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I have been working for days on this manga.The Manga is called SNOW.I only made three part of it so far.I want to make a manga that does not just tell a story but get the reader to want to be in the story, and to caught the readers eye and have them hook on to the charterers.

Here the info panel about SNOW.


A very air headed girl,name Yuk; her parents never had time to be with her.Her Father was a weapon expert; work for the military;her mother is a nurse.So Yuki live by herself most of the time; about 16 years old and is in the 11 grade.Has a normal life,as anyone else does.She has two really good friends Kyon and Mio.They all know each other because there's are dads are friend with Yuki's dad because they are old war buddy.

I know that Kyon and Mio,and Yuki are from other show but,I am not copying any other show story line.The first part start at the school in japan.

There will be more of the story in the first part of this manga.I its been a lot of work theses past few days and weeks on working on this.This manga will make you want to be in the story and, so far am shock how i came up with this story.

All right go to ,ANDREW E CHAPLIN,the writer and.PAYNE WOLFE the artiest.

Not done yet.I will post the first part when i get done editing it

BY:TWOM aka:Andrew E Chaplin

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Sounds... interesting.

Looking forward to some material.

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@Fehafare:Thank you.The first part will been done in about a week and a half.I have a lot of editing to do and have to talk to Payne about it.Have not came up with the mom and dads name yet or the last name.

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Actually this caught my attention. I always enjoy a fresh story. I'll be looking for future material.
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Part one is on my profile,thats the only part I will post.I am on the 7 part of this manga.It maybe be out in summer 2013 to Christmas,not sure on the date of the completion of this manga.I hope everyone like it.At the end of this story all i got to say you are going to be really shock of what you find out.I know you are going to love it.Picture of this manga will be post when the manga about to be out.I hope that everyone likes it and hope it turns in to a show one day.

Go to my Facebook page for SNOW.

When it does come out,it will be in Conroe TX 77385


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