Protector of Monsters Chapter 3

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Growing Drops

Skaar found himself dragged yet again by Kokoa away to the newspaper club. Several days before was the incident at the dungeon. Tsukune and the others had published the story on the matter, about how the trio of robbers had been arrested and taken away, along with the Stark Tech weapons being returned. He was slightly surprised they decided to leave out the part about him, even if they didn't know it was in fact Skaar. But when the club had played off the fact that they implicated him as the hero, he had at first just thought they were idiots. But after some thought on the subject Skaar began to realize a familiar scent was on all of them save for Kokoa.

They were lying.

He guessed that they most likely knew because at this school such dramatic changes were possible for anyone physically. But why did they play it off? Were they afraid of what he would do? No that wasn't it either, he could see and smell fear in anyone but hadn't detected any when they talked. So why pretend? He was still puzzled by their lie and the purpose of it. For now he would just suspect that they decided to mind their own business, and pushed the thought aside.

Then on the other hand there was Kokoa, who ever since the incident was much more aggressive and demanding with Skaar, she wouldn't even ask him to go anywhere she'd just tow him around like a truck without warning. He was irritated by this, but he didn't want to expose himself and give her another reason to act like a jerk. So he went along with it. Hopefully she would calm down.

The red haired vampire sat across from Skaar at the table in the Newspaper club room. The others were celebrating with a small party in honor of the popularity the paper had picked up from the story they made. There were many snacks and sodas on the table, and while Skaar may have found them all annoying, he was not going to say no to snacks and soda. He was currently biting down on a chocolate bar and sipping a lemon lime soda as he watched the others toasting.

"Cheers, the paper was a success!" Moka, Tsukune, Yukari and Kurumu cheered together. Skaar rolled his eyes and continued to eat his snack, peering at Kokoa who seemed to be focused heavily on the newspaper.

"Good job on the layout and design Moka and Yukari! The paper looks fantastic!" Tsukune praised, making both girls blush in happiness.

"Hey what about my cooking column, praise that too Tsukune~!" Kurumu said hugging her so called 'destined one'.

"I also wrote a novel section." Mizore declared in her monotone voice. Skaar merely rolled his eyes at their antics and continued to eat without acknowledging them.

"I don't get it, me and Moka-nee were there, why didn't you guys talk about our bravery in going there? I wanted to see a big picture of my sister…" Kokoa whined, making the others including Skaar deadpan.

"The newspaper club isn't trying to self promote ourselves as heroes or anything." Kurumu stated shrugging.

"Plus it was that big guy who stopped them anyway, but I feel like he wasn't trying to get attention either." Tsukune insisted, Skaar noticing the older brunette sparing a quick glance at the young hulk. Skaar narrowed his eyes but stayed quiet, respecting the fact that they made it slightly easier on him.

"Well at least you didn't post a picture of THAT big brute! He was a jerk and I'll get him back for what he did!" Kokoa said slamming her fists into the table. The others sweat dropped as they realized she hadn't figured it out, while Skaar's eye twitched in annoyance at her calling him a brute. He had saved her life, and she didn't seem to appreciate that fact. "Stupid vampire…" He groaned mentally.

"A-anyways why are you two non-members here anyway?" Kurumu said changing the subject. Kokoa started to blink and sputter slightly.

"Snacks." Skaar said shrugging as he started to eat chips after finishing the candy bar.

"Wait, don't tell me…" Yukari said with a smile crossing her lips. Skaar raised a brow in question as the others started to share the same grin as her. "That Kokoa-chan wants to become a member desu?" She declared happily, making the red haired vampire back up slightly while sweating and blushing.

"Oh really? Why didn't you say so earlier! We haven't had any freshmen join yet, this is great!" Kurumu said as she and the young witch started to get closer to Kokoa.

"You're both welcome to join, finally I have a junior to me desu!" Yukari cheered happily.

"W-wait…" Kokoa said feeling slightly overwhelmed. She was even more shocked when Moka, Tsukune, and the previous two already stood under a welcome sign. Skaar inwardly laughed, honestly finding the situation hilarious. Thankfully they were more focused on Kokoa joining them than him.

"H-hold on a second! Why should I, a proud vampire, join such a club…" Kokoa murmured quietly as she gave a thoughtful look. Skaar rolled his eyes at her prattling about her superior race but jumped when Mizore slammed a paper on the table, nearly transforming for a fight. Thankfully he calmed down quickly, his eyes going back to blue instead of green.

"I'm joining too." Mizore said shortly, handing a paper to Tsukune. "I wasn't formerly part of the club so I might as well officially do it now." She declared.

"Mind if I join too?" Ruby asked with a small smile.

"But you're not a student Ruby-san." Tsukune mentioned, but Ruby merely shook her head. Skaar then began to tune out whatever they were saying now, trying to focus on his food. He noticed Kokoa acting nervous about joining the club but didn't really see why. Must've been a girl thing.

"It's great, so Mizore-chan, Ruby-chan and Kokoa-chan are joining!" Tsukune declared happily.

"Since your girlfriend is joining the group I'm guessing you will be too?" Mizore asked Skaar who nearly did a spit take at her words before growling. "She's not my girlfriend, and no!" He snarled, but it seemed too late as the others celebrated.

"Hooray for our four new members!" Nekonome shouted raising a bottle and making both Kokoa and Skaar fall back in surprise at her sudden appearance. Skaar growled in annoyance, pissed off that he was caught off guard twice in a row.

"Miss Nekonome, why are you dressed like that?!" Tsukune asked as he saw the cat teacher dressed like a cheerleader.

"It's so good to see freshman join the group, it makes me feel 30 years younger!"

"How old are you?!" Tsukune said in surprise. For his trouble Nekonome slashed his face, still smiling as if nothing happened.

"I'm 17 of course~!"

"I don't even have to smell the lie in that one…" Skaar said to himself with a sweat drop.

"Since we still have some copies left over, we should go out and recruit more students!"

"W-wait what? Right in the middle of the party though?" Tsukune said exasperated. The cat teacher left no room for argument as she started to push people out the door. Skaar took this as a sign to leave before he got involved.

"W-wait, why me too?!" Kokoa shouted desperately as Moka hung onto her sister as they were pushed out. "Skiiiip don't leave me alone!" She shouted desperately. Skaar waved good bye to her with a smile on his face and chuckled. "Have fun with that Kokoa." He said preparing to leave but was grabbed by Nekonome sensei.

"All members should participate~!" She stated carelessly. Skaar growled in annoyance as he let himself be dragged next to Kokoa. They arrived in the busy hallways filled with many different clubs trying to obtain their own members. The girls went to change their clothes while Skaar and Tsukune and Gin continued to pass out papers.

"I'm not even part of this stupid club…" He groaned in annoyance, standing in place with papers in his hands. Every now and again someone would grab a paper from him or the other boys.

"We're ready~!" The cat teacher announced as she arrived with the girls. Skaar raised a brow as he saw that they were all dressed up in matching cheer leader uniforms. He couldn't see Kokoa, but assumed that it was because she was hiding.

"Wh-what is this…?" Kokoa's voice could be heard. Skaar looked over to see her dressed up in a cheerleader outfit same as the other girls. His eyes went wide and dropped his jaw. "Why does a non member have to wear this?!" she protested in embarrassment. She looked at Skaar who was staring at her in slight shock. She blushed heavier than she already was before turning away. "Wh-what are you staring at?!"

Skaar suddenly burst out laughing, going to his knees as he held his stomach. Kokoa's jaw dropped in embarrassment until she suddenly growled in anger before rushing Skaar and trying to strangle him. He pushed back, keeping her just out of arms length but was so entertained that he was nowhere near transforming.

"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!" The red haired vampire shouted as she continued to try and strangle and occasionally punch at him. Moka and Kurumu slowly pulled her off while Skaar continued to laugh, getting up as he started to calm down. Kokoa screamed in agitation and went back to the newspapers if only to get away from him.

"Such a baby…" Skaar muttered as he passed out papers, now in a very good mood.

"Do you have to be so mean to her?" He heard in his head, now hearing from his actual younger self. Before entering the school, the son of hulk had talked with his younger self. Since this was technically a long mission, he decided to take control at all times. While his other half was usually silent in his mind, he would speak every now and again.

Skaar scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Stop being soft on her, she's been annoying this whole time."

"You have to admit you at least like her a little bit, she's probably one of our first actual friends." Puny Skaar declared. Hulk Skaar paused for a moment at his words before continuing to pass out papers wordlessly."Whatever…"

Skaar stopped as a bunch of boys started to rush at the girls, mainly Kurumu and Moka, adoring them for their attractive looks. The son of hulk merely rolled his eyes as they did so, trying to ignore them. "Stupid teenagers…" He muttered. He suddenly heard Kokoa let out a scream. He became alert on instinct and searched the crowd for her. He spotted the young vampire being cornered by several boys parading her with questions. He could see the shyness and fear in her, and growled in anger. He rushed over to her side and pushed them all away with great force, but refraining from transforming.

"Back off!" He growled out, making several of the boys withdraw in surprise. Despite his smaller size they could all feel a strong energy from him, one that made them all stop from pursuing the girl. They quietly backed away and went to pay attention to the other girls.

"Skip…" Kokoa spoke quietly, blushing as she was touched by his sudden protection.

"I knew you liked her."

"Shut up…" He muttered mentally in annoyance, turning back to her. "You alright?" He asked. She nodded quietly as she tried to hide her blush. He patted her head and walked past her. "Don't get all soft now." He muttered as he did so. Kokoa grabbed his wrist before he was out of arms distance. "I don't wanna be a part of this club…" She mumbled quietly. Skaar raised a brow in question while Yukari approached from the side.

"What was that?" She asked, having been barely able to hear the young vampire's words. Before repeating herself she held tight to Skaar's arm and jumped all the way to the second floor with him in tow. He widened his eyes in surprise and let out a small yelp, groaning in irritation.

"Don't think I'm not still mad at you by the way…" She muttered as they ran away.

"Like I care." Skaar declared with a roll of his eyes. The two arrived on the roof of the school, Kokoa gently putting him on the ground as she stopped. Skaar raised a brow curiously as to why they were there.

"Thank you for earlier… I was pretty scared…" Kokoa muttered out without looking at him. Skaar blinked for a moment before grunting in acknowledgment. "Don't worry about it…"

"I… I don't think I can join those guys, they're just so…" Kokoa said quietly as she looked out to the school. He bat Ko flew onto her arm comfortingly.

"Is there a reason you won't join us?" Yukari said as she arrived after them. Skaar had sensed her presence this time, no longer wanting to be taken by surprise like before.

"Yukari-chan? Leave us alone! We don't wanna join your club…" Kokoa said walking past Yukari and grabbing Skaar's wrist again. He sighed slightly as he gave up on resisting her towing him around.

"I can't, as a senior I should listen to a juniors worry!" Yukari claimed proudly, making Kokoa and even Skaar slightly flinch.

"Who's a senior now?! I've heard we're both older than you!" Kokoa exclaimed but the young witch was persistent, getting in the vampires face. "Now now, just tell old Yukari your problems, I'll listen!"

"You've gotta be kidding me…" Skaar groaned.

"I'm serious desu!" She shouted cutely and swinging her arms.

Skaar looked at Kokoa and shook his head before the two started walking away. Yukari started to whine and jumped at their waists and holding them there.

"Get off!" Skaar growled out as he tried to push her away."I don't have time for this stuff, I have to get closer to my sister faster!" Kokoa declared as she continued to try and walk away.

"Inferiority complex huh?" Yukari declared as she released them, adjusting her hat. "Don't worry, I totally understand. Like you, I love Moka-san." She said smiling kindly, making the red haired vampire stop.

"Y-you do?" Kokoa said blinking.

"Of course! Moka-san is beautiful, kind, strong… she is the complete package. But it's not easy being her follower." She said with a dreamy face.

"Something's wrong with this girl…" Skaar muttered with a sweat drop.

"S-so you do understand why I have to get stronger!" Kokoa said with her spirits slightly higher.

"Nevermind, you both have something wrong with you…" He grumbled but the two seemed to ignore him now.

"But… I'm no good… at this rate I cant even call myself her younger sister… and I'll be left out…" Kokoa claimed as she started to cry, tears falling from her eyes. She gripped Skaar's wrist harder at this, and while most of the time he would have pulled away, something deep in him stopped him from doing so. Probably his puny sides fault; at least that's who he would blame. He sighed and stood silent as she cried.

"Wow… Kokoa-chan…" Yukari muttered out.

"See?! You don't understand me at-" The red haired vampire began to lash out, but stopped when she found the young witch crying as well.

"Oh brother…" Skaar grunted as his eyes twitched unconsciously. After that he began to tune them out, for they were now just complaining and talking about how they wanted to be seen as women by Moka… and how flat their chests were. When that subject came up the two looked at Skaar who was plainly looking out at the school as to not be a part of the conversation.

"So Skip… what do you think of-" Yukari was about to ask until he shook his head.

"Don't even bother to ask me about that stuff, I could care less." He growled out, making both girls sweat drop. Yukari leaned over to Kokoa and whispered to her. "Interesting friend you have desu…"

"He's a real jerk but… he's not that bad." Kokoa said quietly. Skaar heard the exchange but pretended as if he didn't. "So anyways, why don't we go find a club then? One more suitable for you and Skip-kun desu!" Yukari declared.

The trio moved through the outside looking for a different club now. Yukari led the way with Kokoa behind her and Skaar at the rear. While he wasn't really interested in being in a club full of weaklings, he would like to see what some of these so called 'monsters' were capable of. He knew that Moka in her transformed state was 'powerful' but he had no idea about the limits of others. As they were out, the three watched as one of the karate students smashed a total of ten gravestones at once.

"Weak…" Skaar muttered under his breath, but Yukari and Kokoa didn't hear him.

"What is this place?" Kokoa asked as she looked around, seeing the different fighting clubs.

"These are the martial arts club booths! If you're to get stronger, this is the best place to do it!" Yukari claimed as they continued walking through.

"I thought you were trying to recruit us into the newspaper club?" Skaar asked with a raised brow.

"I won't force you guys, besides we're working together anyways desu!" Yukari declared with a smile. Kokoa smiled back and nodded.

"Ok it's worth a try!" she replied as she walked up to the karate booth. Skaar sighed and followed them, hearing the leader reject them quickly.

"Sorry but this club isn't meant for pretty little girls like you two." He stated shaking his head.

"Hey but that's discrimination desu!" Yukari whined.

"I'm a boy." Skaar growled in annoyance.

"Sorry I didn't see you there, but either way all three of you are too small for this club." The closed eye man said as the karate guy was still cracking more gravestones. Skaar narrowed his eyes in suspicion as he used his Old Power to reach out to the gravestones. He felt through the vibrations of the earth that they were weak, and the boys were scamming kids.

"I want a shot at the gravestones." Skaar said seriously.

"I do to! I should be able to do even more…" Kokoa declared but all three were stopped in their tracks. "First you'll have to pay 1000 yen!" He declared, making Yukari and Kokoa fall back in shock. Skaar growled in annoyance as he had no money on him.

"Let's attack other clubs…" Yukari said giving up as they searched themselves for money but found none. After that they received the same treatment at each club: they were still too small. This drove Skaar to the edge, nearly going Hulk three times to show how 'small' he really was. He growled in irritation as the three had taken a break from trying different clubs.

"It's no use! Everyone makes fun of us for being so small!" Kokoa shouted with tears in her eyes. "It's because we're with someone as small as you huh?!" Kokoa said turning to Yukari accusingly.

"You also still look really small!" Yukari spat back.

"Don't tell me something I don't wanna hear!" Kokoa cried as she turned away and gripped her fists.

"We should go and kick all their asses and show them how strong we are." Skaar said grinding his teeth in annoyance.

"Before we do anything I have something that might work…" Yukari said reaching into her hat, grabbing their attention. She pulled out a small jar of what looked like candy.

"Growth drops! This is a magical item I made in case of these exact situations!" Yukari declared confidently.

"You predicted a situation like this?" Skaar said with a sweat drop.

"I haven't actually tested them yet but… theoretically it should work." The witch said thoughtfully, handing one to Kokoa. She held one out to Skaar who shook his head. "No thanks."

"Well Kokoa, do you want to be the first test?" She asked while a bead of sweat went down her cheek. Skaar didn't feel very sure about this sort of thing and looked at Kokoa.

"I don't think you should do it, she doesn't even know the side effects…" He declared, while Yukari sighed.

"Maybe, but it's our last hope right now desu!" The witch argued. Before either could say another thing though, Kokoa swallowed the pill. Skaar widened his eyes in surprise but huffed in annoyance.

"I have a bad feeling about this…" He muttered as the two started to watch her grow.

"Are there anymore challengers? Come on, the record to beat is ten gravestones!" The leader of the karate club announced, him and his brother at the front of the booth. A hopeful student stepped up and attempted the feat himself, but merely bloodied his knuckles on the stone.

"Sorry but that's nowhere near enough! Next person up!"

"I'm gonna go then, but I'll pay the thousand yen afterwards." Kokoa spoke up as she walked onto the stage. Her body was fully matured now, her breasts and butt filled out and about as tall as Moka was. The boys around gawked at her beauty and stared at her. Skaar was in the crowd with his arms crossed, sighing as he watched her give it a shot.

"She's just flaunting herself now…" He muttered as he observed her new found confidence, breaking through 13 gravestones in one strike. He raised a brow in surprise before giving a small smile and clapping for her quietly, while most of the boys merely dropped their jaws in shock.

"I'll be taking that prize money now!" She said winking at the karate club as she took the money. They stood there in shock and said nothing. Skaar met her after the match with Yukari who high fived the vampire. "Great success!" They said together dancing around.

"Not bad I guess." Skaar said shrugging but smiling as he watched the two."Come on, it was amazing wasn't it?!" Kokoa said as she grabbed the son of hulk and hugged him into her chest. He swung his arms comically as he tried to get air.

"Hey let me go!" He said his voice muffled in her breasts.

"W-wow that feels kinda strange…" Kokoa said as she kept him where he was. She suddenly froze before pushing him away. "Stop being ecchi!"

"You're the one who did that!" He shouted with shark teeth. He could hear his puny self laughing in his mind which didn't help.

"The miracle pill was a total success! It gave you better height and strength, it's like a dream!" Yukari said grabbing the vampire's attention.

"Not only that, but feel these! They're so big!" Kokoa said forgetting what she had done to Skaar, who merely looked away and rolled his eyes.

"Omygodomygod!" Yukari said as blush covered her face and blood came out of her nose. The two were making odd sounds as they played with her new pillows. Skaar's eye twitched in annoyance as he refused to look at the two.

"Hey there miss." The three heard, making them all flinch and fall away from each other. They looked to see the two from the karate club approach them.

"Whew that was impressive, I have to say!" The closed eye boy said.

"You should join our karate club, you were great!" The taller fat one said.

Skaar narrowed his eyes and growled in annoyance as he saw them, but Kokoa stepped forward and shook her head.

"Sorry, I reject you guys. I need a club my level if I want to improve." She declared with a smirk. Skaar smirked at her words as he watched the two take a defensive stance.

"Are you saying we're weak?! Say that after we've fought!" Closed eyes said as he prepared to fight. Skaar got ready to fight, readying his Old Power so that he would not have to turn into a hulk. But before he could do anything Kokoa quickly one shot them both.

"Wow, she is Moka's sister after all…" Yukari marveled.

"Not bad." Skaar said smirking. Kokoa seemed to be lost in thought, reveling in her own body as she clenched her fist in happiness. The son of Hulk tensed though as he sensed much stronger presences approaching them. Skaar dashed in front of Kokoa defensively as they approached.

"Hey, thanks for teaching those two a lesson, but don't you think you got carried away a little?" The leader asked, pointing an accusing finger at Kokoa.

"Third years from the karate club…" Yukari said in slight fear. Skaar narrowed his blue and black eyes as he prepared to fight, but Kokoa pushed him aside.

"I've got this Skip, don't worry." She said giving him a reassuring smile, but he shook his head. "Don't, they're stronger than the last guys, especially him." He said but she didn't listen.

"I'll take you guys on, if you win I'll join your club." She declared proudly.

"Good courage woman." The larger man said getting ready to fight her. Skaar let electricity race through his hand as he took a defensive stance as well. But much to everyone's shock, Kokoa's body suddenly shrunk, becoming even younger than before she transformed. Skaar's and everyone watching really dropped their jaws in shock, while Kokoa stood there in a stupor.

"D-did everyone just get really big? Including Yukari-chan?" Kokoa said quietly as she looked at her bat. Skaar jumped to her side and pushed her behind him, keeping his Old Power at the ready. The two girls yelped as they realized the ominous aura coming from the Karate club.

"We might be in trouble…" Puny Skaar said in his mind, as hulk Skaar was unsure of how to settle this without transforming.

To be continued…

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@Jinbeifan1: Sorry it took me so long to get to this!

Nice job! The narrative was really interesting and a cliffhanger is always a nice addition. I'm also interested to see how Skip and Kokoa's relationship will develop as well.

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