Hell Fire Wavelength - A Soul Eater Story

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I walked around the academy looking for me and Jessica's class, but with no luck! Then we saw a woman with blond hair and pony tails and a man with white hair and red eyes approaching. "Oh, excuse me, ma'am!" Jessica called. "Hey, what is it?" the woman asked. "Well we kinda got lost on our way to class! We were looking for class 2-A." "Oh, that's the class I'll be teaching in! I'm Professor Maka Albarn! This guy next to me is-" "Soul "Eater" Evans!" I said. "You mean THE Soul?"

Post by holyshadow73 (5 posts) See mini bio Level 7
"Well come on, it's almost time for class!" We followed Ms. Albarn to the classroom, took our seats, and listened like good students. Just as we were about to go outside to practice soul resonance, a blue guy with dreadlocks entered the room and informed Professor Maka that she was needed in the death room.
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