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31th Jan:
Late at night.
The clock strikes two.
 The summoning ritual has reached it's finale. This is the culmination of my lifelong training of magecraft. Everything goes well. My vision closes again. The fifth element, said to be imperceivable by human eyes is before me in enormous amount. So in fear to being broken by it my vision shuts itself down.
I can't wait to open my eyes! A summoned servant must be right before my eyes! I can't wait to see it!
"Hey, little girl!"
I hear someone's voice. Filled with irritation.

My vision returns, but I think I'm going blind again. Bright light radiates everywhere. A man clad in pure golden armor stands before me. He's the origin of this light. I am well prepared to see something fascinating, but it easily surpasses my imagination. It looks like the absolute symbol of a hero. His posture is noble and full of power and pride. He has a piercing cold stare but it again shows superiority. I can't help but gaze at him in wonder.
"Hey, are you ignoring me, little girl?"
I'm hearing that voice again. Is it him? It sounds irritated and barely fits with his image.  It drags me out of my daze.
"I am asking again. Where's your master, little girl?"
He definitely asked me something strange.
"What? Master?What do you mean?"
"You're certainly lacking in manners. I don't know how you call him. Your father, your owner, anyone. The one who summoned me. Where's he?"
I don't understand what he's saying, but he certainly misunderstood something. The one who's summoned him? He means I am some kind of slave? No, that's not the point. He can't believe I am capable to summon him.
"You misunderstood something. I am the one who summoned you."
The golden figure glares at me with his red eyes then bursts out in laughter.
"Hah-Hah!...You can't be serious! I am the greatest of heroes! To be summoned by a little girl like you is utterly ridiculous!"
He's starting to get on my nerves. He's can't even imagine me as a magus or what?
"What? Who do you think you're? Don't start bragging like you're a king or something-!"
"Exactly! I am the king of all kings and heroes. How insolent of you talking to me without knowing my great legacy!"
Wait. It might be true afterall. Many of the powerful heroic spirits were former kings in their lives. Still, He's a way too proud of himself. Maybe I messed up something with the summoning. No! It's impossible! Even though I can't believe Father could leave me a catalyst to such an uncontrollable Servant.
I found it in the basement near the heirloom jewel of the Tohsaka's. It had a small note with it:
'My daughter. In the rare case if I am to be defeated the duty of the next Holy Grail War leans on your shoulders. Use this leftover part of the catalyst to summon the most powerful Servant of the known history.'
Brief and quick to the point. Hardly any signs of affection in it. Just like the way he always was.
"You! Are you deaf or something? I will kill you if you keep ignoring me any longer! Where's your master? I have some words with him."
 He's really impatient. Like a spoiled kid or something.  And most of all, he keeps doubting my right as a Master. I think I must clear things up as soon as possible.
"As I said, I am your master. I was the first person you saw after your summon, right?"
"So you're saying I am as low to identify the one who summoned me like a little chick? If you're so persistent bragging about being my master then fine! But first you have to show me at least a proof!"
Only one thing came into my mind. I take a look on my right hand. It has a strange tattoo on the it's back.They are the Command Spells, because actually it has 3 parts. They're the ultimate proof of someone being a Master in the Holy Grail War. As he's a Servant it makes me his Master.
"Here! Are you happy now?"
I show him the Command Spells, but the Servant is takes no attention to it.
"...This is it? How could this prove anything? So what if you have them? You misunderstood something. I meant show me you're truly capable of summoning my great self."
What? How he meant it? The summoning of the Servant can't be repeated. That's why I did my best just a while ago. Anyways the attitude of my Servant really annoys me. I can hardly suppress my anger.
"Little girl, enough of games. Where's your master, really?"
Damn him.
"I'm saying I am your master and there's no other than me!"
"Oh? You're saying no one besides you're here? This could explain things. Such a low class place like this doesn't suit me at all. I expected at least dozens of slaves like you here, but..."
I can't hear him any longer. This is it. Sorry Father. Using up a Command Spell for a foolish thing like this -  not to mention so early -  is unforgivable. I am so ashamed I would die. But I'm out of the options. Anyways, my patience ran out. I can't allow my Servant being such a disobedient jerk.
The Command Spells have the power to force an order to the Servant, no matter how extreme it is. It uses up one of them in the process and if I am to lose all of them I lose my control over the Servant too.
But first and foremost that kind of control over Him has never existed.
I open up my Magic Circuit.Bright light emits from my right hand.
"Oh. You're doing something at last? But do you really think it's going to impress me?"
I announce my command.
"I hereby declare grant this Servant absolute obedience."
It came to that in the end. I can't work together such a rebellious Servant. But I am really embarrassed about myself. Using up one of those precious Command Spells.
"Idiot. Such a ridiculous command. Do you really think it has any hope to affect m..."
The activating command silenced him at last and the whole room's engulfed in light.
I open my eyes and see him standing. His expression's changed a bit. My command should've worked.
"I am impressed, little girl."
Or maybe not.
"You can really be the one who summoned me."
It's about time to discover it, Goldie! At the very least he knows I am his master now. But its still somehow strange and disappointing. I've gone out of my way and consumed a Command Spell to shut him up. But it really didn't do a thing.
"Say, my Command Spell is failed, right?"
It must be. He is as prideful and cocky as ever. He has no sing of being humble or anything.
"Absolutely. Such a weak order shouldn't affect me. But it has some unfavorable side effects."
"What? Can you explain to me?" 
I honestly can't see a difference.
"That's why I am impressed. Normally, a Command Spell has absolute power to force me for instanceus actions, but next to none in long term commands. So
I would shake off such a command like a bug, but you managed something unimaginable."

"And what?" 
I try to put my expectations down.
"Your order has the side effect of making me respect your opinion, even if slightly. It's something no one could achieve except one person in my whole life. Even if you borrowed that power it's rather outstanding."
I can't believe it! This man has hundred times more pride and ego than I imagined. Not respecting others opinion even slightly... He wasn't a king! He was a real tyrant!
"So. Do you obey my orders from now on?"
I already know what he would answer, but...
"Of course not! Don't be so full of yourself, little girl! But I offer you something valuable...I give you the honor of being my slave!"
His reaction far surpassed my imagination.
"What? Slave? Quit joking! I am your master and you should obey me. You can't even live in this world without the connection between us!"
"Hah! Who do you think I am? Leaning on something as weak as the connection between us? I am of the great class of Archer and the greatest of all! You can't expect to blackmail me with such a weak thing. I can live and exist here as long as I wish to."
What? That certainly was a miscalculation on my part. I thought he's Saber from his knightly appearance.The Archer class has the 'Independent Action' ability. If he's Archer he can exist without a Master for extended periods. But forever? If he's as powerful of a Servant as his ego tells this could be possible. Then there really isn't a way to control him? Everything turns out to be disastrous. On the first day Tohsaka Rin has been defeated by her own Servant. No! I can't leave it be! I can't allow such humiliation happening!
"Oh. Are you angry? I really can't figure it out why. In my time people have fought to death for such a big honor."
"What? How can I not be angry? Serving you? What kind of joke is that? I summoned you to serve me! Not the other way around!"
"You certainly lack any sense of gratitude. Don't you think you should give up this attitude? You can't really imagine just how close you are to the immediate death"
"What?... What do you mean?"
"Just the thing you imagine. It was certainly funny at first, but your unchanging attitude and dishonoring me starts to be annoying. If you wouldn't manage to impress me you would never have survived the moment you used that Command Spell. Now, little girl! Can you understand the situation you are in?" 
My chest tightens. I feel like the air turns ice around me. His intense killing intent sends chills in my bones. It makes me realize. I couldn't imagine him killing me at all before. Or more like I kept denying the obvious possibly to put up a strong front opposing him. But this is it. I should either play around with him or die. If I choose the former I have to admit defeat for now, but I certainly survive. If the later the outcome is sure. I should play around with his rules for a while to gain time.
"...Right. Excuse me. I will be your servant for now." 
"Oh! I am glad you understand. You learn quite fast! Although your voice lacked enthusiasm. Fine, this should be enough for now!"   
 It's not like I really accept being his slave or anything. It's just that killed by my own Servant is even more shameful than temporally giving up my wish to control him. But I will certainly pay back him for this!
"Anyways which Heroic Spirit are you?" 
I was a way too angry and forgot to ask this.
"You really don't know? How odd, summoning me without even knowing a single bit about me. I am Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes."  
So he's Gilgamesh. Told to be the wealthiest of anyone ever born. A half-god rivaling the powers of demigods. A selfish king who destroyed his very own country.
Father. I managed to summon the worst possible Servant...
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
I am glad to see that finally there's a sub-forum for fanfictions. (Yeah, I just realized it today. LoL)
So in celebration I'm sharing with you my old Fate/Stay Night one shot from 2 years ago. Enjoy!;)
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