A Tale Of Pirates and Aliens - Chapter One

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(Please have in mind that English is not my first language! Also, don't forget to comment whether you like the story or not - especially if you don't! Suggestions are always welcome!)


“Knock it off, Kakarot!” exclaimed a voice coming from a rather peculiar machine. On its round, white and perfectly polished surface, the logo "Capsule Corp' was written in capitals.

“Sorry, sorry… It’s really tight in here! Bulma, can’t you rush things up?” said a friendlier voice.

A few meters away, a beautiful woman in a lab coat was sitting in front of a huge computer screen. Her straight bluish hair made her just as unusual as the machine.

“I have to set the right coordinates. Or would you like to be teleported to a random era? I should be praised for waiving the opportunity to visit my own son so that you people can go!” responded the woman, whose name –as we know now – was Bulma.

A few seconds passed until the first voice shouted again: “I said knock it off!”

“And I said it’s tight in here, Vegeta!” yelled the once friendlier voice in response.

“Shut up! Bulma, I’m tired of this!”

“Calm down, you kids. As for you, Bulma, you are welcome to join us here… In this teeny, tighty place… Puff, Puff!” said a third voice, hoarser than the others.

“WHAT DID I JUST HEAR?!” shouted again the first one, even louder this time.

“Okay, here we go…” Bulma began to say as she pressed a big button, but her voice stopped when a golden glow came from the machine. “Vegeta, you idiot!” she said immediately, “The energy of a Super Saiyan can mess with the machine’s course! I have to cancel the departure…”

But it was too late. After a sudden brightness, the machine and everyone inside it were gone. Oh boy, I hope they go to the right place… and time, thought Bulma.




The Straw Hat Pirates could barely believe what they saw floating in the sea that day. Not that they hadn't seen many unbelievable things in their journey, but that specific object was a lot different from anything they had ever seen, almost as if it came from another world.

“Hey, Franky!” shouted the Straw Hat captain, “Help me bring that funny ball to the ship!”

“Be careful, Luffy!” scolded the smart navigator, “This doesn't look like anything I've ever seen… What if it’s Marine technology?”

“In that case…” the captain grinned, “I’ll just have to beat it up!”


“He’s our captain after all, Nami… We wouldn't be here if here if it wasn't for him,” intervened Sanji, the cook, trying to look as cool as possible

“So, it’s decided!” Luffy smiled even broader.

Franky got closer to the board of the ship, aimed at the object with his big cyborg hands, and shouted:

“Super… Net!”

Immediately, a regular net, connected to his arms by an iron cable, was released towards the strange object.

“Super… Revert!” he continued, and the net brought the object a little closer. Until then, they hadn't realized how big it really was – the huge metal sphere was almost as big as their own ship!

“It’s too big to take it on board…” pondered Luffy.

“I think I can see what’s inside…” observed Franky as his eyes glowed. After a moment, he exclaimed surprised: “It's a ship! There are people inside!”

At that point, the whole crew had gathered next to the object, wondering what it really was. Now that the first mystery had been solved, new questions popped in their curious minds: how to open it? Were those people even alive?!

“I got it!” said the captain after a brief moment, “Let’s open it! Gomu Gomu no…”

“W-Wait, Luffy!” interrupted Usopp, “Do you want to kill the people inside? We better ask Franky to find a way through…”

“Y-Yeah, of course I can do that!” exclaimed the cyborg, “Just watch and learn.”

But after the first two hours, everyone got tired of watching. The sun was already setting when he rushed back to the ship.

“It’s opened. Hurry up and lets bring them here!”

Seven people, a pig, a cat and a green humanoid monster were brought to the Sunny Go. They were all unconscious but unharmed, and breathed normally.

"This is a work to Dr. Chopper!" the little reindeer's eyes shined brightly. He asked for help to take the strangers to the infirmary room and was left alone with them.

Who were those people? Were they really fine? Did they pose any threat to the group? When the unanswered questions were becoming unbearable, a man with spiky hair in orange outfit left the cabin.

"Yo!" he said.

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