Fairy Tail's Tenrou Island Adventures: Ep. 106

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Welcome to Fairy Tail's 4th weekly report! I count Newten's weekly articles on Fairy Tail ep. 88 and 89 because he's my teammate who supported Anna and I. For the title of these weekly reports, I just chose to kept this name because of the last report's name, and I wanted to keep it consistent due to my OCD thing. For you Beelzebub and Sket Dance fans, I have to stick with the weekly title unless you guys want me to come up with a new name. Back to Fairy Tail, this episode is guarantee to show you guys more of the Seven Kin of Purgatory.


Episode 106: The World of Great Magic - "Dai Mahō Sekai" (大魔法世界)

In this episode, Mirajane and Lisanna's battle with Azuma comes to a conclusion. While Fairy Tail fight the Seven Kin of Purgatory, they learn about Grimoire Heart's true goals, a world for only mages. Elfman and Evergreen fight against the weird and yet powerful Rustyrose; Ultear and Zeref have a serious confrontation.

Who will win in their respective matches: Lisanna and Mirajane vs Azuma, Elfman and Evergreen against Rustyrose and Ultear against Zeref?

Tune in and watch Fairy Tail episode 106? Please see our image gallery for this episode. Also, please thank Annabanana for uploading these lovely images. Beware of mild spoilers!



  • The three main battles are superb in their rights while the viewers get some more info about Azuma, Rustyrose, and Ultear.
  • Mirajane has her second major battle in her Satan Soul which is really good for Mirajane fans. I don't count Elfman's fight with his sister as a major battle.
  • Rustyrose has an interesting power, Arc of Embodiment, that uses his imagination while Ultear's powers, Time Ark, is being further revealed.


A little too detailed on her crotch
A little too detailed on her crotch
  • I find the stigma of being a mage in the Fairy Tail universe, nonexistent. In the beginning of the series, Romeo mentions how people look down on Fairy Tail, and how his friends think that knights are cool, and you get that Fairy Tail hate feeling throughout the series. There's nothing bad being a mage or the xenophobic hatred towards the mages because people depend on mages in this world. If I compare to another Shonen series, Shaman King, the shamans are vilified as outcasts, witches, and a plague on society. For shamans, they hate humans for destroying mother nature and disturbing the spirits.
  • Back to Fairy Tail: For those who are intolerant of fanservice, this episode might turn you off with the skin tight clothing that reveals the woman's private parts. Please look at Ultear's shots.
  • Not to be picky, I find Ultear's lipstick to be goofy on her.
  • Also, I feel Mirajane's death to be less sad than Lisanna's death in the series.


Azuma's words that described how thrill he is when fighting Mirajane is too weird. For example, he talks about how he never felt so high and he describes the battle as this "sensation." I don't know if it's the subbing problem, but it suggests drugs and sex to me.

Zeref's eyes are like Zancrow when he gets mad.

Natsu's shining triumph ends abruptly.

You got to love how Evergreen bashes on her allies and how weird Rustyrose is. Rustyrose is the Julius of the series.


Rustyrose: 1 and 2

Azuma: 1,


I thank you guys for reading my team's weekly article on Fairy Tail. I thank Anna for doing a spectacular job on the images and her work on Fairy Tail. This week, we had no trivia or animated GIFs. Please give my team a round of applause because they work on this series despite their busy lives with college and family.

Check out our team's vitae list! This episode's wiki page is done by me while the images are done by Anna.

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