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***I do not own Dragon Ball Z or anything connected to it or anything else associated with the Dragon Ball Z franchise. The rights to Dragon Ball Z belong to the Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama.

Basically, if something is not in the Dragon Ball Z universe, it's mine. Which in this saga, everything but the main characters are MINE and not for use without my authority.***

To read how Gohan, Krillin and 18 go to Tengai. Read the first SAGA: Rebirth.

Dragon Ball Z: Tengai

Part 1: Courage

A moist feeling caresses the cheek of an unconscious Krillin. He smiles from this sensation. Becoming more aware of this sensation, he slowly awakes from his slumber, expecting to be greeted by Maron. Gradually opening his heavy eyes, he spies the cause of this wet sensation, in front of him are a pair of big blue eyes, staring back at him. He scrunches his eyes peering at the blue, big eyed little creature in front of him. The little creature hops to Krillin’s right while hopping away he sees legs, legs that are not his, but lead to him. On top of him lays an unconscious 18. His eyes begin to widen in amazement. She opens her eyes, and in that moment, Krillin realises there is no chance of getting away in time with her on top of him. 18 notices Krillin and quickly rises to her feet.

What’s going on?” 18 assertively questioned Krillen “Did you do this?

Struggling to speak coherently, Krillin says whatever he can.

No,” looking around it dawns on Krillin “where are we?

Absorbing his new surroundings into his senses, Krillin is surprised by his sight. His eyes are used to the blue and green colours of Earth. The first object his eyes are drawn to is a massive colourful tree. The tree eclipses the white shining star suspended in the sky of yellow. There are many big trees surrounding this one, but this tree stretches upwards way beyond any other tree in sight. The trunk of the tree is deep purple with the crown covered in patches of radiant interlocking colours of red, violet and indigo. The base of this massive tree is arced with a pathway created below it. The rest of the surrounding trees are almost identical miniature versions of this one big tree. It is barely possible to see the teal terrain below them with the fallen leaves scattered around so much.

Wherever we are,” after looking at the scenery on show he actually likes the environment “it doesn’t look that bad.

Just as Krillin finishes his sentence a thunderously exaggerated roar that shakes the plant life near them, even with the sound originating from a long distance away.

Argh! Yes mother?

After the ferocious roar, Gohan is awoken wide eyed. Quickly noticing he is on a thick blue branch of a tree with red, violet, and indigo bush leaves surrounding him. Leaning back he begins to fall, he thinks nothing of it since he can fly. However he does not stop falling. He smacks the base of the tree hard. Having felt worse pain, this only hurt a bit. Gohan found it strange that it even hurt at all and what’s more he could not stop himself from falling. He inquisitively looks up at the tree from his fallen position lying on the ground.

Gohan?” asked Krillin

Gohan turns his head at to the position where Krillin stands staring. Krillin’s eyes notice something beyond Gohan. A torrent of orange water appears from behind one of the many tress which flows off into a lower direction which Krillin cannot see.

Hey Krillin,” Gohan notices 18 next to Krillin “hello 18.

Krillin walks towards the orange stream of water. He can gradually feel the wind more and more as he gets closer to the edge, if he had hair it would be moving around erratically. Now at the edge of where the water descends Krillin sees what is below. His mouth drops and his eyes widen at the sight he sees.

What is it Krillin?” demanded 18

I don’t think we’re on Earth anymore,” replied Krillin “It looks like we’re on a lookout of some sort. This water here drops through the clouds. I can barely see the land over there.

Gohan gets up from the floor thinking back to why he never stopped when falling. Testing a theory he now has he leaps into the air and reaches the height of the peak of the tree, for a moment seeing the landscape stretching for miles. He begins to fall backwards now aware of his fate he simple manoeuvres backwards flipping his legs over and landing on his feet without stuttering.

What did you see?” asked 18

I wasn’t trying to see. I was trying to fly but I couldn’t. Gravity won.” Replied Gohan

GOHAN!” Shouted Krillin

Gohan never felt nor heard whatever Krillin was alarming him to. In a single moment Gohan has turned, seen the hand of the oncoming attacking which almost grazes Gohan’s nose.

Kill strike

Using his momentum, Gohan drops and uses the floor to forcefully double kicks this new foe in the chest hurling upwards. Before he could possible do anything else another foe enters the battle. Seeing him, Gohan tries to release an energy blast but nothing happens.

Thought so!” Gohan gasped

This new foe however was halted by the in swinging kick of Krillin. Gohan uses this time to regroup with Krillin.

Don’t try to use energy attacks,” Gohan began to explain “They won’t work!

The two foes return. One foe standing to the right is a short man, merely an inch taller than Krillin. The man’s head is just as bald as Krillin’s. Like the rest of his visible body, his skin is very pale almost white. A simple red motley tube covers most of his face making it difficult to see what he looks like. His white emissive eyes are shrouded by black skin almost as if he is wearing a flamed shaped mask. Half the man’s body is covered in black leather, if it was night it surely would not be invisible. Standing out of the black leather appears to be a symbol, a red tribal image of a wolf in the centre of his chest.

His friend is a brown-green velociraptor which is the same size as 18. He bares the same mark of a tribal wolf on his black outfit. He has a long tail stretches him to 3 feet long with a deadly spike end. His sharp teeth are even deadlier. He quickly launches at the team and his pale friend follows suit. It looks as though the pale man has the upper hand on Krillin, however Krillin blocks his attack and counters with a twist and kick.

Gohan catches the swinging tale of the velociraptor; pushing him back a bit, Gohan tight hold, gives enough time for 18 to deliver a blow to its head. Gohan tries to lift but cannot. The velociraptor swings his tale; while Gohan is on it, at 18 knocking them down.

Krillin appears to be having the best fight he has had in years. Countering every move made on him. While besides him; Gohan and 18 struggles against the creature. The pale man aggressively charges at Krillin; Krillin in the position he wants, grabs the man and flips him in the air onto the velociraptor, then goes on to deliver a knock out knee kick to the velociraptor and the pale man.

Krillin,” Began Gohan “that was amazing!

Krillin cannot hide his smile. 18 gives him a reluctantly look of approval.

Perhaps we should, you know leave?" questioned 18 "We don't know how many are out here.

Gohan, Krillin and 18 ventures into the deep tropical forest hoping to find their way back home. Unknowing what awaits them. The trails they will face. Tune in next time in Dragon Ball Z: TENGAI!

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Interesting, this already better than GT lol Keep up the good work:)

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@Sonata: Thank you!

I forgot to finish it off. This part was almost completed for a few months. Whoops.

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