Goku VS Pikachu(Ash's)

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So Pikachu was flying all over the DBZ World looking for Ash and others suddenly he teleported to somewhere. later when he looked around he saw that all of them where here plus all Z Fighters were here to having fun with them. Pikachu was happy to see them and said hi Ash! Ash looked around and saw Pikachu and said "Pikachu! Where were you? i missed you and you can talk and fly??!!" Pikachu replied "Yeah! only in this world I got these powers." So was there Goku he saw him and shouted "Hey you! why did you attack goten he was my son! Well don't worry i am not gonna attack your friends and so will you since I can see good inside you." Pikachu said " well he pulled my cheeks and he said cute but he pulled them too hard and i incidentally shocked him then he kicked me so we fought an fair fight well I spared him didn't I? how is he? is he OK?" Goku replied 'he is healing fine but looks like you have some powers of sayain i wanna fight you! a friendly match? OK?" Pikachu replied " Sure why not?" Ash said OK Pikachu lets go!" Pikachu replied" no ash you won't do anything! he and me will have one on one fight!" Ash sadly replied "OK.." Everyone " LET THE BATTLE COMMENCE!" Goku said to Pikachu that they will start with there first form ssj and they transform! everyone was surprised about Pikachu not Goku. Goku said "I will explain to everyone later!"


*Swifff* at the speed of sound both Goku and Pikachu disappeared at the speed of light and threw punches and kicks at each other unlike the z fighters who were pretty surprised ash and others couldn't see a thing so Bulma made a device right away to show the fight to them ash and others were amazingly surprised and took out all their pokemon the fight but everyone was surprised to see charlizard it changed.

well but they said we will discuss later but also all the pokemon were surprised too from Pikachu.

Pikachu: You are Strong incredibly Strong.

Goku: You are strong too. now my next lvl i will skip ssj2 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Pikachu: So will I haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Everyone was surprised even more!

Pikachu: Shall we continue?

Goku: Yeah!

Pikachu: Death Thunder Strike

Goku: Final Kamehameha!

both attacked matched equally!

*twishhh* both disappeared again

they started throwing ki powered punches at each other and pikachu grabbed goku and release immense amount of electricity. goku surprisingly couldn't tranform into super sayain god so he had one form to depend on only.

Goku: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Pikachu: what!!!!! noooooo! i have to go to the power of super gogeta haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Pikachu: thunder dragon kameha strike!

Goku: nightmare dragon kameha fist!

both attack collided and they went full power but in the end the winner was...... GOKU!!!!! because of SSJ6!

Pikachu: aaaarrrgggg... hahaha...... you win congrats.... my friend....

Goku: You fought well and here I thought I was really gonna lose this was my hardest fight ever. Thanks my friend.

Goku gives Pikachu a senzu and he completely healed and goku gave an helping hand and they became friends forever

Goku later explains about Pikachu new formss

Ash: oh sad so he can't use them in pokemon world.

But everyone looks at charlizard again and started guessing what really happened.

but they say leave it and they had a party all night but they all forgot about getting back to pokemon world.

To Be Continued.

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@Ibrahim651: Sorry if I read it a bit late.

Amazing! I wonder what is up with Charizard. The moment I saw him my head exploded! lol

hope to see Primate since he would be an awesome fighter.

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