Goten (Kid) VS Pikachu(Ash's)

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This is a fight that a lot of people have been waiting for pokemon characters (VS) Dragon ball z characters.

Well Pikachu was Lost from Ash since they all fell in DBZ world accidentally. Pikachu was Walking around and looking everywhere for Ash, Iris, Cilan, Axew Etc.

Well Goten was on morning walk and he suddenly saw Pkachu and ran to it and started pulling its cheeks and was saying "Cute!" but he pulled Pikachu's cheeks so hard he shocked Goten accidentally and Goten kicked him by mistake too. Both of them got so angry that a battle commenced right away.


Pikachu got some weird abilities. He was able to fly and talk!

He realized that and said, "hey you want to fight I know you are an Saiyan in fact I got a surprise for you later."

"Same, idiot I got a surprise too, your name is Pikachu right? I heard a lot about you too we can talk later now I need to fight you and teach a lesson."

Goten uses Kameha attack! Pikachu dodges and uses electro ball! goten dodges too and flies at high speed Pikachu flies at high speed too and they attack each other at an high Speed.

this goes on for hours till Goten says, "I am tired, You are strong time to transform!"

Pikachu replies "It's time for my suprise too!

Goten Transforming into Super Saiyan,"Hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Goten says,"hahahahaha! Can you achieve this power?! No you can't Sucker!"

Pikachu replies confidently, " Hahahaha!, here I come, HHHHAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAA!"

Pikachu says in an evil way," Suprised?

Goten says in shock,"how did you do that???!!!! only an creature with Saiyan Blood can do that!! you are not even Saiyan Blooded!"

Pikachu explains, "Well I Once Devoured an Saiyan and his power became mine. His name is... BARDOCK! his powers became mine. Sadly, these powers only work in this dimension. He was also the first Super Saiyan in existence.

Goten was speechless, he didn't know what to do. His Grandfather's killer was standing in front of him.

Goten rages in anger, extreme anger while Pikachu laughs cold heartedly.

goten in extreme rage screams in horror, "IT'S TIME TO END THIS!!! TIME TO PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!

Pikachu: Hahahaahahaha, bring it on! Maybe it's time I ascended.

Goten: What!? This isn't your limit?!

Pikachu: of course not, how can a ascended super sayain be my limit. Anyway lets continue.


In front of goten stood Pikachu, taller, more muscular, a much more human like figure and blonde hair reaching his feet.

Goten says in horror, "What?! this is not your limit?! impossible! you must be bluffing!

Pikachu replies, " I ain't bluffing, I just don"t consider you strong enough. anyway time to finish you!

Ultimate Thunder Bolt Strike!!!!

Goten: !!!!!!!

Pikachu says in a respectful yet mocking manner, " little Goten, you have fought me well I'll go to your fathers level of power and finish you.


I Will finish you now!


Goten says in pain, " for.....fighting me.... at....that....le....." and he faints

Pikachu says in piety, " Be thankful, I spared you, be stronger and challenge me again!

And he flies off.

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at first I thought this was an actual battle and was gonna spite on favor of Goten.

I like this! very funny and weird...also random as hell which is what I love.

This would go in the fan fic forum actually and not anime, you can ask a mod to move it.

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i am gonna release the second battle some time later.

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also please leave a comment

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