Lightning God

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****This is a work of fan fiction, and in no way meant to be made a profit out of. This is purely for my own enjoyment and anyone that would love to or would read them. Characters belonging to anime/mangas are copyright material belonging to their respective copyright holders. I have no claims over any such characters henceforth mentioned****

My name is Ali. I'm 21 years old. I am standing inside a battle arena, facing a boulder sized massive opponent, grimacing back at me. He has a battle axe ready for the fight. Can you believe it? That thing looks like its almost bigger than me, and I'm like 7 feet tall. This guys name is Grommash Mayan, he is the King and Champion of the Bear clan of Toroshia. I can't weigh his strength precisely, but he has roughly enough power to at least stalemate my father. And that says a lot. He once clashed his Axe with my father's Red Dragon. Not only did it not break, it pushed him back.

My father laughed at me from the throne he sat high above on the second floor of the arena, where he sat with my mother and brothers on either side. This battle is special, for me, for him and for the entire Shea. If I win the fight, Id be forced into taking the title of the King of Shea. Not that I can back out either. Id be deemed a traitor and executed. My father passed the decree just yesterday. Its a pain to be honest.

"Are you going to fight then?" Grom asked, and he started running towards me, with his axe raised in the air. "Makes no difference to me. I will kill you!" He was fast, crossing the 50 meter dash in a short dash. He swung the axe down at my head. Grom is not a heartless brute, though he might look it. He knew I was capable of blocking, evading, or countering the blow if I wanted to.

Milimeters from hitting me, I sidestepped and let the Axe slide past me, then jumped up, and landed on the top of Grom's head. "Too slow." I said, and jumped into the air, then zoomed to the other side of the battlefield as my body changed into lightning. As grom turned to look back at me, I landed, almost in a floating fashion. I can fly. Yeah, I can do a lot of things.

Grom's next strike took me by surprise. I didn't know he could be that fast. He was literally behind me in the blink of an eye, and grabbed me by the back of my head, and slammed me onto the ground. It shook the entire arena on its foundation.

= To be continued =

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I like this a lot, can't wait for more.

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