Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 137 - Something Beyond Reckoning

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Welcome everyone to the Weekly Fairy Tail report! It's another busy week in Anime Vice for everyone. Lots of anime series are ending this week such as Fate Zero. Luckily, Fairy Tail is still running.

As Lucy and the gang listen to Dan's life story, Pantherlily and Samuel duke it out in the skies. Meanwhile, Gajeel and his gang fight some Griffon Kato statues after obtaining a clock piece; Elfman and his sisters find their clock piece, but Mary Hughes is there to stop them. With Dan and Coco unable to do the job, Byro appears. Will the Fairy Tail gang stop Legion before they obtained the clock pieces?



The two lovebirds work together
The two lovebirds work together
  • Finally, we get an Exceed Battle between Pantherlily and Samuel. It's a bit short, but their rivalry is great since both characters complement each other.
  • Dan and Samuel share their background a bit. Dan's life is a bit light hearted when his quest for love ends with most women beating him up. I wonder why Lucy doesn't beat up Dan like she does with Natsu. Has she gone soft?
  • Gajeel and Levy's relationship is improving to say the least. Jet and Droy's efforts are a bit humorous. I can see how the years went by for Levy's comrades.


They basically waited the whole episode while Lucy got chased by Dan
They basically waited the whole episode while Lucy got chased by Dan
  • Besides Pantherlily's battle and Gajeel's group getting the clock part, not much happens in this episode. Basically, Natsu's group's scenes is not that entertaining. They set up the battles for the next episode. I know they're stalling for the manga to get ahead of the anime. There are better ways to stall.
  • Since they show Dan's origin story, they could have show some of Samuel's backstory or extended the fight scene between the two cats.

Overall, the episode is good but not satisfying enough to look forward each week. I'm stoked for Byro and Mary Hughes fights next week because Mirajane has another new form of Satan Soul. They better not disappoint the fans. In the episode preview, I'm puzzled why Erza's gang are in tight black spandex. I'm hoping we don't see the Big Butt Gang again.


These were from Random Curiosity.

Dan's Love Life

I uploaded these shots. I loved these scenes.

Here's Shadow Gear and Gajeel's shots. I know it's a bad pun.


Thank you everyone for reading this weekly report and supporting the franchise. Please give some recognition to the wiki editors who are working hard on this wiki project and other projects. If you guys and gals love an anime series or manga series, feel free to drop a comment, do some reviews, blog, or do some wiki pages.

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Sorry guys and gals. I finished proofreading this blog and add some links and new pictures. I have a sister's high school graduation party to attend in the next 2 hours. That's why this blog seems rushed. Please enjoy the blog. Thank you.

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