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Fan-fiction can be an intimidating concept when you think about it. I mean, you don't want to mess up the plot or the characters of the original anime... or do you? The most important piece of advice I can give is....

Get Your Facts Straight

Now you can put these character completely out of their universe, and shove them into another one. Sure that's fine. But you cannot disregard character traits, relations, and history. Unless the plot of your fanfic is 'what if Naruto's dad was still alive', don't throw him in there. Watch the anime and/or read the manga. Understand every inch, especially if you're going to change the course of the anime in your fic. Furthermore, it's not a bad idea to have a wiki page open to help you check your facts. I have to do that with all my Baccano! fanfics because I haven't fully read all the books, mainly because not all of them are translated. 
Names is also a good one. Spell it like everyone else does. In my Baccano! fic on here I use Claire, not Clair. This is mainly because 'Claire' is the more widely accepted name. As well, if your character changes their name after the event of the anime, refer to them by the most common name, UNLESS everyone knows this. For example Claire changes his name to Felix Walken after falling in love with Chane. But I still call him 'Claire Stanfield'. This is because regular fans of Baccano aren't aware that this happened. Plus, it would sound logical that close, life-long friends of Claire's would still call him by the name that he was originally given. I do plan on Claire introducing himself to others as 'Felix Walken' because that would be what would logically happen. Basically what I'm getting at is use your brain when you change or take your own spin to an anime. Go with what's logical, and also what people know. Facts are everything, and you will be chewed apart if they don't make sense.

The Process

Now that I've gotten through the basics let's talk about a story and developing it. This is going to be different for ever single person and fan-fic, but I'm going to use my Baccano! fan fiction as an example because I'm so in love with it and because it one of the only ones I have on this site.

1) Inspiration

To start any kind of writing one must first have inspiration for their fan fiction. Mine usually comes from real life events, or music. The inspiration for 'Give Pops A Hug' probably started when my family became mixed. My parents have been divorced for about 5 years now, and it's natural that we've all moved on. My dad has been dating a wonderful woman named Beverly for the last few years now. Now, Bev and her 12 year old son Hugh moved in with us. Hugh doesn't have a father, and now he's starting to look up to my dad as his own. This made me think, what about Claire and Czeslaw. Would it be the other way around. I watched episode 16 over again, and I noticed when they meet again, there's something about Claire that screamed 'fatherly'. So, inspiration was found.
But almost all my stories and inspiration remain dormant without a theme song. I seriously do not kid here. I listen to a pile of music and I never write anything if I don't have a song to my inspiration.
So I thought to myself, what song speaks of hardships, but making it through in the end? Well, a few actually. But I didn't want my fic to be that serious. So one night my dad and I were on the boat and we played some Uncle Kracker. My dad and my favourite song is 'Follow Me' by Uncle Kracker.
  Then I thought.... this almost sounds like a father speaking to his son. Think about it. "If you want to leave I can guarantee, you wont find nobody else like me" is almost like if you're going to leave you wont find a replacement for your father. Really this song is about a girl (I think) so it sounds almost more detached. So I thought, what if Claire was singing this? Uncle Claire sings 'Follow Me" to Czes. And caboom. That's how "Give Pops a Hug" was born.

2) Writing

 This is pretty simple. But there are only two ways you can go about this. With a plan, and without one. Usually for short fics under 10 chapters I don't have a plan. If they start to get close to 10 chapters I make a plan then. This is because having a plan, usually constricts creative flows. I write chapter by chapter and get inspiration for them through song, usually. The only time when you NEED a plan is when you're writing mystery. Be sure you know who the killer is and how the clues add up. Otherwise, you'll have a shit load of plot holes.
As well, when you write you need to keep all the characters in character. Observe their mannerisms and speech if you want to get it 100%. Imagine their voice in your head to get the dialogue just right. When ever I write Baccano I talk to myself in a Brooklyn accent, and say each line I'm writing out loud with that accent, then write what I hear. It's quite entertaining because I write in front of the TV with my family, so I'll be mumbling to myself and they don't know what I'm doing.
Well, those are all the steps for starting to write, now I give you some advice:

Don't Be Scared

 Fanfiction is not as intimidating as it sounds. Fanfic is great for writers of all experience, and if you've thought up a great idea, your fic and your writing will develop and thrive with that idea. And no matter what, you're idea isn't stupid. That cross-over isn't too outlandish (PM me and I'll prove you wrong). And that Yaoi crack pairing, isn't crack or yaoi enough. I've written a lot of stuff that I thought was embarrassing. The first fic I published was a SetsunaXLockon fic. Technically paedophilia. Lockon's 24, Setsuna's 16. I thought "Geeze people aren't going to like this." Turns out I was wrong. What ever pairing or idea you come up with, there's more than a few people that will like it. Trust me.


~Have fun guys. Fanfic isn't to be taken super seriously, so don't be worried. As you write your ideas and writing will get better and better. If you have any questions, ask here or send me a PM. I'm glad to help you all, and I'm a very friendly person. I could even tutor you on writing, fanfics or rpg if you want.~
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