Fairy Tail's Tenrou Island Adventures: Ep. 113 - The Tenrou Tree

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Welcome to the weekly Fairy Tail report! My teammate, Newten, will resume doing coverage for Fairy Tail this week. Check out Sora_thekey's thread about the winter watches. To watch the latest Fairy Tail, head over to Crunchyroll. For those who want to try the dub version, check out Funimation.

For those who are new to Anime Vice, my partners are Newten and Annabanana in addition to my old teammates, Obsidian609, Wales, Obscurefan, and Buhssuht. For image gallery, check this link to the wiki page. We also have a lovely stitched cap from Fairy Tail Wikia for this episode. I didn't do an animated GIF for this week.


Ep. 113: The Tenrou Tree - "Tenrō-ju" (天狼樹)

The Fairy Tail and Grimoire Heart members continue to battle. Gildartz fights Bluenote while Natsu's gang go back to the camp. Bixlow and Freed Justine jump in and defend the camp from Rustyrose. In Erza's battle, Azuma uses his magic to destroy the Tenrou tree. With the tree fallen, will Erza be able to defeat Azuma with everyone's lives on her shoulders?

Find out by watching Fairy Tail!


Beware of Spoilers!


Erza's armor of the week!
Erza's armor of the week!
  • For fans of Freed and Bixlow, you'll love this episode. They almost beat Rustyrose until the Tenrou Tree fell over which zaps the Fairy Tail guild's power.
  • Erza's battle with Azuma is picking up steam, and the next episode is going to be great. Armors she used are Black Wing, Morning Star, and Flame Empress. I dig her Flame Empress, but she didn't fight in it as much. Her other two armor takes the spotlight. This is the second time since the Edolas arc that Erza has used her Morning Star armor.


Gray's baffled by Ultear
Gray's baffled by Ultear
  • Despite the awesome battles, Erza's battle overshadows Freed & Bixlow and Gildartz. Freed & Bixlow takes 2nd place. I am hoping to have a good Gildartz battle like half a episode dedicated to it.
  • Another bad thing is Gray's conversation with Ultear. Nothing happen much so to me, it interrupted the flow of battles.


Who is he?
Who is he?
  • Off-Tangent Reference:Tenrou Tree reminds of the Green Lantern's lantern. Without the source of power, everyone became useless.
  • Mystery Character: Since I don't read the manga ahead of the anime, I find this boy a mystery. He wears clothes similar to Natsu's attire. My wildest speculations that he could be Natsu's son. No, I'm joking. I'm looking forward to a new guild member and his magic powers.

Overall, this episode is great. Deserves a B or 4 out of a 5. I'm definitely looking forward to Erza's battle with Azuma.

Stitched Image of the Week

Fairy Tail Wikia

Fairy Tail Wikia's community member, Rauleli, uploaded this image that reveals Freed and Bixlow in their glory.

Please thank Rauleli for this image.


I thank you guys for reading my team's report, and I thank all of my teammates for working hard to support the community while juggling school.

For Wiki progress, Anna and I finished ep. 113's wiki page. That's it. I was working on Sket Dance and Beelzebub's characters this week and last week. Check out my team's wiki vitae list if you want to see the whole wiki work.

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