Why I hate Fairy Tail

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If you have already seen my "Fairy Tail sucks" thread or My top 5 worst anime thread (wich btw I amde into list ;)) DO NOT READ!

THE comedy and seriousness of the series,and how they seperate them

Fairy Tail , the show is too comedy orientated it litterally can't be taken seriously. Another thing I am not very much a fan of is the fact that they dont seem to seperate seriousness and comedy. 
Example: Lucy and her celestial gardiens, they all look silly except the maid  wich is a problem how are my suppose to take a fight seriously if there is a perv bull in it?How are my to take any situation seriously with Happy in it!
Yes animes do have a lot of comedy hell even Death NOTE  had its share of comedy with Misa but it wouldn't  interferewith serious battle scenes or plots twists.     


The lack of focus of purpose

The other thing I dont stand is the absence of any real purpose . In FMA(B) the plot is to get Al and Ed's bodies back,in Naruto it is to get Sasuke and to become Hokage , Fairy Tail lacks that. I meaN sure there is this whole Igneel thing but they spend very little time dedicated.I have watched the serie up to ep.25 and they only mentionned Igneel once in ep.2 to it is very like the Sunflower Samurai in Samurai champloo ,they spent tons of time on fillers arcs and episodes and then have to rush to finalize the  whole thing about the goal from the beggining but you can understand that due to Champloo being 26 episodes long Fairy Tail as waaay more time then that. 

The lack of blood

There is absolutely no blood nor is there anybody dying in it.   And yes blood not being there is something I can ignore but there so many moments in the show that do not make sense without it. How can Erza cut poeples without them bleeding ? Also the use of fire is verysimilar to the one in Pokémon wich means someone will get brutally burned and yet recovers a second after .  There is absolutely no blood nor is there anybody dying in it. Those things really give the show a kid feel to it.        
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read the manga
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You don't have to hate it, just say it isn't for you..
I myself am more tolerant of how different anime are different..   But some drawing styles erk me to not watch something.. like slayers... its sooo pointy it makes me sick..
Anyway just from what you said up there, have you seen Gantz? It is quite serious while being pervy, it does it well. Lots of blood and action etc.
I enjoy Fairy Tail because I read the manga for Rave Master back in the high school library, so I enjoy the feel of the show for it and fairy tail. Besides, all that Celtic music during the action scenes spice it up something good.
It's like that weird Rap song that plays in bleach when Ichigo is ready to kick som eass.
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