Weekly Fairy Tail: Ep. 134 - Labyrinth Rhapsody

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Hello everyone! We have another episode of Fairy Tail this week as Fairy Tail continues unraveling the mystery in its Key of the Starry Sky arc. This filler arc is long, but it's worth it since the manga needs to get a bit farther away from the anime.


Episode 134: Labyrinth Rhapsody

Lucy's gang and Gray's company search the ruins for the key. While Lucy and her gang keep getting into traps, Gray's group encounter Sugarboy and the key. Can Gray and his team secure the key and beat Sugarboy?

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Sugarboy's heart goes pitter patter when Gray strips
Sugarboy's heart goes pitter patter when Gray strips
  • Lucy and Natsu get their team into trouble a lot while Romeo's good luck saves them. I find that interesting.
  • For some reason, Gray seems to be attracting a lot of guys. Remember the bandits who wanted to jump Gray's body? I love the scene where Sugarboy confesses to Gray that he loves him.
  • Speaking of love, Lyon and Juvia have some nice comedic scenes. I enjoy that one scene where Juvia is a bit smitten by Lyon's coolness.


  • Gray's group had the best part of the episode while Natsu's group's part is a bit weak in the comedic part.


What is that thing?
What is that thing?
  • I noticed that the folks at Crunchyroll find some strange things in the episode. Around 15:50, you will see a strange green thing in the row of statues after Natsu explains that he smashed the golden statue's face because it reminded him of Gray.

Overall, the episode is good and better than last week's episode. I noticed that this filler arc's episodes seem to swing like a pendulum between hilarious and boring. Episode 133, 131, and 129 are bit boring while episode 134, 132, and 130 had lots of humorous moments.


Thanks everyone for reading my team's weekly report. If you guys love Fairy Tail or any series, please feel free to contribute by doing blogs, dropping comments, or doing wiki edits.

Wiki Progress: Please check out the Fairy Tail Wiki project blog and list to get to know the wiki editors. This week is bit busy for my team who worked on other wiki pages. I'll update the Legion's members' story arcs later.

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