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This was posted in general chat forums hense the reason i do not have the rating on the title, cannot edit the title or i would add it, i would say this was at least 14A rating due to violence, so if you are under 14 i would suggest you leave before reading any further, thank you

if you are still here i will assume you are of the propper age and hope you enjoy the following.

first i would like to say im sorry for any bad spelling i do, lol

The Jester's Beginning

The story begins with a 10 year old boy, he had not seen the outside world since he was brought home from the hospital, his father a evil man kept him locked away in a windowless room in the basement. Everyday he would bring the boy's mother and 2 sisters into the room, and make him watch as he beat them and tortured them in different ways. Some days it was just his fists, other days it was hot wires held to they're skin so he could smell the flesh burning. Other times his father would take a small fillet knife and slice small chunks of flesh off his mother and sisters and force him to injest it. Through all this horror he could not look away, his father had imobilized his head and a device kept his eyes open. He was only allowed to sleep after his father was finished. This treatment had gone on as long as the boy could remember, the cruelness of it made him sick. One day the boy found that his hands had lost so much substance that he could almost slip them through the chains holding him still, he heard his father comming and stopped trying to free himself. He came into the room with fresh scratch marks on his cheek, he was bleeding badly from them, he through the boy's mother to the ground along side the boy's sisters. He proceeded to beat them horribly, and finally just reached down took the youngest girl by each side of her head and twisted violently, a resounding crack was heard and his sister moved no more. The mother screamed and lashed out at the man as did the older sister, they had almost got him down when he found the hilt of his bowie knife and used it to gut the older sister as the mother watched in horror. Seeing this the boy struggled to free his hands pulling one free just as he watched his father slice through the neck of his mother, but he didnt stop he kept hacking away until he severed the head completely. By this time the boy had freed both his hands and was getting out of the other restraints quickly. The boy grabbed the knife that was on the table to his side, the one his father used to carve flesh from his family and feed him with. As the father bit into the cheek of the mother's head and ripped a chunk of flesh from it the boy stabbed him from behind, it went through the father's heart killing him instnatly. The boy fled in terror at what he had seen, but it was allready to late, he was tainted with evil. now 22 years later the man still remembers what he kept saying to himself over and over as a child, "never again, never kill again" and he never has. To the man, the "Jester" it was more fun to him to see his victims in writhing agony and to look apon they're haunted faces afterwords to see the terror of his visits in they're eyes. He never raped women, and he never killed anyone, but he would do unspeakable things to them, things they would never forget for the rest of they're lives. Some he would cut, some he would burn, others he would let them watch as he tortured the other members of the family instead of them leaving them whole and in tact knowing that would scar them more then his knives ever could. One teenage boy and his girlfriend made fun of him and his Jester outfit one day as he walked at night looking for a new victim> he had taken them both, and he let the girl watch as he heated a metal mask to almost white hot and then placed it burning on the boy's face latching it to him. The doctors worked night and day for 2 days removing it from him, he was horribly scarred from that day on, no skin graphs or plastic surgery could fix the damage. The girl wound up in a psych ward from it, her boyfriend tried to visit her once and seeing his face she screamed and wouldnt let him near her. The jester laughed as he whitnessed this in his everyday garb. He never killed, He mamed, he tortured, and he enjoyed every minute of it. In his mind if he killed then he would be no better then his father, so he would take his joys from the pain instead of the death. So begins the story of the Jester, beware of Clowns of all types, for they are the root of all evil...

please comment wether you like it or hate it i want to hear your comments, thanks


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