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Summary: The misadventures of three average unseated soul reapers out in the living world.

Characters: all original characters

Rating: PG13

Chapters: 3

Status: In-progress

Warnings: violence.

“Bleach and all characters/settings are property of the original creator Tite Kubo. This is a work of fan created fiction based off of these characters. All rights reserved.”

Chapter One: Reassignment

“You’re not at all annoyed about this?” Minn asked, referring to their reassignment.

“No,” Ruo replied, “I want to be as far away from the soul society as a I can.” He looked down at the cell phone he had been provided, they would be out of the precipice world soon. He put his hand on the hilt of his sword for comfort, he hated it there.

“Why, is it because of those Ryoka?” She was referring to the Hispanic man that had beaten him and all of his peers just a few months ago.

Rou did not feel like explaining himself, between Aizen, the Bount and the Arrancar the soul society and Karakura town had become a horrible place to be. The were approaching the light, they walked though it and found themselves falling, leave it to the 12th division to screw this up. Rou grabbed Minn and she grabbed the sky, she was the better one when it came to kido. She slowed them down enough so that the deadly fall to the ground had become an annoying fall into the trees.

“Well that was an adventure,” Minn said, shaking the leaves out of her long dark hair. “Hey Rou recognize this place?”

“I died about 100 years ago, the land has changed a lot and my memory is faded, what do you think,” Rou said back. He picked raised his hand to his hair and is came back bloody, head wounds tended to do that.

Minn who had not noticed the cut because of her partner’s red hair suddenly got all apologetic, “Sorry, I should have done it quicker, its my fault let me help you with that.” Her fussing was interrupted by a roar, a hollow had shown up already.

“It’s on the other side of this forest, if we run we should get there in two minutes, we’ll meet up with Leaf and then worry okay?” Rou did not wait for an answer but instead got up and ran in the direction of the hollow, Minn, who was several times faster caught up quickly. They stayed together and after a few minutes of dodging branches and one trip over a tree root they burst out of the forest and into a grave yard.

It was a sunny clear day, yet the graveyard was covered in fog, it was probably the hollow’s doing. Both Minn and Rou drew their swords, they walked with their weapons in one hand and held each other’s free hand. They could not see more than a few inches in front of them.

“Minn, can you clear the fog?” Rou asked. As he said that he felt something in the air, a sense that had some from years as a soul reaper. He let go of Minn’s hand and brought his sword up to block. He felt a great deal of force and heard the sound of metal hitting metal, he flew back a good ten feet and hit a grave stone. He was now hopelessly lost.

"Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings.” At least Minn had the right idea, Rou raised his own meager spiritual pressure, he want the hollow to aim for him, he got his wish and blocked a flurry of blows.

“The who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance,” He the blows were coming from all sides, it was as much a matter of luck as it was a matter of skill to keep himself alive.

“Upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws." He kept blocking, trying to figure out where the damn thing was. And then his luck finally quit and he felt a slash upon his stomach. He fell down but it did not really matter, he had brought enough time.

“Hadō #33: Pale Fire Crash,” The fog was force away by the power of the explosion and the hollow was revealed. It looked like an overgrown caterpillar but its front six legs looked more like scythes. Rou saw Minn getting to the exposed back of the monster, heard a slash, and saw a great deal of blood coming from it. He decided it was safe to black out.

Chapter two: Bleach

Rou woke up to a smell, roses, not an unpleasant smell normally but if its essence is concentrated it becomes so strong that it can make a man throw-up. “Leaf I’m awake,” Rou yelled, “Get it away from me.”

“Alright Rou,” replied a girls voice, he opened his eyes to see a pale girl with short orange hair.

“Minn owes me 50 of whatever the currency is here,” Rou said after his eyes registered what color her hair was this week. He looked at the room, small with white walls and cheap carpeting. There was also a computer in the room as well a tv. “Where are we anyway?”

“Mal owns an apartment above his gameshop,” Leaf answered, “By the way your hair is pink.”

Rou sat up so quickly that the wound in his chest nearly opened. “What, why?” He looked at the hand mirror that Leaf was holding, his hair was indeed several shades lighter.

“Well when Minn killed the Hollow it sorta fell on you and the blood got stuck to your clothes and hair,” Leaf explained, backing carefully out of range. “So we were wondering how to get it out of your hair and then Minn had an idea...”

“So you used bleach?” He tried to keep his cool, strangling his team mates would be a waste of effort and would not darken his hair. “Pass me a hat.” She took out a black baseball cap from somewhere and gave it to him.

As he was putting it on his phone rang, “Hollow?” Leaf asked.

“Yeah lets go.” he said, jumping out of the bed and heading to the closet where he assumed his uniform was. “Where is your cell?”

“Minn broke hers so I let her borrow mine,” Leaf replied, very intentionally not looking away as Ruo was changing. “Anyway she should get there before we do.” He opened the window and the two of them jumped out an across the rooftops heading towards the signal. This gave Ruo a good look at the town, it was an old town certainly with many small shops lined up on the street and a few well maintained parks. There where also many blooming trees along the sidewalks and on this windy spring day the falling petals looked like snow.

“There they are,” Rou said, pointing to the flat roof of the towns hotel. There Minn was holding back the hollow. This one was a being with short legs, long arms, and huge white boxy hands. One of these hands was clashing with Minn’s sword. “Leaf don’t do anything unless one of us is blasted through the roof, off the roof or dies.”

Rou jumped towards the Hollow, the second he landed he had to block the other giant hand. He shifted his weight so that the hand would slide off his sword. He used a simple horizontal swing to separate the hand from the wrist. The hand fell of the roof and crushed a perfectly good flowerbed. He dove moved toward Minn and chopped off that hand too.

“Hey Rou,” Minn said, “What’s with the hat?” Ruo was unsure if that was an honest question. Ruo turned back towards the hollow only to find that it had regrown its hands. Rou and Minn both brought up their swords to block, the hollow seemed angry at having its hands cut off, anger made it stronger, and both of them fell through the roof into the cheap hotel room bellow.

“Not good.”

“What?” Minn asked, both of them seemed okay, especially her since she managed to fall onto the bed.

“I told Leaf to attack if this happened,” he answered, panic rising in his voice. Minn responded by smothering her face in the nearest pillow. Rou held his nose with a vice-grip that would put a crab to shame.

“Blow in the wind, Uguenta,” The stench was some combination roses, citrus and a dead skunk. The hollow was paralyzed and took its slaying as a mercy. Leaf who suffered from Anosmia did not feel the effects of her own attack. Rou and Minn where not so lucky. Minn was throwing up things her gigai had eaten and Rou was not sure where the stuff his stomach was spewing out came from.

Chapter three: Routine Broken

"That will be $10.41," Rou said to the customer. The customer seemed down from some reason. "You alright?"

"Erm yeah, its just well I was hoping that green haired chick would be here today."

"It's blue now." He gave the customer his game and his change.


"You don't know Leaf very well do you?"

"Thats her name? You guys need name-tags."

Rou rolled his eyes, "So you only date store clerks?"

Meanwhile half way across town Minn and Leaf where fighting their third hollow for that week, this one was the smallest one yet and so of course it was the most powerful. It about 8 feet tall and was shaped sort of like miniature Gillian class menos except without a nose.Both Leaf and the hollow where running down main street at top speed. Leaf was slashing, the hollow was twisting and turning to dodge. "Stay still will ya" She stabbed the thing twisted out of the way again, then it jumped forward and head butted her. "Damn it where's Minn?"

Minn was on the end of the street pointing a finger at the fight, "Bakudō #61: Six Rods Prison of Light. " The Hollow heard the incantation and jumped higher and faster than it had so far show itself capable of, and so the spell instead hit Leaf.

Leaf seemed unsurprised by this development, she does looked at Minn as if to say "really?" What she actually said was, "It's on the roof of that furniture store."

"Sorry about that, the spell should ware of in a minute," She yelled back, she jumped up and started chasing the hollow to the next street and out of sight. Leaf waited the minute unable to move, "With my luck a car will come." she thought. Luckily for her that did not happen, there where explosions coming from the next street and for a second Leaf thought of going to help but then she heard two more big explosions and a car alarm sound. "Forget this, I'm out of here."

Rou was closing up the store when she arrived, "So how did it go?"

"Minn hit me with a binding spell and then ran off after it on her own, she's probably on memory duty right now," She stepped into the back room and came out in a gigai. She helped Rou count inventory, "Where is Mal anyway?"

"Out drinking, he'll be back some time in the next three days, hello Minn," Rou said to his soot covered friend. "Whats the story?"

"I didn't have to make one, some drunk kid crashed into the hardware store." She went into the back room, "Who knocked down my Gigai?"

"Gravity," replied Rou. Then his phone rang, it wasn't the usual hollow alert tone or a message from the soul society. "Hey Minn, you're in squad twelve any idea what it means?"

"Rouge soul reaper."

Rou opened the phone "Doemar Nasthella, was an eleventh squad member, tried eating a hollow soul.... wait what?"

"It's the eleventh squad," Leaf commented.

"True, anyway he got it into his head that if he ate soul reaper souls he would get stronger, seriously are hollow souls hallucinogenic?"

"Yes." Minn said.

"Okay got that cleared up, anyway his zanpakuto lets him extend the range and power of his kido, even at his weak level he can shoot a low numbered attack without an enchantment from a good 100 meters, is that pale lightning?!"

A giant wall of white light was heading toward the store, Minn thought fastest about what to do, she got in front of her team mate and yelled, "Bakudō # 39: Arc Shield." The smoke cleared and standing in the ash that used to be the store were three unused Gigai and three unharmed soul reapers.

Chapter four: Fight Scene

Minn and Leaf lead the charge, running on parallel streets to the source of the blast. Minn's spiritual pressure was as high as it could go, Leafs was suppressed as far as it could go. Minn jumped left and right, avoiding the lightning raining down on her. "Hadō #31: Red Fire Cannon," she fired back. The two spells met causing an explosion. She couldn't get any closer, even if there spells had similar power he could fire them much faster. She jumped to the side, not noticing door in her way and found herself in a strip mall. She saw another blast coming towards her, "Hadō #4. Pale Lightning" she said and putting a hole in a nearby wall and jumped into the next store, and the next one and the next one. Eventually she ended up outside the mall, or what had been a the mall. "Leaf hurry up."

Leaf was trying to get as close as she could to Doemar, she needed a few more meters before she could attack him. She was close enough to see the rouge soul reaper. He was a typical eleventh squad member, big, bulky and not very bright. He also looked strangely like Ōmaeda, probably distantly related. The odd thing though was that he had hollow masks attached to his uniform like armor and what looked like a research pass from the twelfth division. His zanpakuto looked like a staff with a bell on the end, it was pointed at where ever Minn was.

She got close enough and aimed, "Blow in the wind, Uguenta," This time the smell was of cheap oil, the sort of oil that would cause any engine it was put into to quit in protest. The smell reached Doemar and he put both his hands to his nose, dropping his weapon in the process. He turned around to see a blue haired girl coming at him with a rather painful punch. He felt the his neck strain to keep his head attached despite the force of the blow to his jaw, and then he felt his gut move inward from the power of another blow, he felt the air go out of his lungs and he felt himself falling off the edge of the building and into the street bellow. He landed on his back, the masks cracking around him from the force of the impact.

Rou stood across the street, well out of the range of Uguenta to survey the damage, the strip mall had now just become a single gamestop, Mal's store was now smoke and ash, and the flowers in front of the bank had been destroyed. "This is 6th squad member Rou Tetsuo ," Rou said to a hell butterfly, "Requesting retreaval team for rougue soul reaper Doemar Nasthella." The butterfly flew off, it would take a good ten minutes for the team to get here, hopefully they included a memory expert. "Leaf get rid of that smell."

Leaf sheathed her sword and the smell went with it, she jumped down and grabbed the research pass. She had no idea who it belonged to but it certainly did not belong with Doemar. "Is the smell really that bad?"

"Much worse," Rou replied. He was about to check on Minn when Doemar twitched. Suddenly the man jumped up, roared, and punched Leaf with all his might, she was blasted straight through the wall of the bank and into the lobby. Leaf crashed into the wooden teller's desk and blacked out. Rou drew his sword and made one quick slash, from shoulder to hip. Doemar looked into the eyes of his opponent and saw more rage than he had seen in all the hollows he had ever killed, then he fell down, covered in his own blood. Rou walked calmly over the incapacitated man, "Bakudō # 1 Restrain," he said quietly and calmly, forcing the man's hands behind his back. He walked over to Leaf's unconscious body, checked that she was alive and then stayed with her until the retrieval team came.

Chapter five:Promotion

"She has a concussion and a broken arm," Vice Captian Isane Kotetsu said, holding a white orb of spirit energy above the fallen Leaf. "I think I can heal the arm but it will cause problems with using a Gigia."

"Thank you, Vice-Captain," Rou said, bowing his head as a sign of respect. He could breathe easier now that Leaf would be okay. He went to check on Minn, who was helping the men from the twelfth division cover up the damage, one of the men, a small man with dark orange skin, a bald head and no ears was using his zanpakuto to rebuild the strip mall, his blade had a wire attached to the hilt with Minn holding the other end. From her memories the stores where being rebuilt with all the products inside. The new mall was accurate to the old one, down to the barcodes on the candybars but there was one issue. "Minn the dollar shop and the rental store are switched and the martial arts place had a name."

"Really?" Minn asked, "I'm sorry Rou I don't come down here much." Rou did not point out that she had remade every item in all of the stores after she had only seen them for a split second.

"Its alright," interjected the small twelfth division member in a high-pitched voice fitting of his stature, "These are just images right now, I can fix it. It'll turn solid in a few hours so please find any other errors before then." Rou fixed a few other major issues like the lack of doors on the grocery store and the fact that the bar was backwards.

Leaf walked up to the two of them, supported by Kotetsu. She looked slightly dazed but she seemed mostly okay. "Hey guys." She said. "Mall looks good."

"Thanks." Minn replied.

Just then a hell butterfly flew in and landed on Kotetsu's hand. "What do you think it is?" Leaf asked.

"Promotions probably, you defeated a criminal with the power of a seated officer," Kotetsu answered, "Doemar would have been an 8th seat in any division besides the eleventh."

The butterfly started waving "Unseated 6th division member Rou Tetsou promoted to 6th division 15nth seat."

"Nice job Rou," Leaf congratulated. Minn clapped and Kotetsu smiled, she liked that Rou actually respected the fourth division and was glad to see him promoted.

"Twelfth squad Minn Perdos promoted to 5th field research team."

"Whats that mean," Rou asked.

"There are 20 research teams with the lower number teams getting the higher assignments, I used to be on the reserve team." Minn explained, "Don't worry I won't get called away too often."

"Good for you Minn," Leaf said. "Now what about me.

The hell butterfly waved out it's message.

"Nice gob Leaf," Minn exclaimed, Rou and Kotetsu winced, Leaf had a look of frozen shock.

"Unseated 10th division member Leaf Nidora transferred to squad 8 and promoted to 13th seat."

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@kashif1: Good job, I enjoyed it. Also, you don't need to put the Warning: Violence thing at the top, the PG13 rating insures you on that. PG13 contains mild to moderate violence as far as the rating system here on the Vice goes.

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added a second chapter and a third character
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This is pretty good. I hope you keep writing more :) 
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@Newdeath: Thank you :)
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@kashif1: You're welcome :D 
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posted chapter 4, took me an oddly long time to write
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