Protector of Monsters Prologue

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Skaar stared out of the window of the bus, sighing at his current predicament. Sent on a mission to protect… a school? Is that really Avenger business? Well if they were sending him, apparently it was.

Earlier that day…

"You want me to do what?" Skaar asked, unbelieving of the words that came from Captain America himself. He had been called to Avengers Tower by Steve Rogers. When he arrived there, his father Bruce Banner and Logan, aka Wolverine had been waiting for him.

"I know this sound a little… farfetched, son. But this is a serious matter. We need someone on the inside and… you fit the bill." Steve Rogers said trying to work it out for the young hulk.

"You won't be going alone; I'll be going in with you to help out bub." Wolverine said, although didn't sound very excited himself.

"What is it there that's so important?" Skaar asked still indifferent about the situation.

"The owner and headmaster of the school, Mikogami, 'the Exorcist', have asked us to send someone to help in case contact with Fairy Tale, a monster extremist group, and help defend his school."

"What do the Avengers care about one school, even if it is for monsters?" Skaar said speaking the truth.

"While the safety of the school is a concern, it's more about taking down Fairy Tale. They've become a global threat, but we've lost track of them lately. We trust that you and Logan have what it takes to get us the information we need on them." Rogers explained, being more frank about their agenda.

"And until we get this information you want me too…?" Skaar said, much more impatient now as he knew the answer. Rogers sighed.

"We would like you to attend the school and keep a low profile while there."

"I'm a hulk; you really think the other guy cares about keeping a low profile?" Skaar said scoffing at the thought.

"That's why we want you to stay in human form as much as you can unless it's unavoidable."

Skaar growled in frustration.

"Why me specifically? You have other teen 'heroes' you can send." Skaar said unconvinced with why he was picked.

"Your father and Logan recommended you over our other team members because you can act smartly on your own, and can handle any threat thrown at you while there." Rogers said. Skaar sniffed the air and narrowed his eyes.

"That may not be a lie, but it's not the whole truth." Skaar said suspicious. Logan chuckled and looked at Bruce. "You're kids as intuitive as ever, Bruce. I'll leave the rest to you fella's. I gotta go in early, I'll see you there bub." Logan said saluting them as he left. Rogers looked at Banner and nodded, and taking his leave himself. "I'll leave you two to it then."

"What's going on dad?" Skaar asked bluntly looking at his father. Bruce sighed and took a knee next to Skaar.

"I figured that a mission to a school might make things easier for you to accept but… I'll be straight with you. I want you to have a life outside of… well being a hulk. To be normal for once. Easiest way to do that is to attend school." Bruce explained, making Skaar scoff.

"A school for monsters doesn't really sound like a 'normal' life if you ask me." Skaar said with the roll of his eyes.

"It's the closest to normal you our family can get." Bruce said with a sad smile. "Look son… after what happened to Lyra at her school, I knew that putting you in regular school was never going to work. This was a rare chance to seize."

"I'd rather be here, working on a mission, not wasting my time at some school for miscreants." Skaar said indifferently.

"I know you would, but technically it is a mission. Just give it a chance, make some friends. Try to make something good out of it." Bruce said. Skaar sighed deeply and gave a small smile.

"Ok dad."


Skaar, to say the least, was still not happy about going. Mission or not, this was going to be a waste of time. Maybe while he's there, he would find a challenge for a fight, but then again… He was Skaar, son of Hulk. What monsters could stand up to him?

Suddenly the bus stopped, and Skaar looked around.

"Are we here?" He asked the bus driver, who shook his head. Skaar thought that the driver was trying to ne intimidating, but of course that wouldn't work with him.

"Nope, we got another kid to pick up." He said tapping his cigar. The bus doors opened, and a red haired girl with pig tails walked in. She took a seat a couple rows in front of Skaar. He looked at her with one eye lazily, but then turned his attention back to the outside window. The bus started up again and began to move.

It was silent in the bus again, something Skaar was happy about. He didn't feel like socializing, despite what his father asked him.

"So… are you a freshman too?" He heard the girl say, and realized the question was directed at him. He sighed and turned his eyes to the girl, who was now only a seat away after moving.

"Yeah." He said shortly. She waited for him to say more, to ask her something at least. Instead he remained silent.

"Me too, I'm Kokoa Shuzen." She said introducing herself. Skaar knew he was supposed to introduce himself now, making him inwardly groan.

"I'm Ska- I mean… Skip. Skip Banner." He said. The red head stared for a moment before chuckling.

"Wow really, Skip? That's a funny name." She said continuing to chuckle. Skaar narrowed his eyes and growled, turning back to the window.

"Says the girl named off of chocolate." Skaar said with a smug smirk. She stopped laughing and puffed up her cheeks in anger.

"Hey, don't make fun of my name! I come from a noble blood line of vampires, show some respect!" Kokoa said with a huff. Skaar chuckled again.

"Whatever you say coco." Skaar said with a smug smirk once again.

"It's Kokoa! Say it right!" She said nearly shouting at him. He merely rolled his eyes.

"Stupid vampire." He muttered, making her growl in anger.

"Hey you two, we've arrived." The bus rider said, chuckling at their little conversation. Kokoa looked at Skaar with puffed cheeks, but then turned away with a huff. The son of hulk rolled his eyes and began to walk out towards the door.

"Fair warning kid, this school can be a dangerous and scary place." The bus driver said to the two, making them pause for a moment. Kokoa raised an eyebrow, but then Skaar began to chuckle darkly.

"Trust me, I'm the most dangerous thing at this school from now on." He said smirking confidently. Kokoa gulped for a moment, thinking she was looking at someone terribly scary. She shook it off and scoffed.

"Coming from the kid named Skip." She muttered, smirking smugly at him from the side. He frowned and walked in front of her.

"Shut up chocolate girl."

"Hey what did you just call me?!" Kokoa shouted from his back, but Skaar decided to ignore her and kept walking.

"This is gonna be one annoying year." Skaar growled mentally as he kept on walking, with the vampire following behind.

To be continued…

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