Sgt. Frog Doujinshi: Angel Guardian of Pekopon

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When the earth is peaceful, it seems beautiful, but from the story I'm about to tell you, you could guess that life on earth is about to get ugly! It started out as a day at the hot springs. "Man. Nothing could take your mind off of your worries like a soak in the hot springs." Fuyuki let out. “You said it Master Fuyuki! It’s nice to be here with you.” Keroro replied. “Though it IS supposed to help you relax and relieve you of your worries, it looks like the hot springs only strengthens Giroro’s respect for public privacy. Every time we come here, he never comes in to relax! All he does is sit there with his gun, guarding the wall to the girl’s side.”

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Later, after they(Fuyuki, Keroro, Giroro, Tamama, Dororo, Kululu, Nebula, Alisa, Natsumi, Aki, Koyuki, and Momoka) exited the hot springs, they all conversed with each other. “Alisa? Would you and Nebula like to stick around for dinner?” Aki had asked. “Of course.”

As they walked off, they noticed a black-haired boy who looked like he’d gone through barbed wire. He had been cut in numerous places on his body, he also had been burned across the left cheek. He looked at the group and muttered “It’s not safe here, go now!” He then collapsed and the zipper on a pack he carried came undone and a green and white Keronian popped into view.

The group all gathered around the boy. Keroro asked who the Keronian was and Kululu walked up to him and said “Well, well, how fortunate to see you, Tozumo! Ku ku ku.” The young Keronian looked at Kululu and asked him for assistance. “Ku Ku Ku. Sure I’ll help keep him breathing, on one condition, Tozumo.” “What is it, I’ll do anything to keep my friend alive.” “You have to become my permanent assistant!”

“Deal! Now help him.” Kululu pulled out a device and attached it to the unconscious boy. “What’s that?” Tozumo asked. “Yeah, what is it?” Natsumi insisted. “Ku ku ku. Come on, Tozumo, you of all people should know! After all, you designed it.” “Oh yeah, it’s the Keronian Regeneration Gizmo! Any wounds that the wearer of this machine might have will have there injuries healed in almost no time at all! Excuse me Pekoponians, I know this may seem rude, but I might need your house. We don’t have a home and my friend need somewhere he can rest.” Aki picked up the black-haired boy and carried him to the car. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it!” she said.

Later that day, the boy woke up. Fuyuki, Natsumi, and Tozumo were sitting there next to the bed. "Where am I? And who are you?" the boy asked. "You're in my house. We saw you collapse and brought you here." Natsumi replied. "WHAT!? No, it's not safe with me around! You shouldn't have brought me here, it's too dangerous!"

"What do you mean? Why are you so nervous?" Fuyuki insisted. "They'll come for me. They know that I have the power to eliminate them, so they'll come to try and take my life while I'm weak!" "Who are THEY?" A crash was then heard coming from the central part of the house and a women's laugh rang out. "They're here." The boy ran out the door and saw a women with long black hair standing in front of Alisa. "Oh, what a pretty girl. You wouldn't happen to know where my darling Spirit is, would you?" She asked. "Daddy, it's a dark one. Let's devour it!" Alisa said to Nebula. "Yes." A spike emerged from Alisa's hair band and stabbed the woman in the chest. "Oh my, you have a few tricks up your sleeve." The woman pulled the spike out of her chest and punched Alisa. "LUST! LEAVE HER AND FIGHT ME INSTEAD!" The boy shouted. "Oh, there you are, Spirit. I was worried that Envy had finished you off."

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