FUNimation's New Fairy Tail

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FUNimation's New Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail coming Fall 2011 by FUNimation
Fairy Tail coming Fall 2011 by FUNimation

It was one year ago that FUNimation Entertainment announced they had acquired the right to the lighthearted Okamisan anime series, but it seemed that only wet their appetite. Yesterday in a press release and on Twitter, FUNimation announced they have a new sort of fairy-tale to bring to U.S. audiences. It's the Hiro Mashima hit anime Fairy Tail, based on his original manga of the same name. Fairy Tail is a fun adventure series that has pretty much all the charm of a story such as One Piece but without the 500+ episode intimidation level. The series currently has 84 episodes in Japan and online. While this series has been available to the English speaking audience on Crunchyroll pretty much since it began airing back in 2009. It was only for their paid members.

If that wasn't enough good news for you Fairy Tail fans out there. They have also announced some of the dub cast that will be bringing the Guild to life in English.

English Cast:

ADR Direction by: Tyler Walker

The press release went on to announce that several of their talent would be special guests at the New York Anime Festival being held this Fall.

" Haberkorn, Clinkenbeard, Leigh and Pittman will be attending the east coast’s largest anime and comic event, the New York Anime Festival and New York Comic Con, October 13-16. The “Fairy Tail” cast members will sit on panels and autograph signings and will attend English language screenings of the first two episodes of the series as well as the world premiere of episode three. "

If you've never watched the anime and want a taste of what's to come in this series, FUNImation has already launched their official website at, and is currently hosting the first two episodes online (subtitled only) for free, via HULU. They plan to later release the series in both DVD and Blu-ray formats. Any of you out there looking forward to checkout of the new dub cast or just psyched the series is now being sold in the United States? Let's hear from you in the comments.

Source: FUNimation Press Release

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I'm super excited for this series to be coming to America and the voice casting sounds fine.... except for Natsu, I like Todd Haberkorn and think he's very talented and has done some very good work, but I just don't see that voice coming from Natsu.
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Alright, um, i love Fairy Tail, it's one of my top 5 manga. But i'm having some difficulty imagining Todd Haberkorn as Natsu. 
On the other hand, i'm now much more excited to see Colleen Clinkenbeard at a convention i'm going to next year. Erza's awesome.
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This is great and all but I have complaints. FUNi announced its license of Fairy Tail earlier this year I believe and this article announces a dub cast and roundabout release date. Where the fuck are all the other series that have been licensed since 2009 that have yet to get even 1 dub episode on the website? FUNi is still the best in the biz but I have been getting quite upset that niche titles are taking a backseat to mainstream series.
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Knew this was coming, what I didn't know was they plan on releasing Fairy Tail on Blu-ray, that's good to hear. I swear, other than Dragon Ball Z Kai, which is a HD remaster anyway, I've never heard of any of the big shows (Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail etc.) getting HD releases.

Though I guess it's probably a cost thing, with there being so many episodes.

I'll check the dub out when it's available to see what it's like.

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If you're an adult who likes solid action in your cartoons you should avoid Fairy Tale at all costs. Too many other shows exist that do better with the shounen format and most of them just aren't suited to more mature sensibilities anyway. I'm certain that kids in America will probably like the dubbed version regardless.

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@Mezmero: I haven't actually seen the Fairy Tail anime, I just read the manga. Do they shorten the fight scenes or something?
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Normally, animes will lengthen fight scenes. Though, if you go to FUNimations' Fairy Tail website tat I linked in the article, you can watch the first two episodes for free.

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@FoxxFireArt: The dude i was responding to mentioned that it doesn't do that well with action. I was just wondering what he meant.
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I know Mirajane's English voice actress has a nice deep, sexy voice compared to her innocent Japanese voice actress.

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I think you might want to go through the episodes and check the voice actor credits. It seems they have Monical Rail voicing Elfman in one episode, and Tia Ballard voicing Natsu in one episode.

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I fix it.

What happen to the good days of clicking on "anime/manga" button on the character page and checking the specific episodes/ volumes they are listed in?

I missed that feature because it made wiki editing and checking easier.

I know that Elfman does not appear in all 63 episodes.
I know that Elfman does not appear in all 63 episodes.

Thanks, FoxxFireArt. You're a life saver.

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I haven't seen much of the anime but this is pretty exciting still. 

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Fairy Tale has so many moments of glory, but it because it tends to jump the shark more often that one could count on both hands, it immediately is worse than so many other less titles.

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