Fall Preview: Fairy Tail

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Title: Fairy Tail
JP Title: フェアリーテイル
Studio: Satelight/ A-1 Pictures
Genre: Fantasy/Comedy
Airs: TV Tokyo, Sundays at 7:30pm, starting Oct. 12th.

I'm always hesitant to call a show "the next ________," but with Fairy Tail it might be fair to call it the next One Piece (and not just because people often confuse the two's art styles)-- although in some ways the manga relates almost as much to Gurren Lagann, given the over-the-top-ness of the characters in general.

Fairy Tail, for those of you who haven't been picking up the manga volumes as Del Rey has been releasing them (and I recommend giving it a shot), is a fantasy shounen action series set in a world full of guilds. Kinda like World of Warcraft. Lucy Heartfilia is a magic-user who hopes to join the Fairy Tail Guild, which is the coolest/most stylish/awesomest guild around, of course. She bumps into Natsu Dragneel, a fire-magic-user who turns out to be a member of the guild and invites her in. Cue a series of missions of varying levels of action and comedy!

I'm excited for the new anime, although I have to say, something about the character designs is throwing me off. I think it's Lucy's look...somehow she looks a bit more generic and a bit less spunky in this picture. But she's such a cool character, I can't imagine they'd actually cool her down, so I'm not too worried about it.
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Sounds cool! I like the fantasy theme and I think I will be checking out the manga.
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@ComradeCrash: You definitely should!
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I love me some One Piece, been following the manga for quite some time. Even if this isn't really similar I'm going with your recommendation and getting a couple volumes of the manga. Even though it's not out IMC seems I can still get Import copies through the power of the INTERNET. 
Anime? who has time for that!
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It better not make The manga look bad
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I really enjoy the manga. The anime seems long overdue.
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Lucy always struck me as a generic character. I figured she was so normal to accent the craziness of everyone else...
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I'm not the hugest Fairy Tail fan, but I'll give it a watch. It's certainly no One Piece, though.
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Happy the Cat > Chopper
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I love this manga! Now I get to see Gray animated (yays). 
Hopefully the budget will be good. The art in the manga is amazing and I'd hate to see it butchered. Even if they did...I'd probably still like it. But that's just me.
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