Tale Of Naruto The Devil Prince of Jurai

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The Tale of Naruto the Devil Prince of Jurai Chapter 1

Naruto's new family

Kami sighed as he watched his avatar return to the third dimension. As he watched as the three women began to explain to his avatar about the goals to find him and all that.

"Geez, those girls are always causing mischief, Aw oh well as along as they don't actually destroy the third dimension," Kami says as he sighs again.

"Now what should I do, the girls will most likely reset time so maybe I should go back to sleep," he says as he got ready to go back to Tenchi.

However, before he could return his astral form back into his hybrid body he felt a disturbance on a planet in the next neighboring galaxy.

"Now what could that be," Tenchi thought as he opened a rift to see what was happening. There on a planet in the west galaxy on a planet named Shiranui.

"Shiranui, but why is the disturbance coming from the planet that has been labeled as an S-class danger zone because of the white veil of concentrated energy protecting it and its star from the rest of the galaxy."

As he pinpointed the location, he made sure that he would be able to get through without destroying the veil. After that was a success, he quickly vanished heading to the planet.

(Planet Shiranui border Named Volley of the end)

Naruto slowly stood up, while the dust from the obliterated rock drifted away into the wind. As he stood up

Kami had arrived just in time to see the two stared each other down. 'What's this, two kids shrouded in evil energy,' Kami thought as he watch the spectacle unfold.

Sasuke who was currently using level two of the curse mark began going through a short chain of hand-seals, then lightening began to crackle in the palm of his hand.

Naruto was able to use his right hand to charge up a Rasengan. As both boys' power output increased, their techniques began to change color. Sasuke's Chidori turned black and the chirping became louder.

The Rasengan used the chakra of the nine tails as a shell keeping the chakra stabilized. The color turned for blue to purple. Kami watch the battle with great interest as the two jumped at one another, wondering which f the two demons before him would be left standing.

"Naruto" A Flying Sasuke yells, as he speeds towards Naruto who was heading towards him as well. "Sasuke" roared Naruto who thrusts his Rasengan to meet Sasuke's Chidori.

"Chidori /Rasengan," the two exclaims as their jutsu collide, exploding upon impact. The explosion created a dark dome of chakra around Naruto and Sasuke making it hard to see for anyone who wasn't Kami.

Looking inside the dome, Kami saw Sasuke bury his fist into his opponents gut however, he saw Naruto make a scratch in Sasuke's headband.

'What's this, that boy showed his opponent mercy instead of just killing him, very interesting' Kami thought as the dome began to dissipate. Kami watched as Sasuke was hovering over an unconscious Naruto, pondering whether he should kill him.

Sasuke decides to leave Naruto alive and leaves the valley. Kami made his way over to Naruto. "Well that was entertaining, you done well against the other kid so, how about you come with me," Kami says as Naruto's body begins to glow.

"I see so that's what happened, well do not worry," Tenchi said as he and Naruto's body disappeared from the clearing. About fifteen seconds after Kami took Naruto, Kakashi arrived to the valley's waterfall looking for Naruto and Sasuke only to come up empty handed.

"I'm sorry Minato-sensei, Obito I have fail you once again," Kakashi says has he begins to head back to the village, tears flowing from his eyes as he leaped through the trees.

(Endless space)

Kami and Naruto both appeared in the endless space of the third dimension a few hundred feet above Naruto's home planet. "Okay, so now to call Tsunami-fune," Kami says as he summons two Light-Hawk Wings.

Suddenly a portal opened and Tsunami-fune a ship with ten Light Hawk Wings appeared right below the two.

"Aw here she is, now I'll just set you in here and then we need to talk." Kami then moved Naruto inside the tree ship then set the coordinates for earth.

"Well then I guess I will wait until we get close to earth and he wakes up and then he will get to need the family."

(Back on Shiranui)

Tsunade was currently in the hospital overseeing the healing process of the members from the Sasuke retrieval squad. It seems that two of the members Neji and Choji where in a critical condition.

The other members Shikamaru and Kiba's condition wasn't life threatening and so their injuries were treated and they were sent home to get a week’s worth of rest.

As she was just leaving the E.R. along with Shizune when a nurse on standby told her that Kakashi was there to see her and that it was important.

"Alright, tell him to meet me at my office and I will be there in five minutes, Shizune I want you to handle Neji's surgery and keep an eye on Choji's progress," Tsunade says as she starts to leave the hospital.

It didn't take her long to reach her office and when she did, she saw Kakashi sitting in the lobby with his head down, tears flowing from his eyes.

"Well Kakashi seeing you like this is certainly a first for me, even when you were still a brat during the war you didn't shed this many tears," Tsunade says as Kakashi look towards the fifth Hokage.

Tsunade was taken aback by the hopelessness within his now lifeless eyes. "Tsunade-sama I have very bad new and it concerns Naruto and Sasuke," the copy-ninja tells her.

Hearing this made Tsunade's already somewhat bad mood worsen. "Kakashi where is Naruto right now," Tsunade asked in a no nonsense tone of voice.

Kakashi then explained to her what she saw when he made it to the valley and the fact that Naruto and Sasuke were nowhere to be seen. Hearing this Tsunade ran inside hear office and called for her anbu.

"You called Hokage-sama," the lead anbu wearing a bear mask asked. "Bear I need you to gather every member of the black ops who are off duty and head towards the valley off the end.

This peaked bears curiosity, as he knew who was sent on a mission heading in that direction. Tsunade then explained the details to then once every member was gathered.

All of the members of the anbu were more than willing for this mission. To them Naruto was the heart of the anbu. Thanks to his years of pranks, that usually ended with the anbu having to chase him all through the village.

While this doesn't sound like a reason to praise someone however, thanks to those times the anbu was able to keep their skills fresh so, they were always nice to him even knowing what he contains.

"We will leave immediately, Hokage-sama." Bear says as he and the other six anbu all vanished in a swirl of leafs. Tsunade then sat down at her desk and sighed.

"Naruto where could you have gotten to, you better be alive and come back to me," Tsunade says as she pulls out a bottle of sake only to just stare at it without opening the bottle.

(Aboard the Tsunami-fune)

"Ouch my aching head," Naruto groaned as he sat up, holding his head. "Well it seems that you are finally up and just as we have reached our see destination."

Hearing the voice of someone he did not know, Naruto rubbed his eyes and looked to see who was talking to him. "Um who are you supposed to be," Naruto asks as he stares at the glowing body before him.

"Who am I, well for now you can just call me bro and we are in your mind," Kami says as Naruto's vision finally cleared only to see that the guy was still glowing.

"So, do you remember what had happened a few hours ago," Kami asked as Naruto held his head in his hands. "Sasuke, that bastard won and know I know that I wasn't strong enough to bring him back," Naruto said in sadness as he clenched his fists.

"Ha I told you to just kill the brat, it would have saved you and me a whole lot of trouble," Kurama the nine tailed fox that was sealed behind a cage within Naruto said in annoyance.

"Naruto, I was surprise to find a demon sealed within your mind, can you explain to be why it's not as powerful as it once was," Kami asked in curiosity.

Hearing this confused him, them his current situation dawned on him. "Wait a minute, how did you even get in here in the first place and how do you know so much about Kurama," Naruto asked as he tensed up just in case he was in trouble.

"Relax brat and show some respect as you're in the presence of a higher being," Kurama says as he closed his eye becoming bored with the situation.

"A higher being, you mean like a god," Naruto said as he stare at Kami in awe, making the mass of energy's head glow a little red signifying he was embarrassed.

"Well yeah I guess you can say that I am, but then again so are you now little bro," Kami says surprising both Naruto and Kurama.

Well to be blunt I saw you're battle with that other boy and afterwards looked into your memories and I have to say you had a very painful life," Kami said, which made Naruto's cast his head down.

"For what it's worth, I know your parents never abandoned you, in fact there is someone here to meet you little bro," Kami says confusing Naruto. Kami snapped his fingers and another body of energy.

Once the energy died down, Kushina stood before Naruto with her eyes closed. Naruto and Kurama both stared at the women with mixed emotions.

Kurama stared at her with anger, happiness and sadness, having known her since she was a little rug rat. Naruto looked at Kushina with curiosity, happiness and tears.

"Well you're looking well, though a little malnourished," the red head Uzumaki beauty says as she opens her beautiful blue eyes. "Mom Naruto says as tears fell from his eyes.

"Oh mom, I've always wanted to meet you, oh mom," Naruto says as she held him in her arms. "Oh my baby it's ok, mommies here for you," Kushina says as tears also fell from her eyes.

"Mom I have so many question that I have to ask you," Naruto said as they wiped the tears from their face. "I know Naruto-kun and I know you had a hard life however, I'm glad that you always stay true to yourself," Kushina says.

Kushina, well I have to say that it's good to see you are here, although I still forgive you for chaining me to that ball when I was sealed within you, I will not hate you for it," Kurama says, which really means that he was glad to see her after fourteen years.

"Well Kurama, it's good to see you too however I wish your power weren't split like this," Kushina says to the fox, who just snorted not caring either way.

"Mom, how do you know Kurama," Naruto asked wondering why they were talking like two old friends. Kushina than explained the relationship between the nine tails, Senju clan and Uzumaki clan.

"So you were the jailer before me and the first Hokage's wife was and Uzumaki and the jailer before you," Naruto asked which she nods at.

"Wow, that's a shocker and I wish I was born with your red hair, I'd be way more popular with the girls back home would have been all over me," Naruto said which made Kushina blush, Kurama chuckle and gave Kami an idea.

"That's interesting, to thing that your family would all have the ability to house a demon such as the kyubi," Kami says as he stood in front of the nine tails cage poking at the seal.

"Um… Bro I don't think that's such a good idea," Naruto's says. "Oh right I almost forgot, Naruto we are not on your planet anymore in fact for one year you will be staying with my family on a planet within the milky-way galaxy," Kami tells him.

"Wait… what," Naruto asked in confusion. "Well you will be getting training from them until you are ready to go back as there are people that will be after people like you am I right," Kami says making Naruto recall the Akatsuki.

"Ok but first can you tell me where I am," Naruto asked. "Why don't you wake up and see," Kami says. 'Alright, well I guess that I have to go now mother, I guess I will see you when it's my time huh," Naruto says as he started to disappear.

"I would just like to tell you that I'm glad I am your son," Naruto says as Kushina smiled at him with tears falling from her eyes. "There are some important words I want to tell, only to the men who compliment my hair… Naruto-kun I love you," Kushina said as her son vanished.

"Now then Kushina it's time for you to come with me as there is something else that you need to do, as it will be you that will watch over Naruto," Kami tells her.

"Huh… what will I be doing Kami-sama," Kushina asked. "That's were come in Kushina-san as I will make it so you who always be with your son, though I surprise that you didn't tell Naruto-kun the full extent of what he is now," a beautiful blue haired women said.

"I will tell him when the time is right Tsunami-chan however, I believe you to have something to do."

"Well I suppose we should get started," Tsunami giggled as she, Kami and Kushina disappeared.

As Kurama lay within his cage, there was only one thought that went through his mind. 'Well it would seem that my container's life will become a lot more interesting,' and with that Kurama went into a yearlong sleep, waiting the day when Naruto would need him once again.

(Planet Earth: Masaki residence)

Tenchi and his family where all celebrating Nobuyuki Masaki and Rea Masaki's wedding, having a barbeque out by the dock. Tenchi was being cuddled by both Airi and Tennyo much to Ryoko and Ayeka's dismay. Lady Seto was drinking Sake along with Washu, Nobuyuki and Yosho.

Sasami was bringing more food out for everyone along with Noike, Minagi and Ryo-Ohki. Tokimi was busy talking to both Rea and Minaho about something that was important although they would not allow anyone else know.

As this was going on Sasami suddenly drops the tray of food, which shattered on the ground as she look up. This action seemed to grab everyone's attention.

"Sasami is everything alright," Ayeka, asks the question that was on everyone's mind. "Yeah, it's just that I feel something coming," She tells them.

"Something's coming you say, could it be a new enemy," Noike asked as the others with the exception of Tokimi, Seto, Washu, Yosho and Airi.

"Everyone calm down, it's Tsunami-fune that is above us, although why as it appeared I have no idea," Washu tells everyone, which confused them. Why such a legendary ship would come to earth, was the thought that ran through everyone's mind.

Suddenly the legendary ship appeared right over the Masaki house, which made the Nobuyuki, Tenchi and Mihoshi who had been lying on the porch freak out.

Then a blue beam shot down from it towards the ground right in front of the porch. "Someone coming out of the ship," Seto said as everyone started to move towards the house.

Suddenly a ball of energy appears which confused everyone. Once the ball was only floating a few inches off the ground, the blue beam disappeared and then the Tsunami-fune vanished to parts unknown.

"I wonder you or what it is that Tsunami has brought here," Tennyo says to Airi who was wondering the same thing. "Wait those are Light Hawk wings," Yosho says as he begins to inspect.

"LIGHT HAWK WINGS," was the shocked reply of everyone present. Then the wing began glowing and they opened up.

Who they saw surprised them, as they had never before seen the boy within the wing cocoon. "Hey who is the kid and why was he inside Tsunami," Ryoko asked.

"I don't know however, look at him his clothes are ripped to shreds and look at those scars, he needs medical attention," Tennyo says as she lifts him up and takes him into the house with everyone else followed after her.

"Tennyo bring the boy to my lab and I check him over," Washu tells the silver haired beauty who nods as they enter the lab. The others decided to wait for them in the living room with Seto going inside as well.

After a few hours, Tennyo, Seto and Washu exited the lab with Tennyo holding a little red fox. "Hey How is that kid and what's with the fox," Ryoko asked the question the others wanted to know.

"Well that's the strangest thing, while I was running some tests the boy just transformed into this little guy here," Seto said as she rubbed Naruto's head.

"But, how is that possible, and how what was with the light hawk wings," Minagi asked. "It seems that this child here was able to generate them subconsciously," Washu tells them.

"So there is one more person that is able to create the light hawk wings at will," Sasami says which got a nod from the others.

Suddenly the fox yawned which made all of the women there have to retain themselves from turning into raging hormones. Naruto opened his eyes revealing blue orbs with cat-like slits in them.

"Where am I," he asked as his voice echoed within everyone's head. This seems to startle everyone, as they were not expecting his voice to enter their minds.

"You are currently at the Masaki household, my name is Tenchi Masaki," The son of Nobuyuki said as he offers his hand to shake Naruto. Naruto looks at the boy than he jumps out of Tennyo's hand and began to transform.

Once the transformation was complete, a young red headed teen stood right before Tenchi. The red head had a foxtail and two fox ears on top of his head.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, it's a pleasure," Naruto says as he raised his hand to shake Tenchi's hand.

Suddenly, Sasami, Ayeka and surprisingly Minagi all let out a scream, which startled Naruto and Tenchi. Turning to look towards the girls they both saw them holding their hands in front of their face.

Oh my, you are gifted for someone your age," Seto says as she giggles behind her fan. "How would you like to become a guinea pig for one of my experiments, I would like to know more about that body of yours," Washu says playfully.

Confused by this, gave a nerves looking Tenchi a questioning glance, only for him to point down at Naruto. Looking down, he finally to notice of his lack of clothing.

"Washu-san, can I ask you something," Naruto says as he moves his tail to block his front. "Only if you call me… little Washu alright," She says in the cutest way she could muster up.

Naruto then asked the question that everyone else wanted to know. "Washu can you tell me where you've hidden my clothes."


Well there you have it the first chapter of this new story.

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