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Welcome to the weekly Fairy Tail report. We are burning through this filler arc, and we see Fairy Tail get their butts whooped by Legion and Oracion Seis. Then, we bumped into a mysterious thing about the Will Neville, Lucy's dad, Oracion Seis's purpose, and Michelle Lobster. I find this mysterious twist of events interesting. Let's go over the episode.


As the battles heat up between Oracion Seis and Fairy Tail (Gray/Freed vs Angel, Wendy/Bixlow vs Erigor, and Erza/Evergreen/Max vs Cobra), Mest and Lahar encounter Katja, one of Will Neville's disciples. Also, Gildartz and Laki stumbled upon a startling secret.

Find out the secret by watching Fairy Tail Ep. 143!


Beware of spoilers!


Bixlow: You did good, Wendy
Bixlow: You did good, Wendy
  • Finally, things are interesting in this arc. With the action and humor going like a pendulum, the mystery element adds some suspense. Fake Michelle Lobster was a strange girl. She was like Lucy's sister, but as the filler arc progresses, she does not express the right emotions during the intense moments.
  • Mest's Scene: I can't believe no one told Mest that Wendy is alive. No wonder he is a drunk hobo. I like how he and Kutja had their funny and serious moments. They are in good sync with the flow of the episode.
  • Wendy's Shining Moment: Wendy proves herself against Erigor. I liked her new attack. It sounds like an RPG move.

The real Michelle Lobster has been in a coma for a long time. I didn't expect this plot twist. I bet Cardinal Lapointe is Brain or Zero.


If this is the real Michelle Lobster, who's the blonde woman with Lucy?
If this is the real Michelle Lobster, who's the blonde woman with Lucy?
  • This episode was actually one of the best in this filler arc. What do you guys and gals feel so far? I know some of you dropped this arc and wait until the anime returns to its main storyline. It's fine because it was slow and boring at the beginning of the arc.


Sugarboy Angel!
Sugarboy Angel!
  • Angel's latest Angel is called Shamshiel who has a pompadour, a pig like thing in his hair, and diapers. This is the good bizarre thing unlike Guttman and the Big Butt Bandits.
  • Mest has some weird obsession with Wendy. It could be implied that he has feelings for her, but I'm not betting on it.
  • Speaking of shipping, Freed has this strange devotion to Laxus. I don't know if Freed is declared gay, bisexual, or not.

Overall, this episode can be great or bad. For me, it was great because I loved the mysterious plot twist, Wendy/Mest's scenes, and the action is somewhat great.

Yeah, I created this GIF, but it's bad since I couldn't match the speed.


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Since we added Michelle Lobster to the wiki database, it's going to be confusing to change things. For now, we could call her Fake Michelle Lobster and create the "real" Michelle Lobster page. All I could do is finished Ep. 143's page.

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I have to agree with you, about the filler arc (but the last filler arc I saw was the first one and that when I drop the anime) and going by your reports, it seem pretty good

WTF, Shamshiel is the most weirdest thing I have ever see of this week

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Fairy Tail anime could have taken a hiatus until the manga gets far like Gintama. I'm okay with that instead watching filler episodes that are not entertaining enough. Plus, it trims down the wiki workload. So far, the only good Fairy Tail fillers are omake based and one shots.

Speaking of Shamshiel, there has been strange things appearing in some scenes.

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Well, I believe the reason why they not don't go on hiatus, is that they might lose there TV spot (that what I hear)

Hmm, so I guess that's Pandaman of the Fairy Tail world

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