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I really like Mira, not just because she's an attractive character, but plays many roles.

  • A kind older sister
  • A rebellious bad-ass youth
  • A hidden power queen
  • A shipping fangirl at heart
  • A symbol of Fairy Tail

I think she is a good example of character portrayal and character development, even if it isnt all on screen. (As in, it isnt part of the story, mostly flashbacks).


I think her magic is awesome. Both the Take-Over aspect and the Satan Soul.


...I dont ship Mira with Fried.

I think Miraxus is a waaaay hotter pair, even if it's not even semi-canon. Plus, I kinda think Fried is a know.

But I think Mira is the only one who could potentially put up with Laxus and vice versa.

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I like Mirajane when her dark side comes out, I'm definitely looking forward to her fights in the Grand Magic Games.

Moving this thread to the Fairy Tail forum, it'll probably get more views there.

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@MsSlicingClaws: By the way, the main Fairy Tail discussion thread is here, in case you haven't seen it yet.

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Welcome to Anime Vice! It's good to see another fan of Fairy Tail. It warms my heart.

I love Mirajane doing matchmaker in that one omake where Lucy thought Natsu was crushing on her.

Looks like someone not taking puberty well
Looks like someone not taking puberty well

That comment was by Annabanana.

I miss her rebellious youth. Erza had a cool rival just like how Natsu and Gray have each other.


I'm glad I'm not the only one preferring Mirajane being anything but nice.

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