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It's a normal day as Yuki gets ready for school. She takes a shower and gets dressed. She heads down stairs and walks into the living room. There, she sees a coffee cup sitting where her dad eats his breakfast. Yuki smells eggs,bacon,and waffles coming from the kitchen. She walks to the kitchen, where she sees her mother making her breakfast and school lunch. Yuki asks her mother,( while she sat down as her mother is placing her breakfast down), "What time did dad leave"? Her mother told her that he left sometime around four in the morning. "I never see dad, I don't even know what he does at all. I never spend time with him, does he even love me at all mom"? Her mother replies, "you know he does Yuki, he just works a lot". Yuki gets finished with her breakfast, gets her backpack and sets it down. While she was putting her shoes on, she spots a picture of her mother and father. A tear runs slowly down her face. She tells her mother good bye and heads out to meet up with her friends Mio and Kyon. (She forgot to tie her shoes.)

She was walking to the normal spot they always meet. Kyon and Mio are already there. Yuki trips over her shoes when she sees Kyon(shes in love with Kyon).Kyon and Mio walk to pick her up. They start to walk to school and Yuki still hasn't tied her shoes. She keeps tripping and falling on them. Kyon picks her up and tells her that her shoes are untied. He ties her shoes for her and they continue on walking to school. It's just another uneventful day. What they don't know is that the night before, her father's weapon had been stolen by three brothers. The Kiamichi brothers used to work for her father and they were angry and vengeful because Mr. Yuki treated them worse than rats that live in a sewer. They blamed Yuki's Father for the failure that happened eight years ago.

The brothers were upset that their weapon has been locked away. Even worse, the Japanese Government and Mr. Yuki refused to give them any credit for inventing the weapon, known as Project Snow. Project Snow involved two tiny double layered nuclear spheres, no larger than a marble. One was stolen eight years ago. Project Snow was created as a nuclear bomb. They did all of the work, but Mr. Yuki took all of the credit. They felt used by the Government and Mr. Yuki. Now all they ponder about, is revenge. They plan to steal Project Snow and inject it into Yuki's body like they did 8 years ago. The brothers want to get back at Mr. Yuki

They planned for weeks, figureing out how to steal the weapon to accomplish their evil goals. They go late at night to steal the weapon. They are still welcome at the base, but not allowed near Project Snow. They come up with a distraction, to start a fight in the mess hall. While the fight was going on, the brothers go into the vault that contains Project Snow. The commander is in the same area as the vault. The brothers ambush the commander and put a bag over him. They knock out the commander. The vault has a retinal scanner and only opens with a higher ranking officer. They pick up the commander and put his eyes to the scanner. The vault opens and they take Project Snow and other equipment, like C4 and rocket launchers. They leave the commander on the cold, metal floor. Yuki's father wakes up before anyone in his family. He gets a call from the Japanese military. They tell him that Project Snow has been stolen from the vault. While Yuki and her friends are walking to school, the brothers are busy preparing the attack on the city.

The brothers plan is to have two of the brothers pose as cops, while the other plants the C4 around the city. The distraction was to start a war between the mafias in the city. The cops start to get calls from citizens about the fights going on. While the cops are occupied from the fight, the other brother sets the C4 across the city. The two brothers tell the other brother to meet them by the police station after they get done setting the C4 across the city. The equipment they stole the night before is in the patrol car. They set off the C4 (They are a mile away from the school).

The principle gets informed that the city is under attack and tells his students to head for the school gym. The gym is the safest place in the school. After surveying the destruction of the city, the brothers still are not satisfied and plot to destroy the school. They head for the school to get their point to the Japanese government. The brothers go to the school and start to open fire on anything and anyone that passes them. They walk into the school and search for anyone that moves. They plant C4 on all of the pillars of the front part of the school building. They take out a rocket launcher and shoot it. The C4 goes off along with it and the front part of the school blows to smithereens and large chunks of concrete. steel hits everything around it.

The gym gets hit by the chunks from the exploding building. The gym starts to fall on the students and Yuki and her friends are trapped. Everyone else around them are yelling and screaming. The brother hears the screaming from the students being pounded by the building falling down. Yuki and her friends have only one way out of the destroyed gym. .Kyon decides to check it out. he tells Yuki before he leaves "I have always been in love with you since we were kids". When he walks out of the gym, he gets shot in the back of the head. The brothers walk into the gym. Mio tries to protect Yuki and dies trying. The leading brother takes the weapon and injects it into Yuki. She goes crazy after being injected by it. Yuki pushes the man away from her and he drops his gun. She picks up the gun and shoots the man three times in the chest .The other brothers start to fire at Yuki( the weapon that was injected into her starts to change Yuki's DNA). Red and white armor covers her whole body before they fire. The bullets deflect and bounce back at the men and kills them.

Her father hears about the destruction of the city. The Japanese military deploys a team to the city. Mr. Yuki asks his commander to go with the team. They get to the city and see ruble from the C4 that was planted earlier. The troops ask the survivers about the damage of the city. They ask many people if they know anything about who did this. No one knows who it was. An old lady says that she might know who did this. She says that she saw three police officers with a weapon in the back seat heading for the school. They charge towards the school. When they get to the school, they see the whole front of the school gone. Chunks of it everywhere. They yell for any survivors. They hear three gun shots, then two more. Her father can hear Yuki screaming in sadness and terror. Her father follows her scream to the gym and see the dead body of Kyon. Kyon's father stands by his body crying, yelling out "why"!?.Mr. Yuki runs in to the ruble gym and fined Yuki cover in blood from Mio body lying on her. He goes over to calm Yuki; she starts to go crazy from the injection from earlier and goes nuts and thrower her father outside the gym. Her eyes start to changes colors; her armor covers her. Yuki gets mad and everything around her start to fly around her and what stop her from doing more damage to the gym, she sees Mio body flying around her. Mio's father just watches from a descent, just watch his daughter get thrower like a rag doll and being rip apart, the building starts to fall apart. Mio's body is cover in ruble, her father rushes over to find his daughter. He thrower the ruble everywhere to find Mio. He finds Mio in parts, by every places he look he find her by part by part, in the gym. He turns around and looks at Yuki and called her: you monster you killed Mio! Yuki is in shock from what Mio's father told her. Yuki starts yell in sadness because she just killed her best friend. Mio father takes he's gun and hits Yuki in the back of the head and she passed out from the blow, of the back of the gun; she fall on to the ground.

Post by THEWETONESME (7 posts) See mini bio Level 8

Mr.Yuki he's last is Oshima.I just use Mr.yuki for the time being,but their last name is Oshima,still haven't came up with name for the mom and dad yet ,Yuki Oshima

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