DEATH NOTE: Resurrection ch3 (PG 13)

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 wow I forgot I started this for a while, anyway,  I don't own anything in the series except for Sky Knox. oh and be sure to read the previous chapters to to know what's going on.  

DNR chapter 3: I am your father!


"Going out?" Ryuk watched as Sky put on a long black trench coat, shades and a suit case. She grabbed an apple off the table.

"Going to work, I'm the new member of the task force. Just like Light. But I will take caution as much as possible. But have as much fun as possible as well. Want to come?" She offered even though she knew the answer.

"Yeah, can you take some apple's with you, you seem to buy a lot so it's no trouble right?" Ryuk asked as he grabbed himself three.

"Yeah" She put them in her other bag she was carrying. They started to walk down a all in the condo. There was a bookshelf and she pulled a book out called "Legends Of Death Gods" and the bookshelf slid forward revealing an elevator.

Ryuk was eating an apple and Sky looked over at him "Ryuk, you shouldn't eat so many apple's. If you eat the same thing, day after day it get's boring. You need a spice in life, to make it all interesting till it satisfies you to the fullest. Until you have what you want that you wouldn't ask for anything anymore…..." She trailed off. "Can you finish these apple's? They're a pain to carry."

At that moment Ryuk saw a personality change but paid no mind to it. They reached the bottom and all the butlers and maids greeted her.

They were outside and a butler brought out a white sports car. They got in and it was a silent ride till Ryuk broke the silence. "Aren't you going to write in the Death Note yet?"

"To be Kira, you must have patience. To be Kira, you have to think things through and the possible future events that could happen while your being Kira. You have to be precise, perfect in every move or else you screw up and end like Light. Not that I'm saying he was a bad Kira. He was great. But I am the next Kira who won't have any errors, unless I choose. I will be Kira till the end and protect the Death Note with my life if I have to. For I am Kira with only one thing altered, intelligence. Or else it'll be your end."

"Your really taking this seriously huh?" Ryuk ate another apple and one apple was left.

"Yes, I'm Kira. Kira is always serious." She responded.

They got to the Task Force Building and entered. At the front desk she showed her ID and said "I am the new member of the task force, Sky Knight Knox. Which way is the room?" as she was getting the directions Matsuda came down and asked if the new task force member has arrived. The clerk pointed to Sky and she turned and smiled. Matsuda blushed and chuckled in nervousness.

Matsuda introduced himself and walked with her to the Task Force room. She introduced herself as everyone else did.

Ryuk laughed out loud, making Sky smile wider. "They don't even though you're the next Kira. This is going to be very interesting…. Pfffttt ahahaha!" Ryuk continued to laugh.

"Welcome to the task force." Aizawa said aloud. "Though its going to be weird for you to be the only lady."

"No problem. So what do I do today?" Sky asked.

"Help us on some investigations. That'll be your computer for work and on your on computer we sent you a list of criminal files. But you'll have to create your password and what not to gain access. So, Lets get to work!" Aizawa said.





Sky and Ryuk were riding back to the condo when Sky said "Didn't you get it?"

"Get what?" Ryuk asked.

"My name. Sky Knight Knox. S K K stands for Serial Killer Kira. After the killings begin I believe that Near will catch on. But I'm going to wait a month. And I wouldn't complain, for your going to have entertainment soon, Ryuk." She smiled.






A month later…..

Sky was in her condo, in the kitchen and Ryuk was laying on the couch eating apples. It was a nice day out, many clouds in the sky…..

Sky took the Death Note that she hid in a desk, just like light. but when she reached for it she suddenly froze and started day-dreaming and a voice whispered in her ear"so.. you finally started, I like the new name by the way", "heh, I suspected so," she answered with little laugh and continued"neither to heaven nor hell. it was you who lead the peice of the note book touch me that's why I see Ryuk", the voice answered after an EVIL LOUD LAUGH" HAHAHA, cleaver girl, I am should be proud". "what is it now! I can handle it myself, all I nead is the DN and the date&instruction book, I have everything planned, and all my early life data deleted" he laid his cold hand on her shoulder and said"HE KNOWS!". She suddenly gained conssiosness back and turned to Ryuk and hand motioned him to follow her. They walked to the bookcase and opened the secret elevator. She pressed the number 77 on the button panel 12 times and the ceiling of the elevator opened outwards. A pole came down that had a square at the bottom, she got onto it and it traveled up, the elevator ceiling below closed.

At the top was a square that she went through and stopped. It was the top of the building. It was filled with plants, a lot of greenery. Palm trees towering high, all color of flowers everywhere. Ryuk saw Sky picked up a chameleon off a leaf. At the middle of all the plants, flowers and greenery was an iron black chair with a glass table, office lamp, TV control and a large ink bottle and white feather pen. In front of the glass table was a large screen TV.

She turned on the TV, she stayed there, not writing name but listening to all the criminals names. She then put the TV on silent. And took out a switch blade from her jacket pocket.

"Are you going to kill yourself? Was this all to hard on you? Hehehe" Ryuk chuckled.

"What was the last ink Light used to right a name I the Death Note?" She asked at she put it against the palm of her hand.

"Its blood." He answered.

"Exactly, the most significant ink. For I will do the same." She dug the switch lade into her palm and let it bleed into the ink bottle.

"Won't you bleed to death?" Ryuk said "Just like light."

"My wounds heal fast at will. As I said, I'm not human." Now the ink bottle was full to the top. She opened the Death Note quickly and dipped the feather in her blood and began writing criminals Deaths. She wrote quickly, neatly, and wrote name after name as she heard criminals names on TV. She changed the channel, this one in English, and changed again, now Italian, then Indonesian.

"Killing people world wide will give Near quite a startle, wouldn't it Ryuk?" And she changed the channels constantly, writing names from world wide.

"You really are the next Kira, aren't you? But won't you have troubles with other detectives from around the globe to investigate on this?" He watched as she turned finished a tenth page.

"I told you Ryuk. To be Kira, you must be intelligent. To be Kira, you have to think things through and the possible future events that could happen while your being Kira. I have a plan of what to do next."






"Near, did you hear?" Aizawa said as he entered Nears investigation room with all the Task Force, even Sky.

"I'm aware." Near said as he played with a remote robot toy.

"So your completely aware that half of a year worth of criminals just died around the globe?" Sky asked Near.

"Yes I know… I don't believe we have meet, Sky." He turned to her.

"You did a background check on me…. Yes, I'm Sky. Looks like Kira is back Isn't he? By the way I know who Kira is or was….Light Yagami. I heard the story from Matsuda." Her expression turned bored yet evil while stearing with those big souless eyes. "it's the return of Kira, what are you going to do Near, or should I say?".   
Near then did the unimaginable he stood up infront of her, looking down, he was alot taller than he used to be as a kid. He said: Light? that's very funny miss Knox, but don't you mean DAD!"  


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