Tale of Naruto the Devil Prince of Jurai chapter 2

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(With Naruto and the others)

“Well, here we are.” said Misato as she opened the door to their new home. The place was a three bed room, two bathroom apartment. The master bed room was at the end of the hall and it had its own bathroom.

Rei walked into the apartment, Naruto then walked in right after her. “Well come on in Shinji.” Misato said while Naruto and Rei turned their attention to them.

“Um… I don’t want to intrude.” Shinji said, feeling a little unsure about staying there. “What are you talking about, this is your home just as much as it is ours.” Naruto said to Shinji, getting Shinji’s attention.

“I personally asked for this place for the three of us to stay, the only one who could be intruding is Misato.” Naruto said much to Misato’s annoyance. “Hey! How am I the one who’s intruding?” Misato asked as she and Naruto started arguing.

‘Those two have been arguing all day and the only time they stopped, was when Naruto decided to focus all of his attention on Rei, who had also been paying close attention to him.’ Shinji thought.

However before they could start, Shinji walked past the door and closed it. “I’m… home.” Shinji said, getting a smile from Misato and a grin from Naruto. “Welcome home Shinji-kun.” Misato said while Naruto turned to Rei.

So after figuring out who gets what room and who does the chores on which day. After that Naruto decided that it was time to give an old school team introduction.

“Okay, so it’s time for us to do a proper introduction.” Naruto said, causing the others to stare at him with a confused look on their face. “What do you mean by proper introduction?” Rei asked the young sage.

“I mean tell us your names, like, dislikes, and goals for the future.” Naruto explained the simple concept to them.

“This is an exercise that I did back in my world when I got my first team, which I will explain in a moment.

“My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, I am a Shinobi from a village known as Konoha and am it’s former leader.” Naruto said surprising the others.

“AS of now the only people who I like are you three and I dislikes are people who can’t blame others for the sins of someone else, just because it’s convenient to blame them.” Naruto said confusing Rei, Misato and Shinji.

“My hopes for the future is to kill all Angels so I can live a normal life.” Naruto finished before addressing Misato. “You, lady with the S&M fetish, it’s your turn.” Naruto said, with a grin on his face much to Misato’s dismay.

“My name is Misato Katsuragi, I am twenty-nine years old and a lieutenant Colonel at NERV.” Misato began. “I am the field commander for the Eva pilots and I handle many bureaucratic aspects for NERV.”

“My likes are Shinji-kun, Rei, Naruto-kun, Ritsuko and Pen-Pen.” Misato said confusion Naruto. ‘Who the fuck is Pen-Pen.’ “My dislikes are two men who shall not be named, Naruto and Ritsuko.” Misato said confusing Naruto and Shinji even more when she said that she liked and disliked Ritsuko and Naruto.

“My hope for the future is to become a Captain and to defeat the angels, while keeping you kids alive.” Misato said, finishing her introduction.

“Okay, now Shinji it’s your turn.” Naruto said causing Shinji to jump. “Oh um… My name is Shinji Ikari, I am fifteen years old.” Shinji said before continuing. “My likes so far are you guys, I guess and I dislike my father.”

My goal is… actually I don’t really have one.” Shinji states causing Naruto to frown. ‘Ok so the whole dislike of his father is only partly true and by the look of it, the boy afraid of getting hurt by others,’ Misato and Naruto thought.

They noticed how hesitant Shinji seemed when speaking and the fact that he was very uncomfortable around them.

“Okay now it’s time for the beautiful Rei Ayanami our Moe-inspired female protagonist’s introduction.” Naruto said in a dramatic way causing both Misato and Shinji to gain sweat-drops on the back of their heads.

“My name is Rei Ayanami, I am interested in Naruto and I am loyal to NERV.” Rei said, her voice lacking emotion and her face expressionless, something that seemed to irritate Naruto. “I goal for the future is to eliminate all angels and to find out more about humanity.” Rei said.

‘So, we have a two individuals who are broken beyond repair, and a girl who has never learned how to express human emotion huh… this is going to be a pain in the ass.’ Naruto thought knowing that everyone was probably going to go through some hardships.

“Well now that that’s out of the way, why don’t you two go take a bath, you two smell like blood.” Naruto said. Starting tomorrow we will be am official team.

Rei why don’t you use my bath while Shinji uses the other bath.” Naruto suggested, as Rei stood up from the table and walked you the master bedroom. “I guess I’ll use the other one then.” Shinji said as he walked to the bathroom.

“Why do you get the master bedroom?” Misato whined, as Naruto flashed her a grin. “Because this is my house.” Naruto said, causing Misato to grumble about disrespectful blonde-haired brats.

“AHHH! Naruto, Misato there… is… um… a thing.” Shinji said frantically, confusing both the two. Suddenly, a penguin walked out from the bathroom. “Oh, that thing, actually he is a warm-water penguin, his name is Pen-Pen.” Misato told him.

“Squawk!” Pen-Pen said hold up his claws at Naruto. “What’s sup bird, how’s it hanging?” Naruto asked Pen-Pen. “Squawk!” Pen-Pen said before opening a small compartment inside the refrigerator.

Pen-Pen gave Shinji a look, before walking into the compartment and closing the small door. “Since when do birds like that even exist?” Shinji asked Misato who didn’t see what the big deal was about it.

“Since always I guess, but they are rare now a days, though I guess I should have mention he was going to be living with us.” Misato said.

“Well, now that that’s out of the way, don’t you think you should cover up?” Naruto said with as he took a swig of Misato’s beer, while Shinji covered himself and ran back into the bathroom.

“Hey what the… that’s mine you jerk.” Misato said as she tried snatching the beer can out of Naruto’s hand, only for Naruto to move the can out of her reach by leaning back in his chair.

“I know, I just want to try it.” Naruto said before drinking a little more and then giving it back to Misato.

“I hope you didn’t backwash.” Misato said as Naruto gave her a smile.

(Ritsuko and Gendo)

“How did Rei seem this afternoon?” Ritsuko asked as Gendo stared at Unit 0. “You went to see her after she got out of the hospital didn’t you?” Ritsuko asked Gendo, feeling upset that the man was neglecting Shinji.

“She’s with the boy and my son in their new residents.” Gendo told Ritsuko who had been taking care of some top secret research. “Wait, wasn’t she really injured not too long ago?” Ritsuko asked her boss.

“It would appear that the boy, Naruto Namikaze had healing abilities that far surpassed anything that science could and had her injuries healed in a matter of seconds.” Gendo informed Ritsuko much to her surprise.

“He healed her, but how?” Ritsuko asked, surprised that someone could fix broken bones and slightly damages internal organs.

“You should ask him tomorrow yourself Ritsuko, however this will proved to be useful if we can ran a few more tests on him… by the way what did you find after getting a blood sample from him?” Gendo asked the woman who sighed in defeat.

“The blood test only proves that he is a completely normal human male.” Ritsuko said, causing Gendo to turn towards her with a surprised look on his face, although his shades did a great job of concealing this.

“That can’t be, you’re telling me that the test came back saying that there is nothing abnormal about him at all?” Gendo asked. “The only thing that I was able to learn is that his body is somehow perfect.” Ritsuko said, causing Gendo to stare at her in confusion.

“What do you mean perfect, how is it perfect?” Gendo asked finding this information very interesting. “What I mean is, Naruto’s body seems to be flawless in every sense of the word, he can’t contract any diseases as his antibodies seemed to be able to kill any foreign invasion.” Ritsuko said.

“He also seems to lack an AT-field.” Ritsuko informed Gendo, who by now had beads of sweat rolling down his neck. “Is there any way we can use this on other humans it we mix his DNA with them?” Gendo asked referring to Naruto’s blood.

“I’m afraid that’s impossible, as for some reason it rejects everything that doesn’t have his blood-type and Naruto’s blood-type is actually a type not known in history.

“A new blood-type?” Gendo said to himself as he turned back to look at Unit 0. “Ritsuko, I want you to continue your research at a later date.” Gendo said as he thought of different ways he could obtain more information on Naruto.

“What about your son? Psychologically speaking, he seems rather unstable.” Ritsuko said, hoping that Gendo would do something about it. “Let him be, if nothing else it will give us an excuse to bring unit 0 out of suspension.”

Then we will act in accordance with lieutenant Katsuragi’s suggestion.” Ritsuko states.

As the two talked about the other matters, they never noticed the pair of eyes that where lingering in the shadows of the room they were in.”

(With Naruto)

“So, the only thing they could find from the tests was that I’m completely human huh.” Naruto states in amusement. Naruto was sitting in his room on his bed watching Gendo and Ritsuko from the Rinnegan eyes of one of his clones that he had made follow Gendo all day.

“That’s good as it would mean that the seals I have placed on my body are still working at 100% efficiently.” Naruto said as he cut the link between him and the clone, knowing that anything it learns while watching Gendo he would learn after it dispels.

‘I refused to be use by someone like that fool, I can’t believe that he neglects his own son, it’s unforgivable… Ritsuko however, seemed to be generally concerned about Shinji.’ Naruto thought.

“I wonder if I could “Persuaded” her onto joining my side… If I decide to do a hostile takeover of NERV after I learn what that man is really up to.” Naruto thought as he started thinking of plans he might need if he decided that he should bring her to his side, since he found that she could be a great ally and friend.

After thinking for five minutes, Naruto sighs and does a hand-sign. A seal appeared on the back of his hand and started to glow bluish-green. A small rip in space appeared before him and Naruto reach in and pulled out a small box.

Once Naruto opened the box, he pulled out a picture of three girls that look around his age. The first, was a woman who had short black hair and was wearing a black kimono with white trimmings.

She was holding a small pink pig and her eyes were closed, while she had a goofy smile on her face. This was Naruto’s third fiancée Shizune.

The next girl who was on the right side was a beautiful women with long black hair and had fair-skin. She was wearing a royal kimono from the land of snow and she had her eyes closed, while a calming smile on her face. This was Naruto’s second fiancée Koyuki Kazahana.

“The girl in the middle had dark blue hair and fair skin. She had a more well-endowed body and had lavender eyes. She had a timid and kind smile on her face and she was wearing a white kimono that had an autumn leaves design on it.

This was his first wife Hinata Hyūga. Naruto smiled a sad smile as he looked at the picture. ‘Those where happier days.’ Naruto thought.

“However, it all came to an end the day Obito killed them and everyone who fought against him and Madara.” Naruto said to himself as he look towards the moon outside his window.


Misato sighed in contempt as she sat in the warm water of the bathtub. As she soaked, she started to think about the events of the last two days. ‘Naruto Namikaze, age 17, everything else about him is unknown.’ Misato thought.

‘Has the ability to fight an angel without an AT-field or an Eva… he has also devoured the core of angel.’ “Where did he come from and better yet who sent him to this world.’ Misato thought as her thoughts wondered to Shinji’s situation.

‘The third child, he was suddenly selected without a preliminary report.’ ‘Also there’s the timing of the angel attack, it was the same day he was scheduled to arrive.’ Misato thought.

‘Not only that but, the fact that he’s commander Ikari’s son, the coincidence just keeps stacking up, yet we did defeat the angel so that has to count for something.’ Misato thought as she sighed and stared up at the ceiling.

“But I still don’t like it.”


‘Another ceiling that I don’t recognize… I guess that’s no surprise, there’s no place in this entire city I’m familiar with.’ Shinji thought as what Naruto and Misato had told him at the door ran through his mind.

‘Why am I here?’ Shinji asks himself only for images of Sachiel to enter his mind.

‘The angels.’

(The next day)

Misato, Naruto, Rei and Shinji where back at NERV. Shinji was put through a shooting simulation that, would train him in utilizes his Eva’s gun properly and also work on his aiming. This simulation was a program that was built into the entry plugs computer system.

“Ritsuko told him to keep doing it until he could do it almost perfectly.

Misato had been charged with handing Naruto a pamphlet at gave him the run down on what NERV did and all that stuff that Naruto had learned already, thanks to his clones that he had concealed all round NERV.

Naruto was then taken by Fuyutsuki to a room, to test out some of the weapons that they were making for him. “So, what have you got for me, old man?” Naruto asked Gendo’s right hand man. “We have made for you, weapons that are similar to the ones issued for the Eva.” Kozo tells Naruto.

“First on our list is the twin master vibration swords or MVS for short.” Fuyutsuki explained to Naruto as the twin grey swords. (Think Lancelot Albion’s twin blades.) “Now these are incredible, twin swords with the ability to vibrate at an extremely high frequency.” Naruto said as he picks up the twin blades.

“They are surprisingly very light for weapon that you claim are similar to the ones used by Evas.” Naruto said as the twin blade began turning red. “Light? Those two swords alone took an Eva to move.” Fuyutsuki said causing Naruto to stare at him.

“If it took and Eva to lift then how did you get it here, both Eva pilots where with me the entire time?” Naruto asked. We used the same machine we used to put the Eva together.” Fuyutsuki states.

The system has your blood that we got a sample of after you killed the angel Sachiel, and we’ve also matched it to your brain-waves that we calculated while you were unconscious.” Fuyutsuki explains to Naruto.

“This is very good work, I have another request for you.” Naruto said as he hands Fuyutsuki blue prints for a weapon. “Do you think you can create two dozen of these kunai?” Naruto asked Fuyutsuki who studied the blue prints.

“I could have these done in no time actually, however I don’t think I will be proficient against and angel.” Kozo said only for Naruto to smirk. “We will see.” Naruto said cryptically, confusing Kozo.

Suddenly, the alarms that signaled an angel attack turned on letting them now that the fourth angel had come.

“I guess it’s time, old man I’m off.

(NERV Command Center)

“We have a confirmed visual on the object.” “The target has been verified.” The members of Nerv’s combat sector. “Analysis pattern blue, it’s here the fourth angel Shamshel.” Ritsuko states as they see the angel head towards them.

Shamshel was an insect-like angel with segmented arms, mouth with mandibles and "fangs", and an exposed spine in the thoracic cavity to which ten legs attach. (Rebuild version)

“Now battle stations condition one.” Misato commands her subordinates.

“Roger that, preparing city for ground to air interception.” Makoto Hyūga said. “Unit 1, transitioning to battle configuration.” Maya Ibuki states.

NERV sounds the alarms and then puts the entire city on lock down. All civilians were sent to shelters, the building went underground. Gun torrents started rising from the ground, along with other equipment.

“Transition complete, central dogma districts 1-7 have been retracted.” “Government ministry have been notified, target is continuing its advance.

“What is the status of all civilians?” Misato asked Shigeru Aoba. “So far all districts have reported successful evacuations.” The man informed her.

Suddenly, the Japanese government opened fire on Shamshel using the gun torrents, which had no effect on the angel.

The Japanese government, just requested that the Eva mobilization.” Aoba tells Misato as he hangs up the phone.

“They just don’t get it do they, we will mobilize whether they like it or not.” Misato states.

(The battle with the fifth angel)

“LCL charged, crypt lock released.” ‘Dad isn’t even watching, so why am I even piloting this thing again.’ Shinji thought as an image of Naruto and Rei appeared in his head.

‘I do it because, Naruto and Rei are fighting as well, and I do it because they acknowledge me right?’ Shinji asked himself, as he got ready to launch.

As Shamshel came within range, Shinji in Eva unit one was launched to the surface. “Center the gun to the target’s weak point and pull the trigger.” Shinji started to Chant to himself.

“Alright, let’s just try to do as we practice okay Shinji.” Ritsuko said as Shinji turned to face Shamshel and shoot at it with a hug machine gun. The bullets all were blocked by Shamshel’s AT-Field much to Shinji’s annoyance.

“Check your fire or you will lose the target in the blast cloud.” Misato told Shinji as he unloaded the shells, allowing them to fall to the ground, destroying a few cars in the process.

Once he ran out of bullets, Shamshel’s energy tentacles lashed out at him from behind the smoke. Eva unit one was forced on his back as the tentacles almost cleaved it in two.

“We are sending out a spare rifle.” Misato informs Shinji as Nerv uses the launcher to send the rifle and Misato commanded him to take it. This however wasn’t happening as Shinji was a little shaken up by Shamshel’s attack.

Seeing that his enemy was unable to move right now, Shamshel slowly advances towards Shinji while it’s moves its segmented arms and legs, making an annoying crackling sounds.

“Shinji stared at the angel in horror as its energy tentacles lash out at him once again. Shinji dodged the tentacles the first time, only to get hit by them the second time and sent flying into another building as the buildings around them were cut in two.

Shamshel then knocked Shinji through that building which knocked out his battery cable. “Umbilical Cable has been severed, switching to internal power.” Makoto proclaims. “Operational time four minutes and fifty-three seconds.” Maya states as Misato stares at the battle with a horrified look on her face.

Shamshel wrapped his energy tentacle around Eva unit one’s leg. The angel then lifts the Eva into the air, before throwing unit one into a hill. “Shinji are you alright… Shinji!” Misato calls out the boy’s name. Shinji however was unable to respond do to the fact that he was a little dazed.

“What’s the damage?” Misato asked her subordinates. “None all combat operations are normal.” said Makoto, as Shinji finally shook off his dizziness. Shinji then noticed that there were two teenage boys sitting between his Eva’s middle and index finger, cowering in fear.

“What the… two students from that private high school.” said Misato as the two teens profiles appeared on one of the screens in the command room. “What are they even doing here?” Ritsuko asked as Shamshel closed in on Shinji.

The angel was now flying right above Shinji. It started making a crackling noise before it lashed out at Eva unit one in an attempt to rip it to shreds.

“I don’t think so Shamshel.” Shinji and the two boy heard a deep demonic voice call out as Shamshel’s tentacles were cut clean off.

The angel let out a shrill sounding screech as it retreated away from Shinji. “How are you holding up Shinji?” Naruto asked as he floated lazily over Eva unit one. “Naruto, you’re here.” Shinji states happy that backup had finally arrived.

“Yeah sorry for being a little late, I had to synchronize with my new swords in order for them to work.” Naruto explains to Shinji. Naruto then turns his attention to the two teens who were staring at him in awe.

“Hey Misato, I thought every civilian had evacuated to the shelters, what the hell are two teenagers doing here in the middle of an angel battle?” Naruto asked the woman, using a headset that Fuyutsuki had given him.

“That’s what I would like to know however we don’t have time for this, Shinji unit one doesn’t have much time left, let those two in the cockpit and retreat.” Misato commanded as Shinji opened his entry plug and aloud the two teens in.

“What the hell… there’s water in here.” One of the boys said as the other one started to complain about his camera getting all wet.

‘What the fuck’ Naruto thought as he turned his attention back to Shamshel.

Shamshel let loose a screech as his energy tentacles started to regenerate. “I had no choice you know, you did just try to kill one of my friends, how did you expect me to react?” Naruto asked the angel.

Shamshel let loose another screech and started making cracking noises at Naruto. Naruto grinned at the angel and spun his red swords around by a chain he had attached to them.

“Who or what I am is of little importance, all you need to know is that you are going to die.” Naruto said as he activated the Rinnegan.

Naruto then used the Bunshin Ten’in so that is swords where floating beside him. Next, Naruto went through a chain of hand-signs before sucking into a large amount of air. ‘Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu.’ Naruto produces a dragon head-shaped fireball from his mouth.

The dragon raced towards Shamshel, smacking right into its AT-Field. “HM, your AT-field is quite impressive, however can let’s see how much it can really take.” Naruto said as he started another chain of hand-signs.

“Wood style: Wood Dragon Jutsu.” Naruto proclaimed as he created a gigantic wooden komodo dragon. The dragon roared at Shamshel as it ran at the angel.

Shamshel’s deactivated it’s AT-field and lash out at the dragon with its tentacles. The tentacles cut right through the dragons head. The head then reforms and the dragon bites down on Shamshel’s head.

Shamshel screech in pain and began whipping the wood dragon with its tentacles, even though it was completely useless. Naruto grinned in amusement at the one-sided fight between his dragon and the angel.

“It hurts doesn’t it, to know that you are completely helpless against something more powerful than yourself, know you understand how humanity felt when your kind took away their family, their friends and tried to wipe them off the face of this planet.” Naruto said.

Naruto then grabs his new swords, then vanishes in a flash of yellow and appears right in front of Shamshel’s core.

“Tell me something angel, have you ever experienced fear?” Naruto said as his swords started to charge up, turning from bright red to dark crimson. “Shamshel screeched in fear as it tried to escape the jaws of the wood dragon, which proved to be impossible.

What made it even worse was the fact that it’s AT-Field wasn’t working and that it was starting to feel really weak.

Naruto then stabbed both his MV swords into Shamshel’s core, causing it to give one finally screech before it died a very painful death. “Angel has been defeated.” Makoto said as everyone stared at Naruto, in awe of the former Hokage’s power.

“The target has been eliminated, Naruto, Shinji return to base.” Rei said as his dragon fall apart, leaving Shamshel’s corpse stand right where it died. Rei was standing in the command center beside Misato. She had watch the battle and while everyone was too shocked to say anything, she was not.

Naruto signed before turning away from the bleeding angel core. “Naruto Namikaze… returning to base.”


There you have it guy’s, chapter two is now complete. Naruto left everyone speechless once again. Just how powerful is he.

The Ritsuko I have chosen to us is the one from the rebuilds since she actually cares about Rei and the other pilots.

How will Shinji, Toji and Kensuke acted around him now that they’ve seem what he is capable of?

Find out in the next chapter of this story.

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