Weekly Fairy Tail Report: Ep. 155 - Crocus, the Blooming Capital

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Welcome to the Weekly Fairy Tail report! Another week has gone by, and the best way to end a hard week is some good old anime. That's why I enjoy watching Fairy Tail and other shows on Friday.

Plot Summary

The Fairy Tail gang arrive to Crocus with big ambitions of winning the tournament. Little do they know the surprises that lies in store for them.

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Beware of spoilers!


Juvia fans watch out!
Juvia fans watch out!
  • We get more new teams revealing themselves: Quatro Cerberus and Mermaid Heel. Though, we don't see them interacting with anyone.
  • The Fairy Tail gang has some humorous scenes: Juvia with Gray & Lyon and Happy with Frosh & Lector. Erza fans are greeted with some fan service and cute scenes of Erza. Heck, Juvia looks really cute in this episode.
  • The introduction of the new Dragon Slayers, 3rd Generation, is executed well. I hope Natsu and Gajeel fight with Sting and Rogue in the tournament.

Here is some Erza Scarlet shots. Random Curiosity had a big batch of them.

Also, we got nice shots of the new guilds.


  • It's a slow episode, but the action is going to start next week.


Happy: Talking Cats?!
Happy: Talking Cats?!
  • Lucy thought Wendy was into drug dealing or some illegal activities. I thought it was prostitution but the show is for kids. Don't pay attention to my dirty mind.
  • Ichiya pop in Erza's Jellal fantasy is a great scene.

Overall, this episode is much better than the last few episodes. It's just slow a bit, but it had a lot of new stuff plus silly antics with some mild fan service.


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