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well this story i write on too, but this one I'm still continuing so enjoy :)


The Strawhat pirates had been traveling a couple weeks without finding anything interesting on the way. After having added Brook the skeleton musician to the crew, things were much less dull in between islands, but there was still the lack of an adventure while they were out like this.

The ships captain, Monkey D. Luffy, was especially bored. Usopp and Brook were helping Franky with his usual inventions, Chopper was in his room making some medicine, Zoro was working out as usual, Sanji was preparing things for dinner, Robin was reading a book on the deck, and Nami was doing her usual navigational stuff.

All this in turn left Luffy to be by himself to try and fish, but there had not been a bite the whole day. The rubber boy sighed in frustration to the sea. Suddenly Zoro's voice came from the intercom.

"Hey everybody, there's an island up ahead. It's got some weird statue on it too."

Luffy jumped up in excitement when he heard the swordsman say that and rushed to the front of the ship. Nami was already there with Robin looking out.

"Hey look at that statue, what is that?" Nami said to Robin as the captain came next to them. In the distance, there could be seen the island, and as tall as a light tower, there stood a grand statue. It was shaped like a cross with what seemed to be a gem in the middle of it. It was made out of pure stone by the look of it, and behind it seemed to be a small beach connected to a grand hill with a cave mouth. Luffy looked on excitedly.

"Finally, we can have a bit of an adventure, let's get ready to land!" He shouted starting for the back of the Sunny Go, but was grabbed by his shirt.

"Wait Luffy, I don't know what island that is, it could be dangerous." Nami said nervously.

"I know what the island is, although I'm surprised that it exists." Robin interjected; the two looked at the archeologist, who was staring thoughtfully at the island. The rest of the crew came to the deck where they had been talking.

"It is called Yokai Island, a place where legendary monsters are supposed to roam." Robin said.

"Monsters? What kind of monsters?" Usopp said nervously.

"It is unknown, but it is said that there may be were wolves, goblins, trolls and other such beings on it. Also, there is supposedly an identical island in the New World as well." She answered.

"That's awesome, let's go guys!" Luffy yelled.

"I wonder if there's anything strong on the island to cut up." Zoro said smirking menacingly as he drew Shuusui.

"No wait guys, I have don't-go-to-the-monster-island disease coming on!" Usopp said in fear while shivering.

"I'm scared too, let's just leave it alone!" Chopper said with Brook nodding in agreement. No one had noticed that the ship had mysteriously gone toward the island during their conversation.

"Oi oi, did the island all of a sudden get bigger?" Usopp said noticing that they were now already at the shore of the island.

"Cool, I wanna catch a were wolf and tame it!" Luffy shouted as he jumped off the boat.

"Wait Luffy, don't wander off on your-", Nami began but it was too late. Luffy had already ran off into the cave. Zoro jumped off and ran after him.

"I'll make sure the idiot comes back alive, just dock and wait for us!" Zoro shouted as he entered the cave himself.

"Geez, those two are always doing stuff like this." Nami stated as she face palmed and shook her head.

Zoro wasn't very far behind Luffy when he entered the cave. He could see his captain up ahead only by 20 or so feet.

"Oi Luffy wait up!" He shouted after his captain, who stopped and turned back to the swordsman.

"Hey Zoro, I was wondering if someone else was gonna come." Luffy said smiling brightly.

"Well since we're here, we might as well check out the cave a bit." Zoro said with Luffy nodding hard in agreement. Surprisingly enough, the cave had torches on the walls which were 10 feet apart and the top being 20 feet up. Zoro looked around cautiously at the cave.

"Looks like someone's been here already." He said as he drew Shuusui. The two continued on ahead, with Zoro on his guard but Luffy in his usual happy mood. Finally they came to an opening in the cave. Up ahead was some sort of arching structure with a cross similar to the one outside on top of it. The center of it was glowing with a pinkish light.

"Oooh that's so cool, what's that mystery light up ahead!" Luffy shouted as he stared at it. Zoro looked around for the sight of somebody but found no one, there were only lit torches around with some sort of pictures and runes on the wall.

"Amazing, so this is what was inside the cave."

The two turned around to find Robin walking in as well.

"Hey Robin, what are you doing here, you wanna fight some monsters too?" Luffy asked

"No, just very curious of what was in here." She said as she approached the walls. Luffy continued to get closer to the weird arch light while Zoro walked to Robin.

"Can you read these?" he asked with her nodding in response.

"Only a little, I'm trying to make out these symbols the best I can." She answered as she started scanning the runes inch by inch.

"The door… to the world… of Yokai… will open for…" She slowly read as she discerned each symbol. Zoro listened but was thrown off when Luffy grabbed his shoulder.

"Hey Zoro, come look at this!" The boy shouted as he retracted his rubber arm. Zoro walked over to Luffy who was looking at a picture of what looked like dogs fighting.

"Will open for… those who bear… the will of…." Robin continued aloud, but mostly to herself.

"The will of… a king who will… overturn the world… of Yokai. If he sees… the light of this tunnel… then the world of Yokai… will call him to come" She finished. Now she mused in thought about what it could mean by the "will of a king". Then she realized that the light of the cave was…

"Luffy we need to leave, I feel something might-", the two looked to her but she never finished her sentence. Luffy started to be pulled in to the arch.

"Hey whats going on!" Luffy shouted but he disappeared from sight.

"Luffy!" Both crewmembers shouted before ultimately being pulled into the arch themselves. Zoro instinctively covered Robin in case something may happen to them, but none of the three knew what was coming next…

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A good fanfic on a good anime

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Very good fanfic :D

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