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I don't know if this should go into fanfic's unless they only allow fanfic writing (Meaning actual stories for AnimeVice) there. But I'm gonna have to wing it until someone tells me otherwise.

I am making a fanfic that I posted to Deviantart. A whack ass comedic crossover fanfic starring a character of mine. You got a problem with crossovers then don't read. This is just me hoping that I can make people laugh when they read this. Whether it be a slight chuckle, or a genuine laugh. So I hope that while reading it you end up asking yourself, "Da Fuq Did I Just Read?" You can find it collected in a gallery here here:

But be warned. It's not like the stuff you see on It's written in script format, Whenever someone is talking you will see their name and a colon beside it.

(Example) *Insert characters name*:

Keep in mind it's not finished and most likely won't be ever so long as I have series to mix together and use. Pretty much I want to use whatever I can get my hands on and rip the idea of a crossover fanfic a new one.

The story's gist is basically this :

My character (Main Character as well in case you couldn't tell) is called Kai.

He's a decendant of both Goku and Vegeta and Superman (Goku and Vegeta's family merged and a descendant married Superman's offspring. Yes, it took him a long time to bear children in my universe). He loses his powers dropping him down to peak human. And after training, he's become the new Batman. He also goes to a school for people who wish to become a protagonist of any kind. This series is for comedy so don't be hatin . I know. Haters gonna hate.

See how I made you think "WTF DID I JUST READ?" Or at least I hope you did.

Essentially it's meant to be, like I said, a whack ass story. So no matter what you do, don't take it too seriously. Except for the side chapters. Those are for development of the main character and for explanations of the story. So those you can expect to be much more serious. But they will still have some comedic moments. And the main chapters might have some serious tones from time to time, but they will usually have some over the top comedy to make sure you don't forget that it's not to be taken seriously.

My main goal is for you to laugh your ass off like a mofo.

And if it ain't that, then I hope for you to be like below.

But regardless I only ask you to read it up to chapter 5 (I have 11 chapters so far uploaded and 4 not yet uploaded). I hope you have some kind of reaction.

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