CONTEST: Want Fairy Tail for Free? Start a Guild!

Topic started by gia on Oct. 8, 2009. Last post by ganchan 5 years, 5 months ago.
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EDIT: Last time I'm going to bump this-- deadline is tonight at 11:59pm PST! Comment to enter!
This week, Crunchyroll announced what is probably the biggest name in this season's anime lineup: Fairy Tail. Unfortunately, due to restrictions placed by the Japanese copyright owners, the show is only available to paid Anime Members. But we've arranged with Crunchyroll to set TWO of YOU up with your own Anime Membership accounts. Thank you Crunchyroll! With the membership, you will have access to Fairy Tail-- and early access to a boatload of other shows, from simulcasts to classics. They are providing us with a 3-month FREE membership as the grand prize and a 1-month FREE membership to a runner-up!

Here's the deal: you comment on this post, telling us what kind of guild you'd start if you lived in Fairy Tail's universe. For example, you might answer: what would it be called? Would it be superior to the Fairy Tail  guild? What would it specialize in? Would it be a normal guild or a Dark Guild?  And if you could entice ONE member from the Fairy Tail guild into joining yours-- which would it be and why?

Go ahead and get into as much detail as you want-- and feel free to include visual aids! The contest ends at 11:59pm Pacific time on Monday, October 12th, when we'll pick the winner and runner-up at random, so the winners should receive their memberships less than 24 hours after the first Fairy Tail episode launches! (Fairy Tail is available worldwide to Anime members except in Japan). You will need a Crunchyroll account of your own in order for us to give you your prize! Winners will be chosen at random and odds are dependent on the number of entries.  
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I'd start up the lollipop guild because who doesn't love lollipops.
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Hm...I'd start the "No, I didn't know that was illegal!". We'd help folks that were in sticky law-related situations, ala Phoenix Wright. 
Would it be superior to the Fairy Tail  guild? Of course not D: Nothing could be superior. 
What would it specialize in? I just told you that, helping people that were in trouble! 
 Would it be a normal guild or a Dark Guild? A Normal guild of course. Well, depending on your meaning of "normal" ;D 
  And if you could entice ONE member from the Fairy Tail guild into joining yours-- which would it be and why?  I'd pick Lucy, simply because I'd need a fellow magic user! 

...that actually sounds kinda lame D:
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Well that easy.
I start the Beer Guild. Brewing the best lager, to be enjoy by everyone.

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@Agent_Lost: I like the way you think.
Post by yuetheguardian (93 posts) See mini bio Level 7

I would would Create the guild of Traveling Merchants, would we better then the Fairy Tail guild, how would I know? I'm trying to get this membership so I can see then show duh :P 
Our purpose would be so many traveling merchants can form conections quickly and get helped out in new and unfamilar towns and territories.  
We would be a normal guild on the surface but underneith we will have connecitons to the black market. 
and again I have not read the manga so I have no familairity with the characters although, other manga wise I would try to capture Craft Lawrence as part of my guild bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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MEMBERS ONLY? WTF!? I didn't know that! Oh, crap. I guess I'm going to have to win this, then: 
My guild would be called the Great Seven, each with magic abilities that represent the seven deadly sins. My guild wold probably be a dark guild in the world of Fairy Tail.  
The Sloth Mage would slow down time 
The Envy Mage would make his opponents fight against each other 
Greed would steal the powers of his opponents. 
Wrath would be able to reflect any damage he takes from his oppon 
Lust would charm any female opponents. 
Pride is able to warp his oppnents' perception of reality 
Gluttony can devour his enemies. His body is essentially a prison. 
Good idea for a Mage Guild, no? If I could convince any member of the Fairy Tail Guild to join our side, it would be Happy the cat! We're in desperate need of a mascot. :(
I hope I can win this, because writing contests are all I'm good at competing in.
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wow that dude has pink hair
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I would start a guild full of women who use the same exchange magic as Ezra; for cosplay, of course >.> It would then follow, of course, that Ezra would join my guild.
Also, after working with Agent_Lost's beer guild, they might be enticed to perform extra services.
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anime vice guild of course!
Post by ThePsychoGamer (1,835 posts) See mini bio Level 10
The place for people with awesome powers guild
A guild for people with powers who are awesome, to get in do something awesome with you powers, nothing generic like saving the world or destroying it, we want fun people, find an innovative and funny way to destroy a car, have a monster destroy a big city by making it dance to some music, or any other funny prank you can think of
would we be Superior to the Fairy tale guild? do they have robotic cat girls with lasers installed in there tails?
we would specialize in pranks and just being awesome
for technical reasons we would have to be a dark guild.
and any Fairy Tale guild member who wants to be awesome are welcome to try as long as they have some kind of power.
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Show and tell guild  *wink*

Post by Daniel_Newton (3,323 posts) See mini bio Level 20
The caramelldansen guild!

I'm fairly sure this guild is self-explanatory ^_^
Post by Dream (9,136 posts) See mini bio Level 21
The Yuri Guild. A guild committed to casting the best types of yuri possible amongst anime fans.
 Catholic Student Council Yuri
 Catholic Student Council Yuri

 Alien/ Human Yuri
 Alien/ Human Yuri

 HIME Yuri
 HIME Yuri
And those are just the samplers of what other kinds of yuri the Yuri Guild can offer. And I would persuade Loke since he might get giddy over the idea of seeing two girls in love.
Post by Nerx (13,853 posts) See mini bio Level 12

What about the Gekido guild of dark magicians?

 we have them all...
S class mages
The tavern
and an awesome leader
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I'd start the Bittorrent Guild, a collection of anonymous bandits. Everyone is encouraged to steal things of higher quality rather than pay through the nose for low-quality goods permeating the economy. Arch-rival of the Crunchyroll Guild.
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The lollipop Guild.
Post by Kelleth (7,798 posts) See mini bio Level 20
I already was part of an guild but i quit WoW months ago XD (pc sucked)
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Martial Mage Guild. Based on the manga, there is no martial art skill for mage. so their attack by physical totally not full strength.
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The LONER/COOL GUY GUILD! a team of the second fiddle anti-heroes with every "cool guy/hot head/punk emo of their respective anime"
 the usually spikey haired, super tough guy, so macho yet physically showing no real prowess for fighting, making their abilities all the more impressive.  The girls usually love them, but these men have no need for women, as they are far to busy being loners to do anything with that certain super power.  They also usually help the main hero, very begrudgingly, and why you might ask? because they are too cool to want to help people but hey they usually to the right thing at the end and that counts for a lot.
So why not start a suppor-err I mean guild where they can all be alone together.
sasuke (naruto)
hiei (yuyuhakusho)
vegeta (dragon ball z)
Zuko (avatar [i know its not technically an anime but on the other hand, shut up])
Kaiba (yugioh)
Ren (shaman king)
viral (tengen toppa gurren lagann)
byakuya (bleach)
and STARSCREAM (transformers [what? its anime, and also if you have a problem with a transformer being in this guild then take it up with them, you know that a robot that can turn into a jet would be the coolest thing to have on a team, though he would probaby want to control everybody since his ego is as big as his body])
there you have it the perfect team of loners/cool guys all working together to be better loners/cool guys.
If trouble comes there way you better be sure they are going to lean against a wall collectively and stand there....unless trouble actually attacks them, then trouble is F*$k'd
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