

"why me,why now" a child's voice speaks with agony. "what im in my bed" he sits up in my bed "what kinda dream was that whatever time to get up" he walks to the bathroom with a head ache causing a long hard trip to the bathroom admiring himself "Dreadel Dashaw you grow gorgeous everyday" he flexes until a sharp pain hits his eye he looks in the mirror and it appears his eye is bleeding abundantly "MOM!!!!! HEl....." he passes out.

He awakes in a doctors office"hes waking up i told you Mrs.Dashaw he going to be okay" a doctor says reassuringly "Well im no doctor now am I,sweet are you alright hows your eye" Mrs.Dashaw says while gripping her poor sons body squeezing him "Mom im fine my eye doesn't even hurt, so doc can i remove the bandage?" he says aggravated and breathless. The doctor walks over to Dreadel and give the bandage a little poke causing the boy to jump "well lets see" he slowly removes the revealing a eye all black with a red pupil causing an silence "whats wrong" Dreadel said as he stands to look in a mirror.

"WHATS WRONG WITH MY EYE!!!?" Dreadel says with great fear "......" the doctor was silent "Well say something" said Mrs.Dashaw they were answered as the doctor grabs his head in pain then turns to the boy "so you are my skeleton in the closet, don't worry you aren't the only one who has been changing lately you have some cousins across the world just try not to cause any massive destruction goodbye" a manly voice says after the voice is gone the doctor fall to his knees "What? i guess im fine lets go home mom and please don't speak of this" he places another bandage on his eye and the mother and son ride in silence, as they reach there house the mother gives her son a look of worry but doesn't say a word Dreadel knew what this meant but he wasn't ready to figure things out he just wanted to forget this day, he walks to his room and flops on his bed.

Dreadel sleeps with uneasy dreams of chaos and destruction causing him to awake frequently until he refuses to go back and refuses sleep now forced to figure things out he goes to the kitchen and grabs soda and some chips he sits at the table "that guy must have done and he must have did this to others, he called them cousins. why? are they family? am i his family?" Said Dreadel he stops to eat his chips "I wonder why would i cause destruction maybe i have powers" he does many different gestures gestures and phrases trying to cause his powers to appear "well i guess not..ouch" the pain returns and he hurries to the bathroom and removes the patch now unfazed by his eye "well I guess its kinda cool" he says as he notices the pain is relieved.

he walks back to the kitchen he senses something he walks cautiously and sees a women standing in the darkness "what do you want" he said "you your a lot stronger than she said but if you don't die i will" she raises her hand saying alien words and shadow like creatures charge a scared Dreadel.


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