Strawhats Plus Vampire Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: No Way Back

It was a few weeks before the start of a new semester for Yokai Academy, and things were going to be different. Mikogami the Exorcist knew that something tremendous may happen, be it good or bad, he was going to watch it play out/ first there was the matter of a human entering the school, even though humans weren't allowed into school, he knew that this boy was destined for something special. Then there was Moka Akashiya, daughter of Akasha Blood River, his old friend who also was an S-ranked Vampire and Shinso.

But there was something even more interesting to him than those things. A portal almost forgotten and long been inactive had started to give off energy again. On the other side of the portal was the world of Pirates, where the sea was even grander than the one in the world he lived in. He and his fellow Dark Lords had gone to the world to see what was in it more than 20 years ago.

He headed down far below Yokai Academy where the portal was once dormant. He had read the inscription on the other side of it, telling of the coming of a man with the will of a King, something he did not fully understand himself, but was very interested to say the least. He walked into the dark hall where it resided. Usually it would be almost pitch black inside the cave, though that was no problem for Mikogami, but this time a bright pinkish light shown in it. He walked up to where the portal stood, examining the arch for anything strange.

"Hmm, so has the king finally come?" He wondered aloud with his long dark grin across his face. The portal seemed to start fluctuating and he took a step back from it. In less than 10 seconds, suddenly three figures fell from the portal.

The first was a boy who wore a red tank top with jean shorts. He had raven black hair and a scar under his left eye. On top of his head was a straw hat. The second was a green haired man with a white t-shirt and black pants and boots. At his hip he had three katana's. The third was a woman who had shining black hair. She wore a white blouse and purple pants.

"What just happened?" The straw hat wearing boy said rubbing his head. The green haired man pulled up both the woman and boy to their feet as he stood up.

"I'm not sure Luffy, but the inscription said we may find ourselves in the world of Yokai." The woman explained to him.

"We're in the world of monsters? That's so cool!" He shouted his reply.

"Quite curious aren't you?" came the Exorcist's voice, surprising all three and putting the green haired man on his guard with his swords drawn. Mikogami had hid himself in the shadows as the three made their way through the portal which had now disappeared.

"Do not be afraid, I am not here to do you harm." He said with his grin still dark and scary. Zoro had not once let his guard down, but that smile was creeping him out.

"Who are you, robed guy?" Luffy said with no fear but curiosity.

"My name is Tenmei Mikogami the Exorcist. Who might you three be? Pirates I assume?" He asked

"Yeah, I'm Luffy nice to meet ya!" The boy replied who obviously had not much of a sense of fear. The green haired man looked steady and ready to strike while the woman had an emotionless face.

"This must be the one which the inscription talked about, how interesting." Mikogami mused as he looked at the boy

"Is it true, that we are in the world of Monsters?" the woman asked straight out, which Exorcist nodded to in response.

"That is correct, although monsters are very few in this world, we still maintain ourselves here." He said

"So it's just a small part of the Grand Line then?" Zoro asked this time with a raised eyebrow, but Exorcist shook his head.

"No, the worlds that we come from are very different. I have been to your world and I know that it is no where near the same as our human world." He answered the swordsman

"What do you mean by that?"

"In your world, humans can achieve special powers through Devil Fruits I think they were called, but also humans can surpass their normal limits to be inhuman while here humans can do no such thing." He explained.

"So if that's true, how do you know of our world?" Robin inquired this time.

"I had traveled there long ago, and was very surprised to find a world with a nigh endless sea, and so many powerful humans. Here only Yokai would possess such gifts, but humans not only held special powers, but even made some of the strongest of our races pale in comparison."

"So we can get back?" Zoro asked him

"That I cannot say, for the portal you came through had been the only way to travel between our worlds, but now it's deactivated itself again."

"Wait so we're stuck here?" Zoro shouted in surprise, with Mikogami nodding in response. Robin had a cold sweat going while Luffy put his hand to his chin trying to comprehend his words.

"Wait so we can't get back to our nakama?" He shouted with wide eyes.

"That was slow." Zoro said sweat dropping. Robin had not taken her eyes off of the robed figure who kept on his ever dark grin.

"I have an idea for you all." He spoke up after watching them a bit, the other two now focused on him now.

"I run a school for monsters, where they learn how to co-exist with humans. Why not stay here for awhile until the portal opens up again, and attend the school." He suggested.

"A school for monsters? How would we be able to fit in with monsters?" Zoro asked with a raised brow again.

"Students here are required to stay in human form while they attend, and to keep their true forms secret." He answered, but Zoro didn't look entirely convinced, but before he could say something his captain interrupted.

"A school for monsters, that's so cool! I wanna go!" Luffy said with stars in his eyes.

"But what about everybody else, will they be ok while we're gone?" Zoro said to him wisely, making the straw hat boy recoil in his excitement.

"Actually, one thing I discovered during my travels is that even for the time spent in each world, the other barely passes by at all. You could spend months here and it would only be minutes in your world." The Exorcist answered, surprising the three.

"Well then, if we have no other way of getting back, I think that staying here would be our best option." Robin mused looking to her two friends. Luffy brightened up again, actually understanding a bit of what the robed man said. Zoro sighed in defeat.

"Fine, it's not like we can do anything else I guess." Zoro said

"Yosh, I wanna go see some monsters!" Luffy shouted happily

"But before that, I am much to old to go to an academy, is their something else I can do? I am an Archeologist." Robin asked. Mikogami looked thoughtfully at her.

'Hmm, we could always use another teacher, if you can read our history books in the next three weeks, then I can get you a spot teaching." He said, with her smiling in response.

"That sounds like a great idea; I would very much like to learn of this world's history, while in my world we do not have such luxuries." She said.

"Then it is settled, I shall get each of you a room to stay in. School starts in three weeks, so you have time to relax for now." He said as he motioned them to follow him as he walked up some stairs. Luffy jumped up and started behind him while Zoro walked with Robin to talk.

"I don't like all this." Zoro said to her gruffly.

"For now we have no choice, hopefully he is telling the truth in that no time will pass in our world until our return." She replied

"Hey robed guy, do you have any food? I'm starving." Luffy said to him. He chuckled and looked at him.

"I can arrange for a meal to be made for you all." He answered with Luffy smiling brightly.

"Thanks robed guy!" He said happily.

"Our captain seems to already be used to the idea." Robin said as she giggled, with Zoro sighing in response.

"He's too happy about things sometimes."

"By the way, I seem to remember some of those from your world possess such things as Devil Fruit powers, do any of you possess such things?" Mikogami asked with Luffy nodding hard.

"I'm a rubber man, I ate the Gomu-Gomu no mi, and Robin has one too, but Zoro doesn't." Luffy answered with Robin nodding in agreement.

'A rubber man eh? How very interesting. You should be able to fit in at Yokai Academy just fine then. We will do something for your friend." He said motioning to Zoro who nodded.

"This is going to be a very interesting few years indeed." Mikogami thought as his grin grew even wider. And so began there stay at Yokai Academy, none of the three knew what lied ahead for them, but they would soon find out.

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