Weekly Fairy Tail Report: Ep. 156 - Sky Labyrinth

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Sky Labyrinth

Welcome to the Fairy Tail weekly report! We're in the elimination rounds, and we're almost starting the tournament. The action pack fun is almost within our reach if Fairy Tail picks up the pace.

Natsu and his gang have to figure out how to get through the crazy mazes and contraptions of the Sky Labyrinth to reach the goal before they get disqualified. Can they do it and will Lisanna & Happy find Wendy & Charle?

Note: Charle, Charla, or Carla has different spelling, so I'm sticking with Charle because I'm used to it. I'm sorry.


Beware of spoilers!


  • For Elfman fans, be prepared for his awesome manly feats. It's a been long time since we see Elfman taking the spotlight. Hopefully, he gets some action in tournament and Wendy, too. Wendy is one of favorite characters (not to be a lolicon). Though, she brings variety to the table unlike the big boobed girls in Fairy Tail.
  • Speaking of Wendy, Lisanna and Happy's search scene for Wendy and Charle takes a good chunk of this episode.
  • We got plenty of humorous scenes of Natsu's gang silly antics. I loved Erza's femdom scene. It will wake up the masochistic side of the Erza fans. Oh god, let's not talk about fetish stuff in this anime.


  • First off, this episode is slow. The beginning and the middle scenes didn't cover much. it was just Lucy and the gang getting lost until we get some action. The cameos of the other guilds was good but not satisfying enough for the fans. It's like the filler arc where they stalled. I need to check how many manga chapters they covered. I'm pretty sure this Sky Labyrinth preliminary rounds was only covered in one chapter or less of the manga.

Overall, this episode is decent but somewhat entertaining. The main problems is that it's slow with barely enough content to keep the fans entertained. Interestingly enough, we see Blue Pegasus using magic, but Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney have not used their powers. We don't know what kind of Dragon Slayers they are yet.


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