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It was the first day of school, Rin wake up early in the morning and cook her breakfast. It was too quiet, and too cold. She can only hear the sizzling meat she was cooking and the mild wind she can feel. Rin is a junior high school student who was the only who survived from a car accident 12 years ago. Her parents died and no one took good care of her. She was put in an orphanage but she escaped believing that her parents were still alive. At a young age, she tried to find her parents. She enter the wild life in the jungle and bravely face the circumstances in her way. She run through the rough roads, slept in a wet grassy land, climbed those high mountain, and dive those cold and freezing river, as she always passed by through those wild trees and scary part of the jungle. Even if she's only 3 years old, she already had bravery to face those things. She believe her parents gave her these power to be brave enough to live in the jungle.

One day, she was hungry and searching for food in the creepy forest. She can't find anything and she felt losing her energy. She didn't know she fainted not knowing she overused her energy and someone helped her. When she open her eyes, its not trees whom she'd seen but a ceiling. She look at her side and she saw an old lady sleeping so quietly. The old lady seems to be quiet tired and stress, then she knew this lady took good care of her. She tried to wake up but her head hurts, she noticed a bandage surrounding her head. She remembered that she fell down and she didn't knew her head hit a rock that caused her head to bleed and get hurt. The lady who helped her became her one and only parent. Rina now called the old lady as "Mom" and that was the only time she feel the warm embrace of a loving mother, the feeling of being loved and take care off. But sad to say she need to take junior high school at other places because their village didn't have junior high school that time. She need to travel and face the trouble in a place they called "City" , that is where she rented an apartment, look for job, and goes to school. It is where her journey begins and where she feel this crazy little thing called "Love".

+_To Be Continued_+

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You got to post this in the fan fiction section. Here Sonata will help you.

Thanks Sonata.

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Hai ..... gomenasai .....

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Very touching story... looking forward for part 2

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sure gonna continue it ....

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This was cute. I hope to see more.

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