Fairy Tail's Tenrou Island Adventures: Ep. 114 Erza vs Azuma

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Welcome to the Fairy Tail report! I'm Taka, and I'm here to discuss episode 114 with you folks and my teammates. For those who don't know my teammates, they are Newten and Annabanana. We're finally seeing the climax of another spectacular battle for Erza. Erza had some nice fights in the past such as the Erza Knightwalker, Midnight. and Ikaruga. She doesn't disappoint the fans with this week's episode.

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Ep. 114: Erza vs Azuma - "Eruza vs. Azuma" (エルザ vs. アズマ)

Erza and Azuma take their battle to the next level as Erza uses most of her famous armors and Azuma dealing out major attacks. When the situation gets tough, Erza almost gives up until she hears a familar voice. Will she gain back her resolve and defeat Azuma.

Watch this episode to find out!


Beware of Spoilers!


  • Erza is not pulling her punches nor is her opponent. You'll see an array of her cool armors and a new weapon called the Benizakura, Fairy Sword.
  • Azuma makes this episode explode with Terra Clamara.
  • For Jellal and Erza fans, you'll get to see Jellal again and some flashbacks of Jellal and Erza together.

Erza's Armors Used:

Heaven Wheel Armor, Flight/ Soaring, Adamantine, Lightning Empress, Giant, Purgatory, and Fight Robes. I didn't get a good shot of Erza's Giant's armor or an intact Purgatory.


Erza's power of friendship
Erza's power of friendship
  • There's not much bad things, but if you want your battles uninterrupted, the scenes of Natsu and such can be a hassle. Compared to the manga, there are no scenes interrupting. However, the anime has more action and displays more armors for Erza.
  • For those who don't like cliche shonen things, Erza solves her battle with the power of her friends.


Erza's Seduction Armor
Erza's Seduction Armor
  • Erza debating herself whether to use her seduction armor. Good news, she is not like Lucy.
  • Azuma tends to be creepy when he licks his lips after Erza pulls out her sword. In Azuma's last battle with Mirajane, he describes his battle like having sex to me unless my head is in the gutter again.
  • Daphne makes unexpected cameo in this episode.

Erza's battle is truly awesome. She doesn't disappoint her fans.


There is no trivia or GIF section. School's a bit hectic for my team and I. You guys and gals are welcome to submit some trivia questions or show off a cool GIF or stitched cap. Thank you everyone for reading my team's report. I thank my team for being awesome.

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