DEATH NOTE: Resurrection Ch2 (PG13)

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DNR chapter2: Angel get's her wings


 on a cold snowy night, a baby was left in a basket, outside of an orphanage that is owned by an old preist who saw her and took her in. 
she grow up to be a beautiful, intelegent girl with an IQ that couldn't be messured. even at the age of  16 she was always correcting her teachers and was loved by everyone, tell eventually started teaching classes. she had a very cheerful personallity, but somehow dark and mysterious in first impression. 
and one day, a Japanese Intellegence agent came looking for her her, and when he asked the preist to talk to the girl in private. the preist thought to hisself "finally, the day had come". 

In the office room where she was sitting infront of him with out showing any emotion, crossing her arms, chewing on bubble gum, with her feet on the desk. 
he asked her" how old are you sky?", "it's been 16 years since I was abandedned here, if there is something specific you came here to tell me then get on with it, and if this is a scam you are waisting your time" she answered. the agent smiled and said" you really are his daughter"and continued "this was supposed to reach you in an older age, but we couldn't risk you getting adopted first, It was hard enough to find you".  
he put a suit case on the table and opened it, there was a will that he showed her consisting of a large amount of money. and he said" don't worry, I took  care of the legal issues, or this money would have been gone by now", she answered" wait, if my parents were rich then why would they do this to me". the agent:"well, one of them was."
"After the death of Light Yagami, who is an old partner of mine that was shot on duty. Misa Amanu, his girlfriend and an ex-celeberty, went to a deep trans of chronic depression, but other than that she was experiencing symptoms of puking and morning sickness and other. so, her carrer agent was afraid of going bankrupt, so he braught a doctor to her apartmetnt, and it turned out she was pregnant."  Sky:"and then I was braught here by here, right?"agent:"correct, but a week after giving birth she commited suicide." 
Sky:"nice story troll, I want more evedance". the agent:"oh, well, there is this diary, that used to belong to your father, here you go" she took the thick book and started flipping pages extremely fast finishing each page in less than 2 or 3 seconds, and and blowing bubble gums with her eyes widly opened in amaizmen of what she is readin, the book was full of dates hours, and events that were so highly calculated and precise with many details that she couldn't beleive they were false. and when she reached the last page there was little peice of paper glude on top of the page, with instructions below it that said:"son/daughter if you are reading this now, then you should know that the man infront of you is the one that killed me, and probably covered it up, if you want revenge then write down his name on this peice of paper" but even though she noticed that this hand writing was a very clever attempt in copying the previuos she still reached for the closest pen on the desk and said" we haven't been properly introduced sir" and he whispered into his watch"and told her"Tota


, so she wrote it and waited but nothing happened. 
the preist kicked open the door, and started shooting on Matsuda, but  before the door opened he grabbed sky and hid behind the desk, she didn't hisitate, and stabbed him quickly with the pen in his arm, so he couldn't hold the gun streight, and she ran toward the preist who told her"that man did kill god but the last part was fake" the preis was actually Mikami, the guy light brainwashed to serve himbefore"I saw it with own eyes, but he wasn't the master mind it, another guy, now go and spread the word of god"she ran with the diary and money check and ran off with out hesitating". Mikami said to matsuda"so, we meet again, I've been waiting for this after years of therapy", matsuda answered"give it up , a swat team will be here any minute so just put the gun down" and  Mikami said while laughing  laudly"I don't even care anymore, if I go down I am taking you with me" and Mikami ripped his shirt revealing stick of dinomite covering his entire body with a near zero time and he shouted" DELETE! bitch" blowing up the entire oraphanage including him and matsuda who was trying to reach the window with no luck. 
Ryuk(while eating apples in a popcorn bucket): "so what happened to the girl, I mean you" 
Sky: I invested all the money I enhereted, by caclulating stock rating using... never mind that, if daddy's description of you was correct then you wouldn't understand 
Ryuk: hay, what's that supposed to mean?! 
Sky:never mind, but I realized what happend after reading this diary, like why he called daddy god, but what really motivated me was the back cover I read after running away and hiding, "I am kira and you are my angel". and I was running this company for the past 4 years, and I managed to know the exact date and time of your arival thank to the data in this diary, this book is going to be my secret weapon in the future, it's even more important now than the death note it self". and I also managed to lip-read the name of the person that the agent was talking to, it's"Near" who diffenitly has the real peice of the death note that was on the last page
Ryuk: wait, that still doesn't explain how you can see me? 
Sky: I am God's angel I can see everything. plus it seem'ss that my mom had a peice that she ripped in front of me and I somehow touched it.
Ryuk:HAHAHA!!! Light, my old pal, even when your dead, your seeds still haunt this world. 
find out more in the next chapter to figure out more stuff that haven't been explained, or stuff that you are still wondering about 
thank's keep checking in.

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erm your supposed to keep it in one topic, also proofreading could be better and the format needs to be unified, half of it is written like a script and half is written like normal prose, which is it?
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@Rapest_of_super_heros: kashif1 is right, if you could keep the format of the writing the same that would be great. Also, try and proofreading because when you write in script form I can barely tell do to spacing issues. Thanks. 
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