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I know it's almost March 2013, but given the activity of the Fan Fiction forum, I believe a monthly fan fic contest would be too much. Fan fiction is normally written at different paces because folks operate differently. I don't to force folks to compete at the expense of promoting the fan fiction forum.

Even though I had a low turnout in the Vote For the Best Anime Vice Reviewer for 2013, I decided to go with another poll. Get you guys and gals to read some of our community fan fiction that was written in 2013. Make them feel acknowledged. That's the overall purpose of this blog.


  • Any user can vote.
  • The Fan Fiction piece must be written in 2013. Length doesn't matter.
  • If it's part of project, judge it as a project. Same goes for individual stories, judge it as a story.

Let me know if the rules need adjusting.

Inspiration for this project goes to DBZ Universe (Caesar) and . They wanted to promote the project and asked me to help them promote the fan fic forum.

Thank you everyone.

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@takashichea: Well I imagine you're not allowed to vote for yourself lol jk

I'll vote for @jinbeifan1 's Protector of Monsters series

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Thanks for pointing that out. I remember I didn't add that rule, and in the Vote For The Best Battlation of January 2014, folks voted for themselves. I corrected that in the February poll. I'm a bit scatterbrain.

I don't think I added the deadline. Let's say March 2, 2014 at 12AM Eastern Time.

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Rather than naming one person as the winner for 2013. I'm going to do a top Fan Fic Writers of 2013 like the Anime Vice 2013's Top Reviewers.

Thank you, UltimateHero for voting. I appreciate your hard work in this forum. You make everyone feel acknowledged.

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