DEATH NOTE: Resurrection Ch1

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DNR chapter 1: Daddy's wish


Ryuk was sitting on the cliff edge of the tallest hill in the shinigami realm, thinking about Light and how he never accomplished his goal. He sighed, and decided to end his bordedome once again.

His wings grew out of his back and the flew to the stairs that lead him down to the human world. He knew that Light was dead. But a visit wasn't bad. Actually this wasn't a visit, this was more like a trip to find the next Kira.




Ryuk stood outside of Light's house. And chuckled. ' The fool wasn't alert enough and he got himself killed. tsk tsk.'

"What's funny, Ryuk?" a calm feminine voice was heard behind him.

Ryuk turned around and found himself with a 20 year old looking woman. short blonde hair, black shirt with a big white S, suspenders, black men's shorts and checkered tie along with purple shoes, she was holding a large sack.

"You can see me?" He asked her. She didn't have any expression of fear. She was clam.

"Of course, Ryuk." She responded with no expression.

"What do you want with me? It's no coincidence that I'm here and you apparently show up and you can see me." He neared his face to scare her but her expression didn't change.

She smiled "Your right. I have a bargain for you. You have that second Death Note right?"

'She's so straight out.' Ryuk thought to himself. "I might" He said and held up the Death note Light used to have . He held it up.

"I'll give you all these apples" She opened the bag she had that was full of apples up to the top "If you make me the next owner to the Death Note."

Ryuk laughed. "And what is your purpose for obtaining the Death Note? A young lady like yourself having the Death Note will bring you misery. If you get this, you won't go to heaven or hell once you die. It brings misfourt-"

"I know that Ryuk. As Light Yagami said "In order for a human to use the Death Note, they need a strong spiritual strength and conviction." I am not human. I have enough spiritual strength. And I am the next Kira. Well not the next Kira. I am Kira, but not for long."

Ryuk laughed and laughed. Leaning forward and back as he laughed.

"So I believe this is a deal, Ryuk?" she asked.

Ryuk stopped laughing and got a hold of himself. "What you mean is, this has been a deal since I decided to come, right?" He asked her.

"Your right, so I don't think I need your answer, because I already know what it is. Now lets go Ryuk to my condo, and you'll have as many apples as you want. You can talk, and I'll just listen."



The two walked down the busy sidewalk and Ryuk asked "I hope while you're the new Death Note owner, thing's will get interesting. I don't even know your name. Your really strange to be offering a deal to a shingami. And its also strange who the past owner was."

They were nearing a tall black shiny building. She took out a card and slid it, the doors opened.

Everything was fancy inside the building. First class- no. More like royalty. There were body guards, maids, butlers and when she got her key from the front desk everyone greeted her.

"Welcome Sky. Would you like me to carry you bag?" a butler asked.

' Her names Sky? She say's she's not human… is it really possible?" Ryuk chuckled.

"No thanks. But have dinner up in 2 hours, ribs." Sky responded.

They went up the elevator and there was a hall. There was a steel door at the end with a card interest as the handle. She inserted the same card she used for the entrance of the building. She opened it and they continued walking down the dark hall when they reached a French door. She opened it revealing a white and black condo. Everything was luxurious.

She spilled all the apples on a glass table and said "Bon appetite." She sat down and watched Ryuk gobble down all the apples.

"What you said earlier Ryuk." she got up and walked to a large glass window. "Im not human as I said. I'm an angel. Heaven does exist, Light didn't go to heaven because he went against the ten commandments. To enter heaven a human must have no sin at all. Those who go to heaven are the divine ones. I was watching from above. For now I'm human. You see. And Ryuk." she said

Ryuk had a flashback. Sky said the same thing Light did in the past " I've been bored too."

Ryuk looked at her reflection in the window . She was smiling. and he saw sometthing familliar while she was staring to the sunset with those big psyco eyes. and sky said"don't worry, your bordedome will be cured soon".

Ryuk first giggled and then burst out laughing. He laughed till his hearts content. He laughed so hard it made Sky laugh along with him but lauder.

' "but how could she see me anyway, Humans are so interesting"



If people like this, I shall continue with this idea of a death note sequel. after hearing your openions and reviews(which I want), you can expect the next chapter "Angel get's her wings".
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Hmmm....I don't know what to say about angels entering into DeathNote. Do Japanese myths have angels? Shinigami are the Death Gods. I don't think angels will match up very well here but the story was good. 
Should've made it a blog post.
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@Rapest_of_super_heros: Not bad at all, glad to see we have plenty of talent at hand ! Now, could you please edit your post by putting a rating at the top since you can't edit the title, you can see the various rating options HERE
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Angels?? It's not bad...really I think that it's more original than other fics.

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nice story, keep it up

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