chapter 1

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i was a little bit normle but i didn't like to play with the other ponys so i would act mean so no pony would play with me but just then a little pony no older then a filly and i haerd a stoang voic me and little pony run back to the park we hide behand a tree and they left we whent to my house and the little pony got cland up and so i had to ask what her name was and she said i do not have a name should i have a name she said and i said yes you should have a name so i got har a book of names she look throw and she really liked the name star so we agreed star and she so would you like to be friends and i said yes yes i would like friends and i asked where do you live at she said i don't have a home to live at and i said she can live hear i said she loved the idea friends liveing in the some house it was fun for the both us but the stroge ponys wouldn't liev and so we "played a game" we had are fun and they finally left but the story dosen't end their
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Weirdest My Little Pony episode ever or at least that's what I think this is all about.

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hahahha hello
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