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Background of Blood Viper

Ren Jones a.k.a Blood Viper

Birth name Ren Collata

Weight: 147

Height: 5'7

Birth: may 29 1991

Eye color: yellow, red and orange.

Hair color: Red and black. Normally dark brown

Base: mobile, Gotham.

Ren was born with a medical condition that slows his aging, makes the color of his eyes fiery and high immunity to poison, toxins all the pain and sickness of humanity. At a young age he lost his parents in a car crash. For most of his life he was alone. His grandmother took care of him. Showed him how to cook and clean and how to drive a car but sadly his grandmother die of a heart attack so he was alone again. In high school he signed up for a program to talk to the criminally insane. Kids picked mostly Harley Quinn, two- face, poison ivy and the joker. But not ran he picked Killer croc. Croc threaten to kill him not to talk to him. After telling croc that he doesn't think croc is a freak only a man who wants to be normal and then showed croc how unmoral he is too. so croc started to open up to ran they got to know each other but Ren had to stop seeing croc. the reason why is that school was over and he wasn't allowed back. Croc got out of arkham asylum do to Joker's mass brake out. Killer croc looked for ran and Ren looked for killer croc. But ran never did find killer croc so he want to Gotham bridge and jumped off of it. Killer croc saw this and saved his life. Batman and the police found ran at the docks. Weeks after Ren got a phone call from a paid phone telling him to go to the bike motel and ask for room key 12. after he did what the caller said to do. He want to room 12 there he found killer croc. He sat down next to Croc on the bed. Croc told him is life story. Ran felt sorry for croc and told him he cares about him. Ren kissed killer croc on the lips then told croc his life story. Killer croc removed Ren clothes and his own. They made love that night. Ren stay with Killer croc at his lair under Gotham city. Ren gave Croc all the love and kindness he never had. After a year passed Killer Croc asked Ren to marry him, Ren said yes. Killer Croc asked some of the villains to be there. So they went to a judged and got married. But days latter batman put Killer croc back in Arkham. Ran went to the joker asked him how to kill. Then to Catwoman to teach him all of her moves. Then to Ra's al ghul to teach him the ways of Assassins. After learning everything he needed to know. He asked the joker for help. Joker said yes and helped Ren get Killer Croc out of Arkham. Killer Croc and Ren stayed at jokers hide out with Harley Quinn and the joker. The police and batman finds them. Batman tries to get threw Ren saying killer croc is using you. Killer croc attacks batman and gets shot by a cop. Ren sees this and kills the cop who shot him. Batman ask Ren why Ren replies " Ren is dead you can call me Blood Viper and I love Croc and he loves me" Viper and batman get into a fight. Joker and Harley and Killer croc are arrested. Viper almost kills batman but robin steps in and gives viper some knock out gas. So viper was sent to arkham with joker, Harley and Killer Croc. Now killer croc and viper are sharing a cell.

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