Strawhats Plus Vampire Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Starting the Year

The three weeks before school started were terribly boring for Luffy and Zoro. Robin was gone learning the worlds history so they never saw her around much. They tried to go fishing, hunting and other things that were almost fruitless. Zoro didn't have many weights to work out with, and the ones he had from the school were too light to really do anything for him. The pirates tried sparring together, but the headmaster soon stopped that when they accidently damaged part of the main building.

But finally after all that waiting, the school was starting. Of course, when it finally was, Luffy and Zoro found themselves asleep in their rooms. Robin knew that they were most likely going to be late, so she decided to go to their dorms herself.

"Look, it's the new teacher Nico sensei!" A boy yelled as she made her way to the dorms.

"Oh wow, she's like a goddess!"

"Probably the hottest teacher in the school!"

Right now she wore a short skirt and very tight white collared shirt, so she would receive the occasional glance from a drooling high school boy. She never minded it, only giggled at the boys, which made them nearly faint. She also found it funny that the crewmates she was here with were also one of the few people unaffected by her looks. She reached their rooms and knocked on them, since they were right next to each other.

"Luffy, Swordsman-san, time to wake up. School will be starting very soon." She said aloud as she knocked. The only response she got was a loud snoring from both sides. She giggled again.

"You two were excited for school to start, and now you're going to sleep through it." She said while smiling. She raised her hands and got her hana-hana fruit into work. She used her power to put a hand over both beds and come down into a slap. She heard the hands collide with both men and heard their responses.

"Morning already?" They said almost at the same time. She giggled one last time and yelled for them.

"It's time for you two to get ready, school starts in half an hour." She said as she left.

After the two had finally gotten up and dressed, they headed out. Luffy wore his usual straw hat and his gene shorts and sandals, but wore the school shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his shoulders. Zoro also wore the shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his bandana right above his left elbow. He continued to wear his black pants and boots. The Head Master said that he can only carry around his katana's if he kept them hidden from sight, so he wrapped them in a cloth and tied them to his back. Neither liked the blazer and chose not to wear it.

"What do you think the schools gonna be like?" Luffy said with anticipation. Zoro had a bored look

"Probably almost as boring as regular school, but maybe we can fight some monsters while we're at it." Zoro said smirking; he was truly itching to get into a fight here.

"Maybe we can get one to join our crew too!" Luffy said, but Zoro deadpanned.

"Actually we're not supposed to tell anyone about that remember?" Zoro said, making the rubber boy deflate. Finally they reached the front of the school and found Robin waiting there for them.

"Hey Robin, nice to see ya!" Luffy yelled out waving and running to her. Zoro followed closely behind but began to hear whispers.

"How do those two know Nico sensei?"

"I'm so jealous; I want to be close to her!"

"We should teach those two a lesson for-"

Zoro walked over to the group of boys and gave them his deadly glare.

"You all are trying to start something? If you are, I'd be happy to oblige you." He said darkly and menacingly. The boys all shuddered and ran away into the school.

"Tch, these ass holes act like the damn cook." He said and began to rejoin the other two.

"Swordsman-san, do not get into a fight on your first day of school." Robin said scolding with Luffy laughing at him behind her. Zoro face faulted, but recovered.

"Yeah whatever, let's go." He said and they continued on.

It turned out that they only had Robin once out of their periods, but still had all their classes together. After Robin led the two to their class room, she waved good bye to go to her own class to teach. The boys sat next to each other in the back right corner of the room, waiting for their teacher to come. The class filled quickly with students, and soon the final bell rang, which by now the two pirates were almost asleep again.

"Good morning class, my name is Nekonome Shizuka, your homeroom teacher!" the woman at the front yelled happily. Zoro barely noticed her as he started to drift off again and Luffy was sitting and watching bored almost.

"As we all know, Yokai Academy is a school for monsters, where we learn to coexist with humans!" She said continuing on, with Luffy and Zoro noticing a brown haired boy in front of them beginning to tense up.

"Our current problem is that the earth has already come into control of the humans! In order for monsters to survive, we have to coexist with the humans peacefully! For that reason, you will all live your lives at this academy in your human form," She continued, now Luffy had stopped caring and was spinning his hat on his finger while Zoro stayed unconscious on the table.

"Hey teacher, wouldn't it be better to eat those puny humans? In the beautiful girls case, to molest them?" a student ahead of them in class said, earning back Luffy's attention and waking Zoro up and beginning to glare at him from behind. Saizo felt a chill go down his spine but didn't know why.

"Well there are no humans in attendance here, students and teachers are all monsters. Humans that find out about monsters, we will bring them death or something." The teacher answered, sounding very casual about it.

"They really must be afraid of humans to go that far." Zoro thought to himself with a cold sweat running down.

"Sorry I'm late teacher! After the entrance ceremony, I got lost." Said a female voice. In walked a girl with pink hair walked in. Luffy and Zoro both didn't give her much thought, but were surprised when an outcry from all the boys in class came.

"So hot, sooo hot!"

"Even if it's just her transformation, there could be no more perfect one than this!"

"I'm glad to be in class with this girl!"

The swordsman face faulted when all these reactions came, while Luffy just stared blankly, and then turning to Zoro.

"Haha, this class is really funny!" Luffy said as he continued to laugh, making Zoro sweat drop.

"At least its keeping you entertained I guess." Zoro said as he sighed

The girl looked at one boy specifically, the brown haired boy in front of Zoro.

"Tsukune, you're here!" She shouted making the other boys looked on with jealousy. Zoro and Luffy started to lose interest yet again and paid attention to other things. As soon as class was over, the two went straight to lunch. Unfortunately for Luffy, they only served two small lunches a day.

"What do you mean this is it? I finished this in five seconds!" Luffy shouted at the lunch lady, attracting a lot of attention. She sweated a bit and raised her hands to try and calm him.

"I'm sorry, but that's the most we're allowed to give students each day."

Luffy fell in defeat and walked off with his crewmate to the outside of school.

"How am I going to survive with so little food here?"

Zoro sweat dropped at his captain as they went but thought of an idea.

"We could always go fishing again, or try to find some wild animals in the forest to eat."

"That sounds fun, lets go!" Luffy shouted and began to run. Zoro followed shortly behind but stopped suddenly when they reached the front.

"Your true form, what's your true form?"

In front of them, the punk from class who was talking about eating humans holding a kid to a wall. Luffy balled his fist and started to approach the two slowly. Zoro decided it would be ok just to watch this one.

"You were having a lot of fun with Moka Akashiya today, now you're gonna pay for it!" the bully said, he cocked his hand back to punch, but it was caught. He turned around to see who it was, finding it to be Luffy who had a hard glare on him.

"What the- get out of my way pipsqueak or I'll-"

He never finished that sentence as a fist to the face sent him flying through the wall he held the boy against.

"Shut up you asshole, get up and fight!" Luffy yelled as he got into a fighting stance. Saizo and Tsukune looked up at him in surprise.

"What was with that power? This kid must be a strong monster. There are too many witnesses here for me to fight him right now." Saizo thought as he looked around. He knew that this new guy was strong and it would be embarrassing to lose like this. He stood up, doing his best to look unaffected.

"We'll fight tomorrow in the graveyard, there are too many people around watching us. When the time comes ill murder you boy!" Saizo said as he tried to intimidate the straw hat boy, but Luffy was not even slightly affected.

"Fine then asshole, you better show up!" Luffy shouted with a dangerous glare. Saizo sweated a bi but was doing well to hide his fear. He started to walk off but turned to Tsukune one last time.

"We're not done her, next time this guy wont be here to save you. You better stay away from Moka." He said but Luffy stepped in front of Tsukune and silently stared at the punk. Saizo turned and walked away. Luffy stared in his direction for a little longer but then turned to Tsukune and smiled.

"Hey, you alright?" Luffy said as he offered his hand to help him up. Tsukune looked a bit hesitant but took it and smiled as he was raised up.

"Yes, thank you for your help with him." Tsukune said. Luffy grinned

"Its cool, I'm Luffy, who are you?" The rubber boy said.

"I'm Tsukune Aono, nice to meet you."

"You make another friend Luffy?"

Zoro walked up to the two with his wrapped katana's strapped to his back.

"Hey Zoro, what did you do while I hit that guy?" Luffy said.

"Just watched, I figured you can have the first fight to yourself, but I call the next one." Zoro said with Luffy laughing in response and nodding and Tsukune sweat dropping.

"You guys must like to fight huh?"

"Usually only when it's a swordsman for me." Zoro said, Tsukune attempted to ask him what he meant but Luffy jumped in.

"Hey Zoro, this is Tsukune, the guy that almost got beat up." Luffy said with the two sweat dropping

"Was the last part truly necessary?" Zoro and Tsukune said in unison. Then they heard a large grumbling sound and looked around.

"What was that sound?" Tsukune asked, but Luffy laughed

"Sorry that was me, we were about to go eat something before that stuff happened. We gotta go, bye Tsukune!" Luffy shouted as he ran for the forest.

"I swear that guy thinks of food before anything, but whatever, later Tsukune." Zoro said as he ran after his captain. Tsukune waved good bye to them awkwardly.

"Well at least they were nice." Tsukune said to himself aloud.

In the forest, Luffy looked around for any sign of an animal to eat. He looked high and low, only finding small animals that he knew wouldn't do anything for him food wise. Zoro had been looking with him, but was not anymore successful than Luffy. After about an hour of searching the two seated themselves under a tree.

"Whats the point of a forest with no big animals to eat?" Luffy yelled frustrated.

"Lets try fishing again." Zoro suggested. Luffy nodded, but as they got up a herd of some ugly wild bore came across them. Their fur was all ruffled, their teeth disgusting and they were the size of a horse almost. There were seven of them, and it seemed they wanted to try and attack Luffy and Zoro, but in their eyes this meant one thing:


"Hey Zoro, these guys look pretty tasty! Let's catch them and cook them!" Luffy said with drool in his mouth. The hogs started to feel fear as Luffy started approaching them hungrily. Zoro drew one of his katana's from the wrapping.

"That sounds like a great idea, pork sounds pretty good right now." Zoro answered with a malicious grin as he stared at the hogs.

Half an hour later…

After catching each pig the two built a fire and roasted them slowly. They both missed Sanji's cooking (although Zoro wouldn't admit it) for he would have made a feast from these pigs, but both pirates knew how to cook in the wild, having spent time on their own in forests before. Luffy sat against a nearby tree with his stomach filled.

"Ah, those pigs tasted really good!" He said as he burped. Zoro had eaten a fair share and was against another tree laying back.

"I hope there are more of those pigs around so we can feed you everyday, next time we should make sure to leave a few so they can make more." Zoro said as he yawned loudly and stood up.

"We should be getting back to the school now."

"Yeah, lets get going!" Luffy shouted jumping to his feet.

"Which way was school Zoro?" Luffy asked as he looked around. Zoro scanned the area.

"It's that way lets go." He said as he started to walk and Luffy followed him. After ten or fifteen minutes of walking, they saw an opening.

"Hey Luffy, its just up ahead, I can see it." Zoro said as they continued. After reaching it they found… the path by the ocean. Luffy sweat dropped.

"Hey, this is the ocean not school Zoro."

"Shut up your indications were messed up!"

"You're the one who said to come this way!"

As the two argued, they suddenly heard a scream. The two looked around and saw someone roll down another hill next to them and next to the bus stop. Another person started to slide down the hill but on their feet. Luffy looked closely and realized who it was. Tsukune was the one who rolled down the hill, and the pink haired girl from… from…

"Who was that again?" Luffy asked Zoro who shrugged, not remembering either.

Suddenly a monster jumped out from the forest Tsukune rolled out from. It was big and ugly, looking like nothing either had seen before.

"What is that?" Luffy said as he looked on, and Zoro unsure either.

"Tsukune, it really is impossible isn't it, for us to be friends? Humans and Vampires were never meant to get along." Moka said as she held him up while crying. Saizo started to get closer

"What the hell are you doing?" He shouted as he approached them. Luffy was just about to jump in, but stopped when Tsukune stood up.

"Move aside, Moka-san."

"Tsukune!" She shouted but he was stumbling on his feet.

"Indeed, I am weak and worthless but" Tsukune began as he fell back onto a scare crow. Saizo continued his charge but Tsukune continued.

"Human or monster, I want to be Moka-sans friend!"

"What are you blathering about?" Saizo said as he raised his arm to strike again.

"Tsukune!" Moka screamed expecting a blow to be heard. Tsukune had closed his eyes and readied himself for a hit. When it didn't come he opened his lids to see Saizo had stopped completely. Next to him stood Luffy, who held Saizo's arm in the air. He looked at Tsukune and grinned

"I thought you were just a weak guy, but it turns out your strong after all huh? Shishishi." Luffy said as he laughed. Tsukune and Moka were surprised


"Let me finish this guy for you." Luffy said turning to Saizo who was sweating vigorously.

"Your that brat from earlier, you bastard!" Saizo said, but Luffy looked confused

"Do I know you?"

Saizo face faulted but jumped back as he broke free from Luffy's grip.

"It doesn't matter, I'll still kill you too!" he said as he charged at Luffy again, who pushed Tsukune and Moka out of the way and catching him mid charge.

"I don't know who you are, but don't touch my friends!" Luffy shouted as he stretched his arm back.

"Gomu-Gomu no"

"WH-what, your arm stretched? What kind of monster are you exactly?" Saizo yelled as he watched in horror, while Moka and Tsukune watched in amazement.

"Sorry cant tell you that!" Luffy said as he grinned. His arm finally started to come back and collided with Saizo's stomach.


The punch sent Saizo reeling and into the hill side, smashing it greatly. Tsukune and Moka gawked at the rubber boy.

"Luffy-san is really strong!" Tsukune said as Luffy withdrew his arm. He walked over to Tsukune and Moka and bent down.

"Are you guys ok?" He asked as he smiled brightly, while Moka nodded in response.

"That was amazing Luffy-san, thank you for saving me and Moka." Tsukune said weakly, finally realizing that he was a bit more hurt than he thought.

"No problem, that's what friends are for!" Luffy said with his cheerful grin.

"Yeah, that's right." Tsukune said as he finally fainted. The two rushed over to him.


Hey, I thought I called the next monster!"

Zoro came down the hill and to the side of Luffy who smiled.

"Next time ok? But here, grab Tsukune for us." Luffy said as he tossed the unconscious Tsukune at Zoro, making him and Moka grow plate eyes. Zoro caught him, but hit Luffy hard over the head.

"Hey you idiot, don't go throwing injured people around like that!" Zoro screamed at his captain, who just rubbed his bumps and apologizing. The three made their way back to the school now in silence. Moka couldn't help but talk.

"Thank you for ssaving us back there, Tsukune might have died." She said to Luffy who smiled

"It's cool, I told you that's what friends are for! By the way I'm Luffy!"

"Zoro's the name."

"I'm Moka Akashiya, it's a pleasure to meet you both." She said with her innocent smile. Then she realized what he had said.

"Wait do you… already consider me a friend?" She asked

"Of course, a friend of Tsukune's is my friend too!" He said witth his vigorous smile. Zoro smirked and nodded to her in acceptance. She suddenly became very happy, she had already made two more friends now. And so began the adventures of Luffy and Zoro with their new friends. The question now was… how long would they last?

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