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Ao seems like he’s keeping himself pretty well together after his girlfriend just willingly absconded with some superhuman powerful, psychotic terrorist, doesn’t he? Once again, the kid proves to be so much tougher than his pops (and I’m sure that’s got much to do with the loathing he expresses for him here.) He defies his superiors so many times in this without any apologies, and we all remember how many beatings Renton just allowed Holland to give him for lesser offenses in the first series, right?

I’m pretty sure Ao wouldn’t put up with any of that bullshit.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the times when real world stuff shows up in this show - - and perhaps that's ironic considering how the first show was basically THE REAL WORLD with mecha. Ay oh!

Anyway, the nonchalant reveal of these monsters being UFO’s in colonial times isn’t really that out of sorts, on its own - - but it’s that much more jarring for how it breaks the tone of the fantasy some. Likewise, there’s this contemporary political intrigue with the anti-US Arab nation and the subsequent WAG THE DOG stunt that the company pulls in order to marshal global sympathy to the situation. Once again, I get the feeling that this show’s angling toward some awkward and jarring statement about the “real issues” that will leave fans rolling their eyes for years to come.

But now… it’s going to be longer while before I ever find out! I’ve managed to catch up with all the episodes of this show and am faced with the prospect with trying to keep up with this show on a weekly basis. That’s always proven to be a tougher situation for this column, so maybe I’ll just take a hiatus from the show and come back to it eventually. This might be a good time to actually throw down some honorary XP on a wager to see if all these wonderful predictions of mine ever come true.

Watch this episode, "Blue Thunder” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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It could do a statement on real world stuff that the first show seemed to be leading toward..actually well...Now and Then Here and There did so well as has many other anime shows. Much like sci-fi fantasy can get away with discussing the real world in ways that other things can't.

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Considering this episode came out just last week, yeah maybe it's best that you do take a hiatus on this. That way it can be better analyzed when we finally get some more plot occurrences. I mean, so far this is the second time Ao's mentioned his hatred of his father yet there's still no mention of Renton's existence by name.

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I like that Ao is more proactive. I'm more irritated that we don't get any hint as to the fate of Naru.

A lot of people keep trying to draw a connection between this and the previous anime, and I don't know if that's really possible. So far, this seems closer to all the GUNDAM series of animes. Just because they all share the same title, they are not connected at all.

Some of the parallels in this episode with current events was sort of a weird curve ball. The US in conflict with the Middle East. Even the speculation that the US wants devastation so they can roll in and put in a plant of some kind. Hearing how excited Ao is about sticking it to America. At least when the FUJIKO MINE anime dealt with these issues they changed the names a bit. I'm not offended at all. Given the opportunity, I bet politicians of any nation would pull a stunt like that. Hell, look where we are and have politicians still debating over equal pay for women, and wanting to cut off unemployment while fighting for tax breaks for the rich.

Being caught up would make things difficult to continue on a regular basis. I would hope for more ROCK LEE SPIN OFF. I'm enjoying DUSK MAIDEN OF AMNESIA, but some of the fan service I could see being off putting for some. I'm enjoying the mixture of character drama, mystery, and horror.

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@FoxxFireArt: I would happily accept this as a Gundam-style, non-connected spinoff/sequel series if it weren't for the fact that AO appears to pick up right after the previous anime. Not only does it (apparently) pick up right after, it meddles with the previous anime's feel-good ending by separating Eureka and Renton, whose relationship was the main focus of the original series. Even if there is no connection and it turns out that Ao's mother isn't the Eureka from the original series and there is no direct connection, it seems pretty clear that Bones wants us to think there is a connection.

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In the original, I don't think there were even any humans on that Earth when they finally reached it near the end.

The first EUREKA SEVEN takes place 10,000 years after humans left Earth. That was set in a weird story of the future where Earth had been overgrown by Scub Coral. Humans returned and didn't even know it was Earth. The Earth of this series has modern nations and events. If anything, this seems set in our not so distant future, but in a world that commonly uses trappar waves for vehicles.

If you were to try and and put it in a timeline, the EUREKA SEVEN AO events happen thousands of years before humans left Earth and the original anime begins.

It's possible that BONES wants the audience to think there's a connection, then surprise everyone that this Eureka isn't the same one from the original. it's like all the EVANGELION spin-off manga. That character is named Misato Katsuragi, but they aren't the same Misato.

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