Protector of Monsters Chapter 2

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Trouble in the Dungeon

Skaar sat in his math class terribly bored. Kokoa had resolved to try and fight Moka each time to see her older sister, which Skaar was beginning to just find annoying. Not to mention the little red headed vampire seemed to drag him along wherever she went. For the most part, he couldn’t stand her, but another part of him was beginning to grow… dare I say… attached to her. Skaar didn’t know why but he was. He still wouldn’t really consider her a friend, although mostly out of stubbornness. That and he still thought she was annoying.

The end of class bell finally rang, allowing the kids to finally leave.

“All right students, tomorrow we begin the first real work.” Ririko sensei announced to them. Skaar scoffed, not planning to ever actually do the work this school offered.

“Come on Skaar, I want to go see Moka today.” Kokoa said sounding determined.

While he could tell she was happy to finally see Moka, he sensed a bit of disapproval from the red head when they saw her. She seemed to hate the pink haired version of her sister, thinking it was too weak and shy. This actually was something Skaar used to have in common with the girl, making him smirk inwardly. He had never wanted anything to do with Banner at first, only Hulk.

“Whatever …” He said with a sigh, having given up on trying to get her to leave him alone. The two were heading to the door when they were stopped by a woman.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but are you Skip Banner?” She asked. Skaar narrowed his eyes, examining her. She wore what Skaar understood in human customs was a classic dress, had long brown hair that was tied up similar to Kokoa’s but longer and straighter.

“Who’s asking?” He asked untrusting of the stranger.

“Yeah, we’re in a hurry here.” Kokoa said placing her hands on her hips.

“My name is Ruby Touhou, I am the head masters assistant. He would like to see you about something important.” She said, making the two raise a brow in question. Skaar let out an annoyed sound but nodded.

“Fine, let’s go then.” He said with Ruby turning around.

“Just follow me, I’ll lead you to him.” She said beginning to walk.

“Wh-what? So you’re just gonna leave with her?” Kokoa asked exasperated.

“It might be important.” Skaar said shrugging and smirking. Kokoa let out a huff of annoyance, turning her head away with a ‘hmph’.

“Fine, I’ll see you later then. When you’re done, come find me ok? I won’t forgive you if you don’t.” She said walking away in the opposite direction. Skaar scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Crazy woman…” he muttered as he followed Ruby. The walk to the head master’s office was silent, the young hulk having no desire to chat with Ruby. They walked into his part of the school, many men in black suits and sunglasses could be seen on the surface. Skaar narrowed his eyes in suspicion, feeling through the Old Power that the men were fake. He suspected they were only there for show.

“Here we are.” Ruby announced as she pushed open a large door. Inside Logan could be seen, waiting for them. Another man, sitting behind a desk and wearing what looked like priest robes, greeted them with a dark glowing smile. Skaar felt an odd but powerful aura about him, but said nothing. Ruby went to the side, letting the others talk.

“So good to finally meet you Skaar, I wasn’t sure whether we would or not from what I’ve heard about you.” The Exorcist said letting out a dark chuckle.

“Cut the crap, if you’re here, then that means something has happened right?” Skaar said glancing at Logan then to the cloaked man.

“You could say that, but it is unrelated to Fairy Tale.” Logan said, making Skaar growl in annoyance.

“Then how is it our problem?” The young Sakaarian said sounding annoyed.

“Three men have snuck onto the school grounds from the human world, murderers from what we have gathered.” Exorcist said. Skaar narrowed his eyes and sniffed the air, seeing if there was a lie about it. He didn’t pick anything up and smirked.

“Fine, I’ll deal with it.” He said turning to the door.

“That’s surprising, I figured you’d put up more of a fight bub.” Logan said with a raised brow.

“Why would I? This is the first time I get to actually smash something since I got here.” He said with a dark smile. Logan sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“Fine, just don’t destroy the whole place while you’re at it, ok?” Logan said, but Skaar didn’t answer him as he left.

“He doesn’t know where they are though…” Ruby said with a sweat drop.

“Kid can find them in his own way, that’s not a problem…” Logan said with a sigh.“I have a bad feeling about this… it’s not our fault if he tears the school apart, you asked for him to do it personally, got it?”

“Oh don’t worry Logan, I know what I’ve done. I hope he puts on a good show for us.” The head master said laughing darkly. Ruby stood in wonder how one so small could be such a threat… she would soon find out.

Time break

Skaar walked through the forest of the school, heading toward the dungeon. He had used his Old Power to determine the spot of the three figures, since they were not mixed in with the students and were the only ones near the border of the barrier.

“They’re probably weak… but at least I get to smash something for fun.” Skaar said to himself, smirking. He was carrying his sword on his back hidden by a cloth.

“This should be qui-“ He began, but stopped when he suddenly heard two voices. He quickly hid behind a tree, peeking out to see who it was.

“It cant be them, they were still in the dungeon! Then who…” Skaar spat annoyed. His stern look suddenly fell and his jaw dropped when he saw Moka and Kokoa approaching.

“Come on, big sis! We’re gonna find these killers ourselves!” Kokoa said rushing ahead.

“Kokoa stop! This is a very dangerous situation, we cant take it lightly!” Moka answered, trying to calm the red headed vampire. Skaar face palmed, shaking his head at what terrible luck he had.

“I can’t believe she’s here damn it…” He said groaning in annoyance. He looked at the main entrance of the dungeon and glared. He ran ahead of them quickly but quietly, blue power seemingly coming off him as he summoned the Old Power. He created a large stone wall at the entrance before both Kokoa and Moka could see it.

“That should slow the idiot down for now…” He mused as he went around the dungeon, searching for another entrance. Surprisingly enough he couldn’t…

“Guess I’ll just make one.” He said smirking. He transformed into his hulk form, his muscles busting out now. He sneered as he looked at himself, happy to be back in his true form. He turned back to the wall, letting out a roar as he busted it down with a single strike. He smirked and walked in, looking around to find multiple cells. He pushed the door down of one he was in, having busted into a cell.

“Time to find some killers.” He said smirking darkly as he drew his sword. He could have used his Old Power to find them without problem but… that would take the fun out of it.

time break

“Damn it, where did this stupid stone wall come from!” Kokoa shouted, pounding on it angrily with her fists.

“Maybe the school put it up when they closed it. I think we should leave now Kokoa…” Moka said pleadingly. She knew that her sister was acting much too anxious. Kokoa slumped, a growl coming from her.

“Come on sis! Stop acting so weak! I know you can do better than this!” the red headed vampire shouted, tears coming from her eyes. Moka stepped back in surprise but realized her sisters sadness.

“Kokoa…” Moka said reaching out to her.

“No! I definitely don’t want a weak sister!” Kokoa shouted, making her sister sweat drop.

“That’s not something I can help…” She said quietly.

“Moka-san! Kokoa-chan!” Tsukune called out, catching up to them.

“Tskukune!” Moka said, while Kokoa clicked her tongue in irritation.

“Good, I’m glad you both are alright.” Tsukune said sighing in relief.

“See? What use are friends like this? They only make you weaker, big sis!” Kokoa shouted in anger. “He’s a weak idiot who doesn’t deserve you!”

“Kokoa, stop saying such things about my friends” Moka shouted defensively back. “What would you say if I said such mean things about Skip-kun?”

Kokoa froze at her last words and blinked for a moment, but shook her head.

“Skip isn’t some weak loser like this guy so…” Kokoa began, looking down at her feet in thought. Before she could finish though, the wall was suddenly busted down, making three turn in surprise.

“Someone tried to barricade the entrance with us inside? Strange…” One of two men said. One was a smaller man carrying two knives, while the other was a much larger and muscled bull monster, most likely a Minotaur from old legends.

“Hey look, some students from the school… the girl looks good.” The man said licking his knife. The knives seemed to be glowing, looking very mechanical, unlike the standard combat knife. The Minotaur also seemed to be wearing metal skeletal gloves that streamed with power. The large monster stalked forward, blowing air out of its nose.

“You wanna test out the Stark tech huh? Be careful then, I don’t care what happens to the boy, I want the older girl. You can kill the other one though.” The man said chuckling darkly. Moka, Kokoa and Tsukune backed up in fear, unsure what to do.

“Come on sister, go out and beat them! Small fry like this cant handle you!” Kokoa said turning hopefully to Moka. Tsukune gulped and turned to Moka nodding.

“Alright Tsukune, hurry up and-

Before Moka could finish, the Minotaur had jumped at them. The three paled as they jumped out of the way, avoiding his large fist as he made a large indent in the ground. As he did so, the glove seemed to glow with life and added an extra effect of power to the hit, making a bigger crater in the ground.

“T-that’s some power!” Tsukune said in fear.

“It’s unusual… he shouldn’t be that strong!” Kokoa said widening her eyes in surprise.

“Stark tech. Gotta hand it to the human, he knows how to make a weapon.” The man said appearing behind Moka and hitting her on the head and knocking her out.

“Moka!” Tsukune and Kokoa shouted in fear. The bull cocked his arm back, ready to hit Kokoa from behind while she was distracted.

“Don’t touch her.” Skaar growled angrily, launching himself from the school building and punching the Minotaur hard in the face. The beast was sent flying with ease, making those present and awake gape in awe.

“Wh-what the…” the man said releasing Moka in fear. Skaar huffed out a breath in annoyance, turning to the man glaring darkly.

“You the idiots I’m searching for?” He asked stalking toward him. The man shuddered in fear, backing away slowly. He shook himself, trying to be a bit resistant.

“You better watch out… These knives contain energy! If I stab you with it, your whole body will explode!” The man said launching himself at Skaar. The son of Hulk grabbed his arm easily in his massive had, squeezing both the knife and the man’s hand and breaking both with ease. The man screamed, the pain unbearable.

“Who is this…?” Tsukune said in fear. Kokoa was frozen in amazement, having never seen such strength before save for her sisters.

“I was hoping for more of a fight, you two were boring. Where’s the third so I can see if he’s less boring.” Skaar asked, holding the man up in the air by his arm. The man shuddered in fear, also groaning from the pain. Suddenly they all heard a growl. Skaar looked back to see the Minotaur still conscious, his machete drawn. Skaar smirked and dropped the man to the ground.

“And here I thought you were done. Come on then, stupid bull.” He said drawing the sword on his back. The Minotaur charged, slashing at Skaar. The son of Hulk dodged easily to the side, slashing down and cutting the machete in half.

“Is that it? Come on, I’ll even give you three free ones.” Skaar said smirking as he dropped his sword to the ground and holding his hands out. The man bull growled in anger and unleashed three powerful hits to Skaars jaw, the gloves igniting with energy. Skaar stood there still, seemingly unfazed by the hits. He smiled darkly as the Minotaur’s arms dropped in disbelief.

“My turn.” He said and brought his fist around, punching the Minotaur hard in the gut and sending him flying through the trees, do far that he was out of sight. Tsukune and Kokoa mouths dropped to the ground in disbelief, while the knife wielding man grimaced as he tried to escape.

“Where are you going?” Skaar stated, turning back to him with a deep scowl. The man sweated, freezing where he was.

“L-look I… I surrender… please don’t hurt me…” He said putting his hands up. Skaar marched over to him slowly, making the knife wielding man cower to the ground. Skaar stooped over him for a moment before putting his fist out and what looked like a light tap, knocked out the goon easily.

“Coward.” He said with a huff. He was about to enter the dungeon again, to go and search for the third member until Kokoa stopped him.

“W-wait a second! Who are you?!” She shouted, having gathered her courage. Skaar looked back at her, glaring in annoyance, making the vampire take a step back in fear. She wouldn’t allow herself to look afraid, but it was what she felt running through her body.

“Stupid girl.” Skaar said marching over to her. When he said that, she blinked in confusion.

“Little girls shouldn’t be going around chasing killers, idiot.” He said with a huff. “Go back to the school before you get hurt, little weakling.” He said turning away. Kokoa was stunned for a long moment, and Skaar was about to be gone when-

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING WEAK?!?” She shouted in anger, making the hulk stop and blink, looking back at her now in shock. Tsukune’s own expression was near dum

“I am a vampire of the purest line! I will not have you talk to me that way!” Kokoa said turning Ko into a mace.

“Kokoa-chan, stop trying to start a fight! He just beat those two easily!” Tsukune shouted in fear. She didn’t listen to him as she jumped at Skaar ready to hit him.

“This idiot…” Skaar thought shaking his head. He caught the mace in his hand easily, shaking her hold off of it. She fell to the ground with a yelp. Skaar then proceeded to toss Ku high into the air and over the dungeon, making Kokoa go teary eyed.

“Ku-chan!” She shouted sadly.

“He’s a bat, he can fly.” Skaar said with a huff as he turned away and marched into the dungeon, leaving a stunned look on both Tsukune and Kokoa’s face. Skaar walked in, finding the final man had shown up.

“Looks like you defeated my comrades, but don’t expect me to be so-“ He began, but Skaar quickly punched him into the wall, his legs sticking out.

“Not in the mood for any bull crap.” He said irritated., taking the mans unconscious body and walking out.

Time break.

Things seemed to go back to normal at the school when the announcement of the men being subdued was spread. Skaar had gone back to his normal size, staying inconspicuous. He had found Kokoa the next day, in a very sour mood. Of course he knew why, making him smirk to himself.

“So you idiots went to try and catch the killers?” Skaar said as he was dragged to a meeting of the newspaper club by Kokoa.

“Well, it was mostly Kokoa-chans fault from what I hear…” Kurumu said giggling teasingly.

“Shut up or I’ll beat you down weakling!” Kokoa shouted, still embarrassed by the previous days events.

“Still, I wonder about that monster who saved us…” Tsukune said thoughtfully.

“What did he look like desu?” Yukari asked.

“Yeah I want to know too! I was out when he appeared.” Moka said curiously. Skaar seemed to panic slightly but didn’t show it. He doubted anyone from Japan would know his face, he had only been to America.

“Well he was huge, his whole body just a big muscle!” Tsukune began.

“And he was gray, and he had long hair like Skips!” Kokoa added, grabbing Skaar’s hair to show emphasis, in which he whacked her hand away.

“He had a black tattoo on his shoulder too; it was kinda like a tribal one.” Tsukune added this time.

“Sounds crazy familiar…” Mizore said, and then all eyes went to Skaar. He narrowed his own eyes.

“You have something to say?” He asked annoyed by the stares. The girls all looked at each other and laughed, along with Tsukune, making Skaar blink in confusion.

“This guy has a bad attitude, but he is nothing like all of that!” Kurumu said laughing.

“Yeah he’s kinda scrawny, the other guy was supposedly way to big for him desu!” Yukari added.

“Idiots…” Skaar growled out in annoyance. He rolled his eyes, resolving that at least his identity was hidden from them. He looked at Kokoa, who had narrowed her eyes at the son of Hulk unsure.

“Something wrong?” He asked narrowing his own eyes at her. She was silent for a long moment before shaking her head.

“Nope, just thought that you missed out yesterday…” She said turning her head away. She then straightened up and glared at him.

“You never came to find me yesterday you jerk!” She shouted pointing an annoyed finger at him.

“What?!” He shouted with a confused raised eyebrow.

“I told you when you were done come look for me! You didn’t even try did you?” She shouted grabbing his shirt and shaking him violently.

“Oh god…” he muttered as he knew he was never going to hear the end of this one.


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@Jinbeifan1: Very cool story! Skaar is awesome.

I like how its a kind of unique marvel/anime crossover. I want to see what happens next!

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@UltimateHero0406: Wow thanks man, glad you liked it!

Yeah Skaar is one of my favorite characters lately and I felt he wasnt in enough comics to date. I'm also a big fan of crossovers and this came to mind one day lol since you liked it I might as well post the next chapter :)

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@Jinbeifan1: I could tell by the way you write him. And yes please!

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