Dragon Ball Z: Rebirth

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Dragon Ball Z: Rebirth

Part 1


A voice roars from within a crowd. Everybody in the shopping complex feels a sharp tingle of fear through their spine as if their own mother were calling them for bed time. They then realise that their name is not Gohan, and carry on with their day.


Here, mum.”

A small spiky haired boy effortlessly weaves his way through the crowd of people carrying many books.

Next time I shout your na-“

As he gets in front of his mother, within the corner of his eye, across the shopping complex he sees a woman being pushed around by three punkheads. One of the punkheads goes too far and pushes her hard enough for her to move backwards and over the railing. With a three-story drop, Gohan instantly makes up the ground between them and catches her as she descends, brings her back to where she stood, quickly takes down the punkheads and returns to his books which since he left have not moved a millimetre.

“-me respond!”

The woman does not understand why the punkheads are on the floor in pain and she, standing rather than falling.

Yes mother.”

Okay, we’ve got all your school books. Next is your school outfit.”

They walk into one of the clothes sections and inside are many women trying on their outfits. One person stands out above all the rest. A huge man is posturing around in front of the women. A little girl beside him is clearly not amused at the sight of these women ogling the huge man. Chi Chi notices the huge man.

Herclue! How dare he parade around like he beat Cell!

Gohan, grabs her back while juggling the books.

Mum, no. We don’t want people bothering us all the time.

FINE! People have a right to know that you beat Cell.

Let them think what they want to think. We don’t need people harassing us.

Chi Chi, stubbornly walks off in the opposite direction of the clothes store. Gohan sits down on a chair and begins to read one of his new books while his mother looks around. Within a few minutes of Chi Chi looking, Gohan has read two of his books. While reading the third one, he sees feet in front of him. He slowly looks up from the feet to the legs, legs to the body and body to the head. The girl that was next to Hercule is staring intently at him.

“You look familiar. Do I know you? What’s your name? Are you going to Orange Star Junior High School? Why’re you not answering me?”

Gohan is taken aback by the rapid fire of questions. He finds himself struggling to think of an answer let alone the right ones.

Are you deaf or are you a mute?

GOHAN! Gohan, that’s my name. Yes. I am going to Orange Star Junior High School.

Do you live here?



Well what?

Where do you live?

439, East District.

Chi Chi returns with Gohan’s school clothing and see’s Gohan with a girl.

Who is this Gohan?

I don’t know.

“Hello, ma’am, my name is Videl. You may recognise my father over there.

“Is he behind, Hercule?”

“No, ma’am. He is Hercule.

Gohan and Chi Chi’s eyes widen in shock. Gohan could not imagine Hercule having a daughter. Luckily enough, Videl is shouted over by Hercule before Chi Chi can say anything.

I’ll be seeing you around Gohan.

Videl walks away with her eyes gazing at Gohan knowing she has seen him somewhere before. Chi Chi and Gohan leave the store and the outside seems to have gotten dark.

That’s strange. How can it have gotten dark so quickly? It was sunny when we went into the store.

Gohan recognises this type of darkness. He knows someone is calling out the Eternal Dragon.

Mother, can I go to the toilet. I’ll be quick.

Gohan quickly moves towards the toilet, opens the door and enters, but as the door is about to close Gohan rapidly moves out the door unseen and leaves the shopping complex. He flies upwards to get a better sight and sees something from a far. He knows that is the Dragon. Quickly, he approaches the Dragon. However he cannot get there before the wish has been made. The Dragon disappears and the Dragon Balls scatter across the sky. Gohan sees somebody, a person with a crimson coloured monk-like cowl. The person looks at Gohan. Gohan readies himself just in case he gets attacked.

You must be Gohan. A fellow Saiyan.

Part 2

The pair of them floating in the sky stare intensely at one another. Gohan, cautiously studies this possible new enemy. All the while trying to wrap his head around what he’s just heard. ‘A fellow Saiyan’? He can’t help but think the person is lying yet the aura he detected is not a deceitful one. It is then, when Gohan sees a smirk appear on the face of this unknown person. With lightning speed the unknown person is within the personal space of Gohan. Gohan attempts to block the incoming punch but is not quick enough; the fist has penetrated the shocked Gohan’s defences. Gohan retaliates by using the momentum of his punch to turn and deliver an uppercut. Which is dodged, however the hood of the unknown person is knocked off his head and reveals a man.

The man has a classic black narrow spikey Saiyan hair style which features well with high cheekbones and his almost as sharp chin.

While his head has recoiled backwards from Gohan’s uppercut, he brings it back and head-butts Gohan hard. The power of the head-butt forces Gohan back into the ground below leaving a massive crater. The man waits for Gohan to get up. Now standing, Gohan doesn’t look impressed. The blackness of anger within his eyes begins to change. An explosion of wrath blasts from within a thunderous roar.

Golden hair…? Interesting.” He said with a hint of exuberances surrounding his curiosity

Gohan in his super Saiyan form rapidly moves in for this unknown man, delivers a deadly punch but is narrowly dodged. The unknown man delivers a deadly punch of his own in the gut of Gohan, then finishes off with a spinning back heel sending Gohan back into his crater, this time he didn’t get back up. His hair reverted back to black.

A few hours later, Gohan wakes. He is still feeling the pain in the back of his head from the heel kick. Looking to his left, he sees the unknown man sitting against the rocks eating an apple. He throws an extra apple to Gohan to have. Gohan inspects the apple and then the man.

You don’t have to eat it.” Innocently said the unknown man

So, who are you?

I am a man who has found a new meaning.

O-kay, what’s your name?

The man simply looks at Gohan with a smile “Moyashi”


Eh, no. Mo-ya-shi

Oh. You said you’re a Saiyan? Other than the ones I know, the rest I’m told were dead.

That I am. Sadly, you heard correctly.

What are you here for?

An apprentice, but with regret my original choice appears to no longer be with us.

An apprentice? If I can’t keep up with you am sure the person you wanted would.

That ‘person’, would have been your father.

Gohan’s mouth opens in shock.

How do you know my father?

A long time ago I was searching for a being to deliver justice upon his head. By chance, I came across a power; I thought it to be this being. When I located this power, it was your father. He seemed to be stranded on a planet. In the time I spent on this planet with him I saw great potential within him. He achieved so much for one so young. In the many tales we shared, he mentioned Earth was his home. I ask him could I visit him, which he accepted. Now, I am here for an apprentice. Looks like I will leave here empty handed.

After what he has heard, Gohan’s desire to fill the footsteps of his father would be a great self-achievement. Without a second hesitation he gives a solution.

I could join you as an apprentice if you like?

A wide smirk on the face of Moyashi said it all and may be a little more.

It would be an honour. I have many objectives to resolve first, and then I will return. I see a greater potential within you. After all…you are the youngest ever super saiyan.

Moyashi bows and lifts his head up looking at Gohan and smiles.


Before Gohan could blink, Moyashi was gone.

What have I just got myself involved in now?

Part 3

Eight weeks of peace, that all I get?” Gohan requested the heavens

Gohan floats upwards taking in the scenery for his bearings. What gets him on his path home is not his vision, but his scent. The smell of dragowich, a type of fish that is extremely common in his home district. He knows what he wants for dinner now. Night approaches as the journey home is filled with delightful memories of his father and him with random trips out under the nose of his mother. His home is now within sight.

It is of the classic dome style which made popular by the Capsule Corporation which is managed by Bulma, Gohan’s father’s childhood friend. Next to the main house is a small narrow spiked top house which belonged to a person he never met, a man who raised his father when he landed from a faraway world: Great-Grandpa Gohan.

Chi-Chi’s car is not there which is rather strange to Gohan, after he ran off before she would have made it home by now. He circles the house before entering and no sign of her. When entering the house he quickly looks around and there is still no sign. She would be home by now to make dinner. There is a knock on the front door. Maybe she lost her keys. Gohan opens the door a bright crimson beam of energy scorches the house into cinders. The crimson light disappears and standing there is Gohan, unaffected with the intense blast of heat steaming from his worn out clothes. Gohan looks over his shoulder to see where his house once was and returns with a furious expression.

There stands a silhouette of a female body in the dust. Gohan waits for it to clear keeping his ears open because of some reason; he can’t detect a power level. The dust clears and a tanned girl is face to face with Gohan. Her silver eyes glimmer with pride while a gust of wind blows through her short golden blonde hair. Gohan see her amour; which is long sleeved skin tight yellow with neon green tribal artwork surrounding her diamond shaped cleavage. Covering the top of the base is a short blue robe that conceals her neck and floats around almost like a cape. She is also wearing a thin white belt with the same neon green tribal artwork surrounding it and downwards of that goes further her yellow suit which stops between her knee and feet. Gohan couldn’t see the feet under the debris and dust.

A smirk appears on her face, Gohan instinctively knows something going to happen, but he can’t sense anything from her. Then he feels it, something tight around his neck pulls him into the air and then slams him down into the earth. Lying on the floor Gohan sees a woman with the same style amour with the only difference being her robe is longer and the colour being red. She also has the same facial features has the other girl but more mature. She has beautiful fiery red hair that reaches to her knees of her long legs. She also wears high skin tight boots that stretch to her knees; Gohan figures the girl also wears the same.

That’s enough for Gohan, after the defeat to Moyashi, being caught off guard by these two women, he’s reach his limit of humiliation for the day. The girl on the ground moves in on Gohan quickly. Gohan waits until she reaches a certain distance and releases a furious shockwave of energy from his mouth forcefully knocking her back. The woman tries the same hair grabbing trick which fails a second time. Her hair is now in the grasp of Gohan’s hand. He pulls her around moving fast and faster in a cyclone, finally the girl gets up and Gohan releases the woman into her direction knocking her back down again.

I’m giving you one chance,” aggressively said “Why did you attack me?

They don’t answer, they just stare at Gohan. Thinking they can still take him, they go for another attack. They both move in the opposite direction, circling and returning. Gohan drops to the floor, while bouncing back he split kicks the oncoming women. The younger slams down into the earth, the other one is forced upwards, but Gohan grabs her feet and brings her back down smashing her into the younger one. They turn and Gohan has energy pulsating from his hand.

Wait,” instinctively putting her hand out as protection. “The aura of Moyashi is on you. We’ve been searching for him. The last son of, Vegeta.

Gohan is hesitant to inform them he is also a saiyan because they could bother him constantly as well. The woman stands, her long legs are almost as big as he is, she smells Gohan, and knows his scent but something is different about it.

The humans have a different scent than you. You have some similar qualities to them, yet something is different,” her curiosity getting the better of her and looks into Gohans eyes and sees it “You are a saiyan but not fully. That would leave you to be half saiyan and half…human? Are you the son of Moyashi?


Then who is the saiyan that spawned you?

That would be my father.”

His name?


“…Never heard of him.

Makes a change,” Gohan silently said “Well, who are you?

We thought you may have known from our amour. Amour of the Darudians?” she asked with a hint of hope

I’ve never heard of seen them before.

My apologies, we thought you were a saiyan. What is your name?


That is no saiyan name. We will leave and regain our search.


The woman begins to fly off but the girl lingers for a moment watching Gohan, before she flies off she winks at him.

Who were they?” a voice from behind

Gohan turns expecting it to be his mother but is surprised to see Bulma.

Oh, hey Bulma. Them?” realising they will probably return like all the other people that come here. “No one I can’t handle. What’s up, why are you out here at this time of night?

It’s your mother, Gohan,” Bulma said. Preparing Gohan for the news he is about to receive. “You’re going to be a brother Gohan. Chi Chi’s pregnant.”

Part 4

A few days have passed since Gohan was told incredible news of him being a future brother. Now, he is with his mother and Bulma are in West City. West City is the richest city on the planet with the multi-billion Zeni Company and headquarters of Capsule Corporation mega-dome building being held there. They out looking for a new capsule home since the last one was destroyed and now are temporary living with Bulma and baby Trunks.

Looking forward to your first day of school, Gohan?” said Bulma

Yes he is,” Chi Chi intervened “He will do well. He will get all A’s and will become a scholar.

I’ve always been home schooled,” Gohan said. He sees many good possibilities from public school “so I’m enjoying the chance to mix in with new people.

THIS ONE!” Shouted Chi Chi affirming her desire of what capsule home she would like.

Both Bulma and Gohan release a sigh in relief since they’ve been looking for hours. Luckily enough for Gohan their temporary home is not too far away from where they are. During the car ride Gohan asks if Vegeta has returned.

Yeah, last night,” Bulma said. “I know he won’t admit it, but I believe he stays for Trunks.

Think he’d let me talk to him?

Yeah, I think he actually likes you,” Said Bulma. She has a bit of jealousy in her voice. “Well, you can ask him yourself now we are home.

Although he has seen it many times, Gohan still in awe of the Capsule Corporation headquarters. He enters the building with his mother, Bulma and Trunks. When entering the building he sees Mr. Briefs walking from one room babbling to himself as he enters another room.

“Go right, go straight down until you see the training room. Vegeta will most likely be in there.”

Gohan wonders right and sees a look curved hallway with many doors. It’s not surprising that he’s got lost in this place so many times in the last few days. He sees the training room. Gohan puts his ear to the door because he hears a howling noise. He decides to open the door regardless after knocking without an answer. When entering he sees Vegeta firing a beam of energy into sort of machine. That’s where the howling noise is coming from the machine. It almost looks like a black hole. “What. Do. You. Want. Gohan,” Vegeta said with a massive strain in his voice due to the force of the machine.

I can come back.”

The machine stops and Vegeta breathes heavy “No. You’re…here now. What do you want?

“A few days ago a met a man who claimed he was a saiyan.” Gohan said “Aren’t we the only saiyans alive today?”

Yes. Frieza had everyone called back before he destroyed them with the exception of your father of course.”

I thought so.” Gohan began to leave

Did he give a name?

Yes. Moyashi,” Gohan opens the door to leave. “Good bye, Vegeta.”

Gohan leaves before he could see a shocked face of Vegeta. The name trigged an impulsive twitch in his eye and cheek. “That’s not possible,” Vegeta said faintly.

Gohan back in the hallway now tries to figure out which one was his room again. He walks past a few rooms until he reaches a room, it had no sign on it and he remembered his door never had a sign on it. He enters without knocking thinking it is his room and when he enters he sees it is a shower room. “Gohan?” said a shocked voice. The voice caught Gohan’s eye, as he looks he sees Bulma, absolutely nude. “GET OUT!” She screeched while throwing whatever was near here at Gohan. He quickly backs out and runs to another room far away from this one.

Gohan doesn’t wait around in the morning to be given daggers by Bulma. He leaves for his first day of school. This school he is going to you do not have to wear a pre-set uniform; you only need to have a badge to say you go to that particular school. The badge goes along with his white shirt, black pants, tie and shoes that his mother picked out for him. Just before he left she made him a packed launch and flattened his hair downwards in the shape of a bowl. On the way to school he sees a few people with the same badge as the one he wears. He also sees a gang of five approach them; they look like they’re up to no good. One of the gang members purposely nudges into one of the kids as do a few of the other gang members as if it were the kids fault. The kids’ apologies even when they know it was not their fault. The gang members get more aggressive and Gohan knows it’s about time for him to deliver some justice. From above a person drops in on top of a gang member. Gohan recognizes the person, it’s Videl. She leaps off the gang member forcing him to the floor spinning heel kicks another one off her summersault slamming his head into the ground. Lands like a cat, twirls her leg whipping up two gang members. She stops, using her momentum lifting herself upwards into the air, drops down with her knees planting into the guts of another gang member. One of the standing gang members tries to punch her while she is kneeing the gang member, she moves her head aside and sees the fist, she grabs the arm and pulls him over her, and while his body lay flat on the floor she delivers a knockout blow to his face. The first guy she landed on get back up and pulls out a knife. Unaware of this threat with her focus on the person she believes to be the last man. She side steps her focus point and rams her extended fingers into the guy’s side and pulls his head into her knee. The man she was unaware of has gotten close to her, and suddenly he drops and Videl turns to see him hit the floor. She looks up and not too far away is Gohan with a dorky smile. For a moment she thought it was him. She looks around and all the gang members are down, she returns her look to Gohan but he has vanished.

Gohan did in fact take him down and realises, maybe that might have been a mistake. She would have probably have stopped him but did not wish to take that chance. He had to get out of there not to set off any suspicions. Now he has to avoid her all day to get away from her scent.

After the longest day in the history of schooling, Gohan has experienced the deep end of it. Every minute of the day he was burdened by one person. Each square inch of each step taken by Gohan was intensely bombarded by Videl. Now outside school Gohan takes a deep breath and a sigh of relief. Until he feels something, that which he has felt all day. The miniscule energy level of someone how has a higher level than the average person. Gohan turns and sees her within his peripheral. He can not help but feel she may follow him home however help arrives in a red car.

Hey, Gohan!” Said to voices “Thought we’d pick you up.

Hey Yamcha. He Puar.

The women in the neighbourhood all describe this tall long black haired ‘dude’ as a ‘womanizer’. Possible amplified by some women yelling out his name to get his attention that ultimately when unnoticed. His best friend who has been with him from his days as a desert thief is Puar, a blue flying cat like creature that can transform into almost anything.

Gohan looks back where Videl is and jumps at the chance to take a ride so he does.

How is everyone Yamcha?”

Everyone is getting back to normal. Not had rest in a long time. Only person that hasn’t really got back into gear is Krillen.

Because of dad?”

Nah, he knows he’ll see him again someday. It was 18’s rejection. Don’t know why? He can do better than a psycho serial killer.

I don’t think she killed anyone. Trunks did say that they weren’t like the ones from his timeline.

Errm, yeah. Well there is a carnival coming up in a few weeks, everyone’s going. You comin’?”

Yes. Bulma told me about it.

Cool. Here we are.

As they approach Bulma’s home they see Vegeta flying off with Bulma watching.

Hello Bulma.” Said Gohan. “Where is Vegeta going?”

He muttered something; I only picked up a few words: Dende, Moyashi and Guardian. Or was that Guardian Moyashi and Dende? He muttered it quickly.

Gohan looks at the direction Vegeta is flying to. He is indeed moving towards Dende’s Lookout. He quickly thinks of what stood out from what Bulma said, ‘Guardian Moyashi’.

Part 5

After the first few weeks Videl eased up on following Gohan around school every day. The benefit of this was she began to see him less of a threat and began the first stage of friendship. Gohan seem to find school easy. Getting top marks in all his classes but when it came to physical work out he thought it smart to slack off a lot so he did not give away anything. This came about when he first played a game called baseball. Never played or even watched the game before he decided to observe and then partake. The pitcher threw a fast ball but it might as well thrown it around the world because that is how long it felt for the ball to reach Gohan. When it finally reached Gohan he hit it so hard the baseball made a crater in the moon. That day he realised he must slack off otherwise people will find out his secrets. The next time he played he purposely struck out which got people to believe it was beginners luck.

The carnival day has finally arrived. A majority of the gang are at the Capsule Corp building. Gohan finally arrives from school and everyone is ready. On his way to get changed he noticed another Capsule Spaceship in the yard, he thinks nothing of it since Mr. Briefs is always working on projects. Gohan quickly gets changed into more casual clothing. He reappears to everyone as fast as he left to change and everyone is ready.

All aboard!” shouts out Yamcha

Everyone boards a hover bus. All across the bus, people are talking with one another, Chi Chi and Bulma, Oolong with Puar, next to them is Master Roshi goggling at all the women jogging past. Sitting at the back, Gohan sees Krillen looking rather down starring out of the window. Gohan decides to sit next to him. As he does Yamcha begins to drive off.

Hey, Krillin.” Gohan said cheerily hoping to get something other than despair from Krillin

Hi Gohan.” No luck. Despair oozing from Krillin

How are you?”

Krillin slowly turns his head towards Gohan. It looks like he hasn’t had a proper night sleep in days.

Great” Said Krillin with a lingering ‘ea’

Cheer up, there is plenty piranha in the lake.

Krillin give Gohan a funny look.


Yes, Krillin?

Stop cheering me up.

Gohan decides to endure the awkwardness and stay sitting next to Krillin. He believes that’s what a friend should do. Luckily he never had to endure much because the destination wasn’t that far…with the speed they were travelling at. Everyone sees Satan City now eclipsed with tall rides of the carnival. The bus pulls up at the entrance, everyone is at the window: eyes wide and mouths open in awe. Except for Krillin of course who is sitting where he got on the bus. Gohan for a moment thought he saw a familiar face but shakes it off. They all begin to get off the bus one by one, each stepping off the bus with amazement of what is in front of them.

Okay now, everyone stick together and try not to get lost. Alright?” affirmatively said by Chi Chi

She then looks around and everyone has already parted ways on their own adventure in the land of the carnival. Elsewhere in the carnival Gohan understands he’s probably going to be in trouble for deserting his mother but he wants to cut loose with the amount of schooling he has done in the last few weeks. While everyone has been doing their natural curriculum, Gohan has been doing triple that work with the teachers seeing him as a special case although it is mostly done to his speed and memory. Learning new social skills he knows he lacks, participating in group projects but he does know he is still a way behind in that section.

There she is again. The woman who Gohan thought he knew before. He moves towards her easily side stepping everyone like a pass-the-parcel game. When exiting the crowd of people he can only see Krillin sitting on a wooden bench. He looks around increasing his senses to pick up everyone and anyone but no luck. He returns to look at Krillin and there are hands covering his eyes.

Guess who?” said a very high pitch voice

Krillin knows that voice. A name isn’t coming to him quick enough.

It’s me!”

Krillin turns his head to look.


Maron wraps her arms around Krillin’s neck giving him a big hug. It is all a shock to Krillin. He doesn’t know what to do other than involuntary go red in the face.

How have you been?”

Great,” said Krillin with the first sign of joy “What are you doing here?”

The carnival, silly,” Maron said with a wide smile. “Come take me around.”

Maron puts her arm under Krillin’s arm linking them together. Gohan sees Krillin for the first time in the many weeks since his rejection and his father’s heroic death, a smile on his face.

Good for you, Krillin,” softly said Gohan

What do you wanna do first? We could go on the space wheel, go-karting, water-shot, or you can win me a prize?”

You pick.”

How about that,” said Maron, points towards a martial arts challenge

STEP RIGHT UP! Who here has the ability, skill and speed to beat my friend here? Are you a man or a mouse?”

Here! Here!”

We have a challenger, who I might say is one smokin’ hot lady.”

Not me silly! Him,” Maron points to Krillin

To everyone here, Krillin is just a short bald man. They take one look at one another and burst out laughing. Krillin says nothing and just walks into the centre of the ring.

In the red corner we have our challenger, Lilin.



My name is Krillin.”

It doesn’t matter. After this you won’t know your own name.

In the blue corner, our champioooooon: SttttttttttRIker!”

I’ll try and not embarrass you too much in front of your sister here” said Striker

Oh, that’s fine,” continued Krillin with everyone still laughing “No hard feelings. I’ll let give the first strike.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this small guy has some courage. He’s willing to let Striker give the first hit.”

Striker pulls back and launches his fist at Krillin’s face.

And it’s a knoc-“ the announcer stops

It appears that Striker after making contact with Krillin’s face, he has broken his arm. Krillin then flicks Striker through the all behind them. The audiences’ mouths are all wide up along with their eyes in shock. Maron runs into the ring squeezing Krillin. Krilin’s face is going very red because he has it planted in the chest of Maron. They leave the ring and no one has yet to close their mouths.

Throughout the carnival Krillin and Maron participated in, Krillin had won everything getting in the process a gigantic teddy bear, a years’ worth of ice cream, yoga lessons which were rejected because she already knows yoga, a crystal dolphin, a gigantic dinosaur teddy bear and many other things which were all given in the form of capsules, however she is carrying around teddy like version of Krillin. Since meeting up with Maron a smile has not left Krillin’s face.

After an adventurous day for everyone they all met up back at the bus. While all boarding the bus a someone seems to be missing.

Guys anyone seen Krillin?”Asked Yamcha

He said he was flying Maron back to Kame House.” Replied Gohan

Score!” yelled Yamcha

I don’t know. Was there a game playing today?” innocently said Gohan

Chi Chi gave Yamcha a ferocious glare

Yes Gohan,” Yamcha hastily said “Yes there was. We won.

Upon returning to the Capsule Corp’ building Gohan notices there is no ship from.

Bulma,” said Gohan “Where is the ship gone from there?”

My dad was building one for Vegeta. He said something about visiting Planet Vegeta.”

But wasn’t that destroyed by Frieza?”

That’s what I thought also.”

Part 6

An invisible doorway with a golden arc begins to ripple. The doorway is now being disturbed by a force on the other side of the door. The ripples continue more rapidly. The fingertips of an entity that is causing this disruption penetrates the invisible door. Its hand has now broken through and slowly comes the rest. It is moving very slowly, as if it was struggling, using every ounce of strength to move even an inch. Sideways on, it has its right arm and leg through; just breaching the doorway is its head. The entity appears to be demon with a humanoid form. Spiky partings all over its body, from its elbows, knees and four spikes moving upwards out of its head. A black aura of despair surrounds this entity. The only visible colour is orange around its face.

Happy Halloween,” it whispered

Meanwhile in Bulma’s home, Gohan is getting ready for the Halloween party at Hercule Hall in the centre of the city. Krillen enters the room holding a grey bush. He puts the grey bush on Gohan’s head. Krillen notices at this point Gohan has grew a bit after putting the bush on his head. Taking a step back to see the complete look of Gohan, and he has no idea who he is meant to be.

Gohan, who are you going as?

You can’t tell? Silver hair not a given? What if I put out my tongue?

Errrm no,” Krillen looks more puzzled “Dr. Briefs?

Close! Dr. Briefs studied under him. He’s the most influential scientist ever. Wasn’t for him, Dr. Briefs wouldn’t have been guided into building the Capsule Corporation. No anti-gravity cars. Still nothing?

I put on the TV right now you know who’ll be on it?

Mr Satan?”

The answer to everything.

I thought that was 42?

What?” Krillen now more confused “Gohan, tell me who you are.

Dr. Isaac Nikola da Vinci,” Gohan said with pride and a big smile

Krillen’s face had not moved a millimetre. He still never had a clue of who this person was. If he never met Dr. Briefs, he wouldn’t have known who he was neither.

Krillen!” a voice shouted

In here Maron.”

“Oh hey Gohan,” Maron said while winking at him “who are you meant to be? Mr. Briefs?”

Gohan’s pride takes a punch in the gut. He won’t change it though. This is someone he looks up to and will stick by it. Krillen and Maron say goodbye and leave.

“Remember Gohan,” said Krillen before he left “keep it safe.”

Now ready, Gohan leaves also. When exiting the building to go outside he instantly feels something odd. Looking around the sky appears darker at a time of day it normally would not be. Not the type of dark sky it would be for the Eternal Dragon, plus it had not been a full year since the last time it was summoned. It has only been a few months since that day. A chill was in the air and Gohan could feel something was coming. Maybe not now, but very soon.

Gohan,” a voice interrupted Gohan’s thought

He turns and sees a very familiar figure. Himself. A female version of himself at least.

Videl?” Gohan asked

Yes. What do you think?” Videl inquired

Gohan was unsure how to answer. Videl’s hair is spikey and golden like Gohan when in super saiyan two form. Her clothing resembling the purple outfit his mentor Piccolo gave him for his fight against Cell. With the white cape to match the rest Gohan knows who she has dressed up as. Was this to knock Gohan or did she genuinely just go has him or as she understands, the Gold Fighter. Luckily enough for Gohan, he looks very different in every day clothing and with black short hair.

Who are you meant to be?” Gohan asked

I’m the Gold Fighter dummy,” her brows tighten as the aggression in her voice rises “You’re clearly Dr. Isaac Nikola da Vinci

A wide smile appeared on Gohan’s face after someone he knew finally got who he dressed up as. Looking at Videl, Gohan sees her gaze wonder. Gohan turns and sees what Videl think is a man in a big wolf costume. The feeling Gohan is getting however is of intent towards harming he and Videl. The werewolf lunges at Gohan who is just in front of Videl. Gohan knows he must take this hit otherwise Videl’s suspicion of him will be peaked again after a long time of persuasion her that he was not the Gold Fighter. Gohan thought the impact would not hurt him since he did not sense much power from the werewolf. Unfortunately for Gohan, it did hurt. His first instinct was to make sure this creature does not harm Videl.

Werewolf!” shouted Videl

The aggression a moment ago was nothing compared to how she felt from seeing her friend hurt.

Wereman!” he replied

Videl launched at the werewolf, Gohan moved from his position and as Videl made contact, Gohan punched the werewolf the same as he felt his hit. The werewolf was sent hurling from the impact of Gohan’s punch. When Videl turned, Gohan was still on the floor unaware that Gohan had just helped.

Gohan,” said Videl hoping the impact was not as bad “are you okay?”

Gohan rose holding his cheeky where the wereman hit him.

I’m fime,” Gohan widened his mouth “I’m fine.

A loud female scream is heard not far from their location. Videl turns her head, returns to Gohan. Videl is known in the area for assisting the police force. Her father being the famous Mr. Satan allows this. For someone her age she is faster than martial artists who are older and even stronger than some. The look she gives Gohan is a request. Gohan nods. Videl runs off in the direction of the scream ready to help.

Across the city all manner of moans reach the ears of Gohan. To get a better conclusion on what is happening, Gohan rises into the sky. Looking around he can see people being attacked by different supernatural beings. Zombies, ghouls, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, headless beings and many more unnatural entities. Just as he is about to go and help as well, his fighting instinct inform him of a being heading his way. Moving aside in time, he sees a mist of darkness in the midnight sky soar past him at high speed. The mist of darkness stops not far from Gohan.

I sense your power,” a cold and frightful sound shrieked from the darkness “could you be the being he sent me into the abyss?”

Gohan stares into the darkness fearlessly. What he can easily sense above everything else but destruction and despair.

“I have no idea who you are, nor do I care if plan on harming anyone. If that is the case, you will stop at me.”

“Well then,” a slight rise in eagerness in its voice “allow me to introduce to your demise. I…am, Shi.”


“Am I right to assume these supernatural creatures are your doing?”

I am king of the supernatural. Time to destroy the species that caged me away.

The mist surrounded Shi begins to moult away. With a roar the darkness is released omnidirectional as if it was in a vacuum. Thus, revealing the king of the supernatural, Shi.

He is as tall as Piccolo. Shi’s although eyes are the first thing Gohan notices. They’re crimson that could strike fear into the hearts of any man. Gohan however, is not just any man. Spikes rise from his orange face upwards like the horns of the devil. No hair. The dark mist that was once surrounded his body almost feels like it returned. However, the skin of Shi is just as dark. Orange is the only visible colour that outlines Shi’s body.

Shi clenches his hands into a fist. Gohan knows Shi is trying to release his power.

I don’t think so!”

Gohan quickly makes up the space between them knees him in the stomach to no avail. Shi catches his rising knee before contact is made, Gohan swings but Shi dodges himself knees Gohan in the chest. It hurt enough to make blood spill from Gohan’s mouth. A flurry of punches quickly follows the knee to the chest that hit Gohan at every part of his body. Each punch saw Shi’s power rise and rise. This is followed by a high kick to the face. Gohan never realised he had turned upside down because he hit the ground. Blood falling down Gohan’s face giving him the indication that he was upside down still. Again a loud roar, only this time it comes from Gohan. The ground around him breaks apart easily and he can now see Shi in the sky. He did. Shi has moved into front of Gohan he is already hit by a kick to the face before he could even react to Shi’s movement. Gohan struggles to get up from the ground from that blow. Shi begins to walk to Gohan like he has just won.

Not enough. Need to take it to the next level. Need to learn how to do it by will. Need! Need to take him out now! Need! Otherwise more people could die if I never acted soon. Again! Just like my father.


Shi senses something coming, enough for him to not like it. He quickly moves to Gohan and releases a devastating blast that rises upwards into space. Shi however knows it’s not over. That was one of his most powerful attacks but he can still sense Gohan. The fear that he can deliver by merely looking at some body he now feels for the first time as he sees Gohan. Unfazed. Shi delivered a punch to Gohan’s head. It caused a lot of pain. For Shi. Shi’s arm was now broken. Shi then released a mouth blast which Gohan caught effortlessly with his fist. Gohan with the energy blast on his fist moved towards Shi and delivered a blow to Shi’s face with his own technique utterly destroying him.

Gohan breathes and let’s go of his energy which reverts him back to normal. He sees Videl returning.

Sorry to keep you waiting,” said Videl “Ready to go?”


They arrive at the Halloween party. Yamcha is there surrounded by the usual picture of girls. Gohan sees Krillen and gives him a little box he asked him to keep safe.

Thanks Gohan. I would have lost this for sure.

In the centre of the room, Krillen is dancing with Maron. Gohan watches on in anticipation. The music stops and everyone begins to heckle the DJ. The light shines in the middle of the room on Krillen and Maron. He steps down on one knee.

Maron,” said Krillen plucking up the courage to say the next four words “will you marry me?”


Part 7

On a little island stands one small house. This house is known as Kame House. The house is surrounded by an ocean, with hardly any waves to disturb the land. The ocean is crystal clear of azure, which reflects the sky without a cloud in sight. A man is lying down on the sand looking up at the sky. He does not know there is a wise smile on his face. Just a few months ago he had been rejected by a girl he liked, risking the lives of many people and he lost his childhood best friend but now finally things are beginning to pick up for him. Suddenly the shining light of the sun seems to have faded. He opens his eyes; they widen in shock as a big wave lands on him.

“Hey Krillen,” a voice from behind

Krillen, spits out the water that went into his mouth and leans his head back.

“Oh, hey Bulma,” said Krillen “Hey you to Trunks.”

“I came to pick you and Maron up for Trunk’s birthday party.”

Krillen is drawing a blank. He has no recollection of being invited to anything. He can see Bulma’s face figuring this out by Krillen’s reaction.

“Yeah, I remember,” said Krillen lying through his teeth “the party. Didn’t know it was this early. I’ll quickly get Maron.”

Leaving to get Maron, Krillen’s eyes are even wider than when the wave hit with narrowly escaping Bulma’s wrath. He walks into the house and he sees Master Roshi, Oolong both watching a work out on television. Bypassing them he travels upstairs into the room where Maron will be. As he enters Maron is wearing a very revealing yellow bikini.

“Maron,” said Krillen with his previous smile reappearing “Bulma’s here to pick us up for Trunk’s birthday party.”

“Yey! I get to try out my new dress!”

Krillen reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Capsule, on opening bursts out a wardrobe full of his clothes. His favourite suit is the first of his hanging clothes. All white and a white hat to match. He quickly puts it on and looks himself in the mirror. Happy with what he sees he points his hand in the shape of a gun and fires while winking. When turning to see if Maron is ready his mouth hits the floor when he sees what she is wearing. Maron is wearing a red skin-tight dress that has a no strap and starts with a split over her breasts which the fabric barely covers and moves further down slightly which reaches its V-shape stop at her bellybutton. The fabric on the base of her breast begins to open narrowly at the sides viewing the skin of her waist and closes at the top of her hip. The dress is loose from the upper thigh downwards splitting in two parts down the sides covering the front and the back of her legs. To match her new dress are a pair of red high heeled shoes.

“Let’s go!” shouted Maron

“I don’ think that dress is,” began Krillen. Looking more intensely at the dress. “Wait. What was I saying?”

“ARE YOU READY OR NOT?” Bulma’s voice came crashing through the window from outside the house

“Yeah, grandma!” Maron spat out


“She said ‘Yeah, Bulma’.” Krillen quickly replied

Krillen grabs Maron and jumps out the window instead of walking down the stairs to see Roshi gawking at Maron I this dress. Unfortunately Roshi is a master at peeping. He was waiting at the bottom with Oolong.

“Hi.” Said both Roshi and Oolong

Krillen turns and see them all suited up also.

“Hurry up!” demanded Bulma

They all quickly moved onto the ship, Bulma placed Trunks into the seat next to her. Roshi picked the seat facing Maron.

“Bulma,” said Krillen “One second I forgot something.

Krillen quickly re-enters Kame house and as he did he quickly exits. Returns to the ship and walks to Bulma and gives her an item and puts the same item over Trunks’ eyes. After he has finished with that he puts the same item on Maron. Krillen then takes Roshi’s glasses and puts them on himself, sits back down, and puts his hands in front of his head. All this had gone on without Roshi or Oolong realising anything because they have continuously been ogling Maron.


The entire room instantly filled with intense blinding light. Only ones to be affected by this light are Roshi and oolong who are now in pain. They try to look at Maron but they can only see white. Their eyes stay like this for the rest of the journey. They land in West City inside the Capsule Corp building. In front of a doorway they are walking towards has a sign saying ‘Happy Birthday Trunks’. When entering the room the lights are out.

“Krillen,” said Bulma “could you get the lights?”

Krillen turns on the lights and as he does the room fills with a light.


There are many signs hanging up saying ‘Happy Engagement’. Trunks’ birthday was a decoy surprises party for Krillen. Everyone Krillen knows is there with the obvious exception of Goku.

“You guys!”

“Whoa!” Said Yamcha with an open mouth “Maron you look smokin’! Krillen, looking cool bro.”

“Congratulations you two,” Expressed Chi Chi with glee for Krillen “Cannot with to see little Krillens running around causing mischief.”

“Thanks guys.” Replied Krillen

After a few hours of, Krillen thanking people for coming and for the party, it moves to outside to enjoy the starlight. The last hour Gohan and Krillen have been talking.

“So you’re gonna stop training?” Asked Gohan

“I’ve been doing light training. But yeah, I think am gonna settle down. What about you? Becoming a scientist?” Krillen replied

“Yes. Bulma and Dr. Brief said I could join them anytime. I only enjoyed martial arts when dad was around.”

“Gohan. I feel exactly the same way.”

As they lay down on the grass looking at the stars, Gohan looks to his right and notices someone entering the party.

“Krillen, does she look familiar?” asked Gohan pointing to a woman

“Oh my Kami! That’s Android 18!”

18 looks around then she sees Krillen and walks towards him. Krillen does not know what to do. His mind is thanking Kami for having Gohan right next to him encase this gets ugly.

“Hello Krillen,” said 18. “I heard about your engagement. Congratulations.”

There is an awkward pause. Gohan is looking back and forth at them wondering why they are not saying anything.

“Y-yeah. T-thank you! There she is over there.”

Krillen points at Maron talking and entertaining everyone. Everyone around her appears to be enjoying themselves. 18’s face changes, a face of concern. Gohan sees this change in her face.

“Oh I know what that is. That’s jealousy!” Gohan oblivious to the situation

Krillen’s eyes widen with shock and a bit of embarrassment. He gives a look to Gohan that he did not appreciate what he just said. Gohan did not receive this message. Then he realises after another awkward pause.

“Oh I get it. Social behaviour. I’m working on them.” Said Gohan unfazed by the situation

A voice from nowhere began speaking in Gohan’s mind.

‘Gohan, I have run out of time. Your trail begins now.’

“What? Who is that?” Gohan asked while looking around

Krillen notices a swirling blue object appear behind Gohan. Gohan turns and sees it.

“Portal.” Gohan stated

The portal began sucking Gohan in, he resisted but it did nothing. Krillen grabbed Gohan’s hand to help. This also did nothing as Krillen began to be pulled into this small portal. Gohan’s body was half in the portal when Android 18 began pulling Krillen’s hand and just as Krillen pulling never helped the same happened again. All three of them were sucked into the portal. Everyone at the party was oblivious to what happened and carried on.

Find out next time what happens to Gohan, Krillen and 18 in TENGAI!

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@Supreme Marvel:

Nice! 3 weeks without getting noticed.... that sucks.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Thanks. I wasn't expecting much notice here.

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@Supreme Marvel: Yeah. Anime Vice alone isn't that popular so you could imagine the Fan-Fic Board.

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ohh I like =)

Great job, can't wait to see more ;P

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@Supreme Marvel: That was amazing! wow! 10/10!

I hope to see another adaption to this!

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@Santana: & @DBZ_universe:

Thank you. I've wrote a bit of the next one. Just hadn't had much time to work more on it. Because it's leading toward something. So I need to know I'm putting in key points for after it's finished. You'll see that in part 8. Just trying to introduce a few key players before that.

Hope you enjoy the next ones. ::)

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@Supreme Marvel: Yay! Can't wait to see where it goes =)

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@Supreme Marvel: Yay! Can't wait to see where it goes =)

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just wondering how long this took you because it looks pretty good

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@waybig1010101: The funny thing is I got the idea about 2 years ago. Never went further than that. About 2 months ago, I got a different idea, and merged the two. Then a few days later created something you'd see in part 8 and continued to develop it. That'll take up quite a few parts. When I make something I like to I enjoy having future events sorted, even vague, which I have. Even the Buu saga will be included but it'll be different. I just hope it gets better for other people reading rather than just me. :)

Or if you meant writing these 4 part. Not long. I'm a very quick typist. I can writer from my imagination even if it moments before I get to that points. So the first one took me about an hour to write out properly. the second one, but the same. Second one, I added the two character last minute, so that took me about a day or two to create them and what they can do and offer later on. the 4th, about a day also.

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Part 7 is done. Rebirth is now Finished! Next saga: TENGAI!

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